Love in full bloom

Chapter 119: The Little Secret Was Discovered

"Get better soon."

"I'd like to get better earlier, but I hurt my stomach. It will take at least two or three days to get better.
How will it recover soon?" She pouted her mouth.

"No more arbutus in the future." He issued the injunction in a domineering way.

When she came downstairs, he was warning the servants in the kitchen that they were not allowed to
buy any more arbutus at home, and he was furious and ordered them to throw away all the arbutus in
the refrigerator.

She was speechless, as if to see the arbutus crying silently in the garbage can.

At this time, A Zhu came. Mo Mengshan asked her to come to Qin Yichen. "Young master, Miss Mo has
been saying that her stomach is uncomfortable in the morning. I don't know if it's the impact of the last
wrestling. Please go over and have a look."

Qin Yichen went out with her.

Mo Qinyu saw it. A piece of floating ice was floating over her mind.

She knew that Mo Mengshan must be pretending. With this child, she would never stop pestering Qin

There would never be a sunny day in her marriage.

At the gate of the mansion, a tall figure appeared.

Seeing that figure, she felt that she saw the angel coming from the sky, and a trace of sunshine was
sprinkled into her dark heart.

That was Ru Chen.

The news of her return to the Qin family has spread in the circle of celebrities.

This was a heavy blow to Ru Chen. He was worried that she was forced back by Qin Yichen.

Qin Yiman saw him coming. She was so happy that she hurried upstairs to change clothes.

In fact, no matter how she dressed up, for Ru Chen, she was a commonplace woman.

The reason why he came here was that he was worried about Mo Qinyu and wanted to see her how
was she doing with his own eyes.

Mo Qinyu smiled and called out, "Brother in law."

Her soft voice pierced his heart like a sword.

Overnight, they returned to the original point, and he became her brother-in-law again.

He hated the title. He needed to have her and turned her into his woman.

"Qinyu, how are you doing?" He asked in a low voice.

She nodded her head, with some helplessness in her expression.

He was keenly aware that she didn't come back voluntarily.

Qin Yichen proposed divorce on the spur of the moment. He regretted it as soon as she left.

"Qinyu, if you need anything, just come to me and I will help you. I won't let Qin Yichen bully you." His
voice was very low, just out of his mouth, into her ears.

"I'm fine, brother-in-law." She lowered her eyes. Qin Yichen's possessive desire was invincible. She
didn't want to implicate him, just as she didn't want to implicate Xu Ruochen.

Qin Yiman went downstairs. When she saw the two of them talking together, she immediately became

"Mo Qinyu, get out of my way."

Ru Chen stood in front of Mo Qinyu and protected her behind. "I'm here to find Qinyu, not to find you.
I've identified Qinyu as my sister. Whoever wants to bully her is making trouble for me, especially you."

He said it on purpose. He had to find a suitable identity for himself and Mo Qinyu to get along.

"Sister?" Qin Yiman snorted, "I think this woman wants to hook up with you and become your lover."

Mo Qinyu smiled coldly, looking at Ru Chen, but not Qin Yiman, "Brother." She specifically changed the
address in response to what Ru Chen has just said.

"Do you think it's funny? My sister in law is always on guard against that you will be seduced by others,
but she is happy to introduce women to others' husband. Is her double standard too serious?"

Ru Chen's face was full of ridicule. "This kind of person is sick and owes a lesson. Don't worry, sister. I
will never forgive her if you don't make a plea with you. Tomorrow I'll play with some women and let her
know what is do unto others as you would be done." He didn't give Qin Yiman any face.

Qin Yiman felt she was slapped hard in the face. When Mo Qinyu left, she said she would retaliate.
Has she started to take actions?

"Ru Chen, are you confused by this woman?"

"Think as you like, I don't want to explain." Ru Chen didn't plan to stay much. He came here to have a
look at Mo Qinyu. "Sister, I'll be relieved to see you are OK. I'm leaving."

He reached out his hand and stroked Mo Qinyu's head, just like a brother doting on his sister. In fact,
his heart was dripping with blood.

If he could have known Mo Qinyu earlier, he would have married her before Qin Yichen, so that Qin
Yichen would never have this chance.

When he came to the door, Mo Mengshan came in from the yard, and Qin Yichen followed her.

At the sight of Ru Chen, she screamed in horror, her eyes were wide, just like seeing a ghost.

"Shi Cong, you...Aren't you dead?"

Qin Yichen had a panoramic view of her expression.

He was shocked. Shi Cong was his most taboo name. He would remember it even if he turned into

"Who are you calling?" His teeth clenched unconsciously, and he hated to hear the name.

Mo Mengshan hided his arms and shivered, "He...He is Shi Cong, Mo Qinyu's former boyfriend.
He...He's a ghost!"

"Sister, you make a mistake. He is not Shi Cong, but Ru Chen, the eldest young master of the Ru
family." Mo Qinyu hurried out, and she knew that once Mo Mengshan saw Ru Chen, their secret would
be exposed.

However, there was no way to avoid it. Mo Mengshan was living here and she would meet Ru Chen
sooner or later.

Ru Chen glanced at her quietly, "So you are Mo Mengshan." With a sneer, he turned his eyes to Qin
Yichen and said, "Recently everyone is discussing your vision. I didn't expect that the most famous
master of Jin City is the one with the poorest vision."

This word slapped Qin Yichen's left face to Mo Mengshan's right face.

Mo Mengshan was going to be crazy. She never consciously thought that she was worse than Qinyu.
She was dignified, virtuous, beautiful and elegant. Mo Qinyu couldn't even match her toes.

She took a deep breath and forced herself to be calm.

It turned out that this man was not Shi Cong, but Ru Chen, Qin Yiman's fiance.

This was interesting. He looked exactly like Shi Cong.

Qin Yiman told her that the reason why Mo Qinyu had not been driven out was that she had not made
any mistakes. Only the daughter-in-law of Qin family who made mistakes would be kicked out.

She was thinking about how to make Mo Qinyu make a mistake, and the opportunity came to her.

If she wanted to say Mo Qinyu was going to hook up with him, she didn't even need to find evidence.

"Oh, God, Qinyu, how does Yiman's fiance look exactly like your Shi Cong?" She purposely raised her
voice so that everyone inside could hear her.

Qin Yiman ran out, as if she had found a reason. "I said Mo Qinyu has been seducing Ru Chen. You
don't believe it. You think it's me who is suspicious. Now there's solid evidence. She took Ru Chen as
his ex-boyfriend, so she tried every means to hook up with him in secret."