Love in full bloom

Chapter Chapter118 I felt uncomfortable in stomach.

"What I thought is the same as you. We shouldn't have children. And you will be a father. My child is a
burdensome for you and Mo Mengshan."

She seemed to deliberately provocate him, and she was disheartened and disappointed, as if there
was ice in her eyes which condensed from her eyes to the bottom of her heart.

He seemed like that he touched a raw nerve.

He found that she was different from the past. She was so negative which she was like a stove without
fire and she was like a dying person who gave up the desire to survive and she completely resigned
herself to her fate.

“Mo Qinyu, do you remember your daily tasks?”

"Conquer? Do you still want to listen to that song?" She smiled faintly, and her expression was like the
falling leaves in the autumn wind, like the lonely birds who flew from the sunset which was beautiful
and desperate.

"When a person doesn't know the ending, he wants to fight for himself. He wants to give himself a good
result, but he already knows the ending. Why does he have to flog a dead horse and waste time?"

She moved out of her own quilt from the cupboard, and after she laid it out, she lay down and covered
her head with quilt.

He kept sucking his breath from his teeth, and his chest was heavily pumping. The fury inside him
burned more and more strongly which almost spurted out from him.

He opened her quilt and came to her. "Are you challenging my patience?"

"If you think that I am only irritating you here, I can move to other rooms." She looked at him, and her
gloomy eyes were like a sharp knife which cut across his heart.

"Never leave here!" He was so angry and pressed on her lips.

This was not a kiss, but a punishment. Her annoying mouth had already maddened him. He really
wanted to remove all her teeth with no one left.

She beat his shoulder twice and she suddenly felt that she was going to throw up and she was very

He never let her go although she struggled every time, and his kiss was more rude, so she felt that she
could hardly breath.

She felt that she was going to vomit, so she bit his lip, and he snorted and let her go.

She took the opportunity and she used her all strength to push him away.

When he saw her stand up and want to run away, he was angrier. He violently grabbed her arm and
pulled her back.

This woman was more and more impudent.

He would make her not get out of bed for three days, and then she didn’t dare to fight against him!

Acid saliva came up from the stomach of Mo Qinyu. He pressed her, so she couldn't move, and all the
acid saliva was sprayed on him.

He was completely shocked. This woman actually resisted him in this way?

Mo Qinyu had no time to explain to him, and she ran to the bathroom with covering her mouth. "Wow--"
She vomited and fainted, and she could not support herself, and she fell on the ground.

Qin Yichen realized that she was not provoking, and she was really uncomfortable.

He took off his shirt and threw it into the trash can and went to the bathroom. "Mo Qinyu, what
happened to you?"

"Don't come in. It’s dirty!" Her weak voice came from the bathroom.

He just wanted to know how she was, and he wouldn’t think about something else, and he immediately
opened the door.

She sat on the floor, and her face was as pale as a piece of paper without complexion, and even her
lips were white.

"Damn it." He cursed and hugged her. "How are you?"

"Maybe I ate too many waxberries. I feel uncomfortable in stomach. I will be fine after I sleep." She said

He put her directly on the bed which made her flattered. She was privileged to sleep on his bed last
time and it was because she had a fever.

As if she was sick, he would become gentle.

"I want to sleep in my own bed, so as not to dirty your bed."

"I am dirty just now, so I don’t care about a bed." He snorted and pulled the quilt and covered it for her.

"I'm sorry." She grabbed the quilt with some embarrassment.

He didn't go crazy, and he didn't kick her straight out of the window. Should she be grateful?

"You owe me one night, and you need to return a night to me next time." He said coldly and turned and
walked out.

Soon he came back and threw her a box of probiotics. "Eat. Tomorrow you must be fine." His tone was
extremely overbearing with some kind of threat.

She was a little dizzy.

This was simply an impossible order. She also hoped to get better soon, but diseases came on
horseback, but went away on foot. She could not control it.

"I have to sleep now." She closed her eyes. At this time, it was better for her to keep silence.

Qin Yichen went to the bathroom to bathe. She thought that he would dislike and avoid the room
vomited by her, so he wouldn’t come in. But she didn't expect him to come back and lie down beside

People said that their resistance would increase if they have stayed with bacteria for a long time.

His anti-dirty ability seemed to have increased because he had been with a dirty woman for a long

This should be their first time to sleep together.

In the past, when he wanted to make love with her, he would do it on the floor, on the sofa or on the
table. After they finished, they went back to sleep on their own beds and they never really slept

Somehow, her heartbeat was suddenly fast and she was a little nervous.

She swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and she calmed herself down, then turned over and turned her
back to him.

They dreamed their own dreams and they didn’t disturb each other.