Love in full bloom

Chapter chapter108 Actively seduce

It seemed that Qin Yichen was hurt by a bullet, he trembled and said, "Grandma..."

But he was stopped by his grandma before he finished: "Marriage is not a joke. You don't need to force
yourself for anyone. Go back, and have a family meeting, I will persuade your father and other elders to
agree that. Qinyu is a good girl, she should marry a man who knows how to cherish her. You don't want
her,others want. Maybe she would find another lover since she divorce. In short, I knew her,if she
leave,she would never come back."

Her voice was not loud, but Qin Yichen felt that there was a firecracker in his mind, and he was so
dizzy and he felt painful.

He stood up and went out,the old lady looked at his back,she signed.

She hoped that he would finally realize something.

Qin Yichen didn’t remember how he went back.

His mind was messy, just like a mess,he couldn’t figure out.

He opened the door of his room, cold wind blew in.

For the first time, he felt that it was so big inside, so empty.

He looked at the floor.

He would see that the "dirty" guy was sleeping on it, covering her head when he went out before. She
was really like a hedgehog, so small, so humble, so inconspicuous. But she filled all the spaces.

Now, there was nothing on the floor, and there was no shadow left. It was so empty,it seemed that
nothing had left.

He went to the sofa, sat down and closed his eyes.

He was dizzy. When he thought of divorce, he felt that he had been violently kicked into a bottomless
abyss, and he kept sinking and sinking... but he was still sinking.

The room was quiet, he could only heard his breath and heartbeat.

Mo Qinyu! Mo Qinyu! Mo Qinyu!

His thought was like a horse which was running in a forest.

Mo Qinyu! Mo Qinyu! Mo Qinyu!

The name mixed with his heartbeat, turned into a thunderous thunder, it was bursting in his mind, he
had a terrible headache.

There was a sudden knock on the door.

Mo Qinyu!

He jumped up, and because of his fierceness, the glass beside him fell to the ground and was broken
by him. He ignored it and rushed to the door,and opened the door.

A cold wind came in, there was a hint of perfume.

Before he saw the woman in front of him, he knew that it was not her.

The unspeakable loss swept like a wave and surrounded him.

"Is there something?" he asked.

Mo Mengshan was more desperate than him.

She watched him tore up the divorce agreement. If she didn't try to control her emotions, she would be

She almost succeeded, she was about to be his legal wife.

But it was destroyed by him.

"Yichen, let me stay with you in the future, okay? That should be other destiny!" She plunged into his
arms and hugged him.

Qin Yichen did not respond to her, nor did she open her hand,he just let her hold it.

Her hand boldly stretched out of his clothes, she touched his solid muscles, then she actively kissed

When her lips was about to touch his lips, he subconsciously turned and her lips fell on his cheek.

She was frustrated, but she did not reconciled, her red lips slipped down went she kissed his neck.

She wanted to try her best,to let him have a good experience,then he would know her advantages.

The reason why Qin Yichen did not move was that he wanted to know if he would have reaction.


No desire at all!

She just liked those women around him, she tried her best to seduce him.

Which made him feel that she was a wagging dog.

But Mo Qinyu was special,she never tried to do it.

What was she doing now?

It suddenly reminded him the old lady’s words. "Maybe she would find another lover soon,In short,if she
leave,she will never come back."

Did she start looking for another lover?

Had she already found one?

She was so easy to fell in love, and it was entirely possible that she had been in love with another man.

Then he thought of the scene that she was in another man’s arms, an unknown anger burned in her

The flame spread quickly, burning in each of his cells, burning his organs, burning him with no reason,
all his nerves were about to burst.

Mo Qinyu! He gritted his teeth,he pushed Mo Mengshan away,then he ran out.

He was like a tornado,went fast and crazy, and despaired in the night.

Mo Mengshan was stunned,she didn’t even realize what had happened.

She worked hard for so long,she had tried her best. She also took off her clothes and teased at his
sensitive places, but he didn’t even react at all, just like a stone man.

Oh, what the hell was going on, if it was another man,he would be so happy.

Was he sexually cold?

Qin Yichen’s car was running on the street.

He called Mo Qinyu,but he got no answer.

WeChat, no response.

QQ, offline.

This woman left very simply, as if she broke up with him!

The only way was to search all over the city.

The first thing he thought of was Xu Ruochen and his sister.

In City Jin, she only knew them, and she will definitely find them.

He didn't go in,he just waited in the car, and let Finn take the lead.

Xu Ruoxuan arranged Mo Qinyu in his own secret villa,he had a reason.

He won’t let Qin Yichen find her.

Soon, Finn came out to report that Mo Qinyu wasn’t there.

“Damned!" He snorted from his throat.

If she was not there,where was she?

She was so stingy, and she would not spend money on the hotel.

Finn checked the railway and aviation records. She hadn't returned to city Jiang. According to her
characters,she loved money so much, she won’t leave without money.

Where would she go?

Was it...

A little sharp cold flashed through his eyes. "Add another person to search, and send someone to
secretly monitor Xu Ruoxuan."

In fact, at this time,Mo Qinyu and Ru Chen were together.

Ru Chen was originally in France, he had participated in the activities of Fashion Week, and when he
heard the news of the divorce, he quickly went back.

Mo Qinyu answered his call before she powered down.

She changed her phone number, which was Xu Ruochen gave her.

She was single,so she did not need to hide anymore.

And she said that Qin Yiman must get retribution.

"Brother-in-law, you asked me to help you recover your memory, I didn't agree it before,but now I can
do it. I don't care about Qin Yiman anymore, I will definitely help you."