Love in full bloom

Chapter Chapter112 Shut in the chamber

Mo Qinyu woke up from her coma to find herself being locked up in a small room.

It was dark without window, there was only one weak light emitting a faint cold light, like a basement or
a secret room.

Her hands and feet were shackled with rings.

Where it was?

Was she kidnapped?

She looked around in horror. Headgear, rope and collar were hung on the left wall,iron clips, daggers
and whip were hung on the right wall.

The scene of the sadist in the TV series immediately came to her mind.

Would she be tortured to death?

Maybe she would be cut into two pieces, cut her mouth, hollowed out the internal organs, and be made
into "black dahlia"!


She couldn’t die. She hadn't got the money to save Xiao Wu. If she had died before the divorce, the
Qin family wouldn't give her the money!

"Help! Is there anyone? Help!" She screamed desperately.

But only her own response in the room.

It was probably soundproof, no matter how she called, no one would respond.

Was she dead?

Would she die here?

At this time the door of the chamber opened with a clang.

A man in a black robe came in, melting into the darkness like death out of hell.

He wore a silver mask, and the dim light fell on it, reflecting a cold light that was as ferocious as a knife.

Her eyes widened in horror,"Who are you? Let me go! Let me out!"

The man was silent and slowly walked up to her, his cold eyes straight out of the mask and he saw her
from head to foot.

"Do you know how I punish dirty women?"

His voice was extremely deep, and he spoke in an abnormal way, as if he had deliberately suppressed
his vocal chords and altered his intonation so that she would not recognize it.

“I'm not!” She was almost shouting, and though she knew that no one would hear her, she could not
help wanting to shout, hoping that a little sound would just come out.

“Let me go, don't touch me!” She burst into tears.

The man leaned forward, his thin lips against her ear, his silver mask against her face. "Ten million a

"Never. I don't want any of your money. Not a cent.Let me go! Let me go!"She roared, almost growling.

She did not know what he would do to her, perhaps with a whip, and would not rest until she was
tortured to death.

A sneering laugh came from the mask,"Too little? How about twenty million?"

"Even if you give me two billion, I will not agree." Her face turned from pale to scarlet with excessive

"Does it make a difference whether you agree or not?"The man snorted.

Strong fear like a black stream enveloped her. She knew that she could not escape. But she did not
want to be obedient. She would fight even if she had only the last bit of strength left.

She struggled desperately and crazily with all her strength.The white skin on her hands and feet was
torn by iron shackles and spilled blood.

"Don't waste your time."The man's cold voice lingered in her ear, and the hot breath almost scalded her

She looked away,"Do you know Qin Yichen? The most cold-blooded man in Long city. I'm his wife, and
the last man who touched me became a eunuch. If you touch me, he'll kill you and chop you up for the

The man's dark, icy eyes flickered behind his mask, and an indescribable hardness flashed beneath his
eyes. "He wouldn't want a woman like you."He said it word by word.

She twisted herself with her last effort. She felt pain and despair extremely.Her mind was blank and her
thoughts drowned in fear.

She could think of nothing and nobody. Only a shadow was moving before my eyes, the shadow of Qin

"Qin Yichen, help! Qin Yichen, where are you, save me, save me!"She shouted as hard as she could,
as loud as she could.

She held the last vestige of hope that he would hear and rush in to save her like the last time at the last

But no!

The door closed tightly.

She gazed with eager expectation until her eyes hurt, it didn't open.

It was not her body that was torn, but her soul.

For the first time in her life, she felt such despair that she did not want to live any longer.

Even last time in the hotel she did not think so.

She felt the world whirling around her, her thoughts sinking into nothingness, darkness before her eyes
and in her heart, nothing to see...

There was still darkness in the chamber, no day, no night.

She did not know when she woke up. Her hands and feet were free. She was lying in a chair.

She did not move and just lay there, staring at the ceiling. Her tears running dry until the corners of her
eyes were dry.

Turning her head, she saw the dagger on the wall. The sharp blade gave off a cold light that stung her

Suddenly she jumped up as if she were mad, rushed over and pulled the dagger out.

She wanted to end it all, her dirty life.

A desperate, sad, determined smile emerged from her face, she raised the dagger, thrust at the