Love in full bloom

Chapter 120 Alive or Dead, All Mine

Ruchen glared at Mo Mengshan, “What’s wrong with your eyes? I’m so handsome. How could
someone be like me?” he replied wittily.

Mo Qinyu smiled. She knew that the more relaxed she was, the more she could solve the crisis.
“Brother, actually when I first saw you, I thought you were a little like my friend. But if I look carefully,
you two were nothing alike. You have different facial features, body shape and skin, especially your
personality. There are too many differences.”

Mo Mengshan’s eyes flashed a treacherous cold light, “Qinyu, you and Shi Cong used to love each
other so much that you two eloped. I was moved to tears. I remembered that you swore in front of Shi
Cong’s tomb that you would never marry anyone else in this life and would keep his soul for a lifetime.
Unexpectedly, you remarried just after three years. Shi Cong and you were childhood friend. No one
could ever replace him.”

She deliberately used the word ‘remarry’ to trap Mo Qinyu and to let Qin Yichen know that she was just
second-hand goods used by others, unlike her, pure and flawless.

Qin Yichen suppressed the fire in his heart. He felt that there were countless bullets about to harm him

To him, her every word was a truth.

It was nothing but a scandal for Mo Qinyu to marry him.

Ruchen came to Mo Mengshan and said, “You really are a scheming girl. Your every word splashed
dirty water on my sister.”

“I didn’t. You misunderstood me. I just told you the truth. Qinyu is my sister. How can I splash dirty
water her?” Mo Mengshan felt wronged. She leaned on Qin Yichen with tears in her eyes.

Qin Yichen hugged her shoulder and patted her gently to comfort her.

Mo Qinyu subconsciously turned her head away as for the view was both unpleasing and heart

Only to Mo Mengshan could he be so gentle, but never to her.

“There are a lot of woman in the family. It will be intriguing. Some people simple love the drama and act
like they are Lin Dai Yu. Let her do it. It doesn’t matter.” she looked at Ruchen, wanted to smile at him.
But before the smile was formed, it disappeared in the corner of her mouth, as if it had been blown
away by the cold wind.

Ruchen’s heart ached. If it was her, he would hold her hand and never let her be bullied by anyone.

“Qinyu, if you need a lawyer, I can help you with that. I will definitely invite the best lawyer in the world
to help you with your divorce lawsuit.”

“Thank you, Brother. What I lack is indeed a lawyer.” she pulled open the stiff corners of her mouth and
finally squeezed out a smile.

When she said this, she looked at Qin Yichen deliberately, as if she was provoking him.

Qin Yichen raised his eyebrows. He saw that the woman was not yet dead. She was thinking of
divorce. She was thinking of 20 million Yuan.

In her eyes, 20 million Yuan was more important than him.

Ruchen was an accomplice.

“Ruchen, you have too much control.”

“I’ve identified her as a sister and I won’t let anyone bully her.” Ruchen gave a low hum.

His playful face almost collapsed.

“I love Yichen and Yichen love me too. We were just fooled by God to get everything back on track.”
She was in tears, leaning on Qin Yichen’s chest and sobbing. She looked wronged.

She thought that Qin Yichen would help her speak, protect her and love her back. Unexpectedly, he let
go of her hand, poker-faced and said, “There is nothing for you here. Go in.” he said indifferently, as if
she was nothing.

She felt a ladle of cold water pouring down from the top of her head, which made her feel cold. Just like
a plaster, she pasted herself on his body again, “Yichen, my stomach doesn’t feel good. The baby must
know that the mother is sad and being bullied right now. Let’s go in together. Can you comfort the baby
for me?”

“Get out now!” Qin Yichen was never a good-natured person and he did not know how to pity her. He
subconsciously grabbed her arm and threw her aside, completely forgot that she was a pregnant

She did not expect that Qin Yichen would turn over so horribly. Her feet were not stable and she
stumbled back. Fortunately, Qin Yiman stood beside her. She was caught safely.

“Yichen, what are you doing? Mengshan is pregnant. She can’t stand your trouble.”

“Get out of here, both of you.” Qin Yichen’s eyes were fixed on Mo Qinyu. He just wanted to teach the
hedgehog who makes him angry everywhere.

She should be standing by his side. Unexpectedly, she leaned on Ruchen all the time.

He thought Qin Yiman was a shadow catcher. She couldn’t have an affair with Ruchen. Now, he didn’t
think so.

If Ruchen looked like Shi Cong, then she would unconsciously regard Ruchen as Shi Cong. It’s strange
that she was not ambiguous.

Mo Mengshan felt so wronged. She was weeping, unwilling to leave.

Why was she the one to leave? If anyone was to leave, it should be Mo Qinyu.

She just wanted to stand beside him and occupied the position of a wife all the time.

Qin Yichen was too lazy to pay attention to her. He was not bothered. She stepped forward, grabbed
Mo Qinyu’s arm and yanked her into his arm, “Mo Qinyu, if you don’t remember your identity, I can
remind you all the time.” every word of his was full of threat and anger.

Mo Qinyu did not respond. She just stood there like a stone. She was very clear about her own identity.
She just did not want cooperate.

A nerve on Ruchen’s face twitched violently. He wanted to get her back, but he knew that he can’t for
she was still Lu’s wife.

“Qin Yichen, she is your wife. You should give her the respect she deserves.”

Qin Yichen looked at him with sinister eyes full of bloodthirsty rage, “How I teach my wife is not your
business to interfere.”

“Qinyu is my sister now. Her business is also mine.” Ruchen said firmly that he was in charge of Mo

“You can’t control it and don’t expect to have a chance to control it. When she’s alive she’s my woman,
when she’s dead she’s my ghost!” his voice was cold as ice and hard as rock. He then grabbed Mo
Qinyu’s chin and kissed her fiercely.

His thin lips were blazing like fire, but she did not feel a trace of warmth. Her heart was full of cold
which slowly spread along her four limbs, eroding all her cells.

She wanted to push him away, but he was too strong. Her action would be to no avail.