Love in full bloom

Chapter 117: I Don't Want Children

Mo Qinyu was really hit, but it was something she already knew. She was not surprised.

She was very clear that Mo Mengshan was demonstrating to her. She couldn't be pressed by her all
the time, or she would put more efforts on bullying her.

"I don't think so. If a man really loves a woman, all obstacles are nothing. Those who are hesitant can
only show that they are not true love."

Mo Mengshan's mouth corner seemed to be stabbed, and twisted violently. The words like a knife
pierced into her heart.

"Yichen told me that he will divorce you sooner or later. I'll endure for a while. We are sisters, and I
don't want to do this to you, but my child can't be an illegitimate child. He is your nephew and is related
to you by blood. I believe you can understand and perfect this poor child. "

She pretended again to be pitiful and in need of sympathy.

Mo Qinyu shrugged her shoulders, and her face was expressionless. "You can tell Qin Yichen about
this. In the afternoon, I already told him. As long as he tells me he wants a divorce, I'll sign it at any

Mo Mengshan didn't believe that she would be so outright. She thought she was just lying to her. Mo
Mengshan didn't show it, quietly smiled, "I will convey this to Yichen."

As soon as she went back, she hurriedly asked A Zhu to go to Qin Yichen, saying that she could not
eat because of her strong vomiting, so that Yichen would come.

As soon as she saw him, she pretended to be in great pain. "Yichen, I don't feel good. I'll puke as soon
as I eat. What should I do?"

Qin Yichen's face was expressionless, and lightly told A Zhu to go to the doctor.

"No." She quickly waved her hand, "I think it's the baby who is not happy recently and is punishing me.
I'm useless. He will be a bastard once he is born. He has no identity or status. When he grows up, he
will be laughed at by people around him. I've seen a lot of TV dramas. When illegitimate children grow
up, they will feel inferior and introverted. There is no way to grow up healthily. Yichen, what do you
think our child should do in the future?" When she finished, she began to cry.

A sharp color flashed from the bottom of Qin Yichen's eyes, "What do you want?"

"I...I just want to give the child an identity." She dropped her head, and her voice was low but clear. She
couldn't say she wanted to be the legal wife. Child was the best excuse.

Qin Yichen's eyes became cold, like the cold light sent out by the iceberg. "Mo Qinyu will always be my
wife. If you want, you can stay with me. If not, you can leave at any time."

This was a ladle of cold water pouring down from the top of Mo Mengshan's head mercilessly. It
drenched her heart, hands and feet cold.

At that time, she understood Qin Yichen's meaning. He didn't want to let her become his legal wife, but
he just wanted to enjoy the same happiness as Qin Yuhan. That's why he didn't get divorced.

How could she be a concubine?

The position of legal wife was hers. Mo Qinyu took over her position. She must take it back!

She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, but she didn't dare. If so, it was really over.

"Yichen, you misunderstood me. I just want...When the child is born, let Qinyu recognize him as her
own son, so that he will not become an illegitimate child. We are sisters. She is related to the child by
blood. It's not too much to recognize him as her son, is it?"

Qin Yichen's dark ice eyes flickered, with a little warm light, "I know you are a woman who knows what
to do."

She held him in her arms. "As long as I can be with you, it doesn't matter whether I have a status or
not. I don't care about these nothingness, I only care about your feelings for me."

He raised his hand and stroked her head. His movements became gentle. "That's lovely."

She buried her head in his arms and hid all the grudges and resentments on her face.

She couldn't be in a hurry. She needed to get his heart before she could defeat Mo Qinyu and take
back everything that belonged to her.

In another room.

Sima Yuer came to see Mo Qinyu.

She knew that Mo Qinyu would be uncomfortable because of Mo Mengshan.

"Qinyu, a man who dominates the power field has always been the target of women. It's very normal to
have fun and hook up occasionally. There are few exceptions. You can feel better if you care a little and
open your mind a little."

Mo Qinyu smiled sadly.

Of course she understood that.

Countless mistresses almost become one of the portraits of the dignitaries of life.

How dared she ask for a so-called single-mind man.

Only A Cong could really give her the marriage and love she wanted.

But A Cong would never come back.

Her life was doomed to be destroyed by Qin Yichen.

"I've never had any hope, so it doesn't matter if I'm disappointed."

"Don't just give up, give him a chance, and give yourself a chance. You haven't been together for a long
time. If you get along for a long time, you will have feelings." Sima Yuer said to comfort her.

Mo Qinyu laughed at herself in her heart.

She could give Qin Yichen a chance, but he would never give her a chance. His feelings towards her
were only disgust, dislike, contempt and ridicule, which would never change.

" Love cannot be forced. Between Mo Mengshan and me, he prefers Mo Mengshan."

Sima Yuer sighed, and she didn't know what Qin Yichen thought. But in a big family, the mother always
depends on her son. Women have children, which was indeed an advantage.

"Qinyu, do you have contraception with Yichen?"

"No...No. Mo Qinyu slightly shook and lowered her head. She understood Sima Yuer's meaning. Once
upon a time, she thought that having a child would make her life easier, but now, she gave up.

She didn't want to be pregnant or have children, because she has decided to leave and leave as soon
as she has enough money.

Sima Yuer patted her hand. "This month, have you had your period?"

She trembled in amazement. It seems to be over time, but not for long, just a few days.

Her period was always not on time. It was normal to be late a few days.

She has already thought about it. When her period ended this time, she would buy contraceptive to
take. She must not allow herself to be pregnant.

"I won't be pregnant." She said in a low voice.

"You can't tell. It's better to be careful." When Sima Yuer was talking, Qin Yichen came in.

When he heard the last sentence, he asked casually, "What should be careful?"

Sima Yuer smiled. "You don't have contraceptives. Qinyu may be pregnant, so you should be careful,
especially you. If she is pregnant, you will hurt the child."

This was a little direct, and Qin Yichen was little embarrassing.

He didn't think the little hedgehog would be so lucky.

After Sima Yuer left, he raised Mo Qinyu's chin, "Do you want to have a baby for me?"

"No!" She said without hesitation.

A very cold light flashed through his eyes, "Great, from next month, you obediently take medicine, you
are not qualified to conceive my baby."