Love in full bloom

Chapter 115 My Sister,I May Disappoint You

She would always slander Mo Qinyu and make her deemed as a bad woman,so that Qin Yuhan might
think that Mo Mengshan was a thoughtful and sensible daughter-in-law of Qin family,and Mo Qinyu
would only blacken and disgrace Qin family.

Mo Qinyu slightly smiled,"Sorry,my sister.I may disappoint you."

It was a pun.One implication was that she hadn't made any mistakes.The other was that she have
come back,which would make Mo Mengshan's dream of being one member of Qin family broken.

Mo Mengshan was greatly awkward but still kept calm,and her voice was still soft and tender,"Qinyu,l
know that you will easily mind many little things in your heart for a long time.But this time,don't hate
your aunt and Jinyan.It's all my fault.If you want to hate someone,you can bear me grudges."

She wanted to let everyone know that Mo Qinyu was a small-minded and narrow-minded person,so
that she could easily frame her and deal with her in the future.

She couldn't just sit passively for her end and let her occupy her position.In any case,she must drive
her away.

Mo Qinyu looked at her silently,and showed a sneer,"Elder sister,don't you even feel tired when you
always play such a role that has a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance?"

Such a word was so pungent.Mo Mengshan's disguise of being a kind and soft woman that she had
been always confident of now was exposed,which made her in great anger.

In the battle of words,she could win Mo Qinyu by no means.But she was better at disguising,acting and

Up to now,her expression was still gentle,"Well,I'm no match for you.You are so good at saying that by
your words,you can change black to white,bad to good and right to wrong.I can't outspeak you,but I

don't care about it because I am your sister.I will humour you."

Mo Mengshan was not only implying that Mo Qinyu distorted the facts and framed her,but also giving
herself an out.

But someone just didn't want her to get away easily,"I don't think you are a good sister at all.You speak
ill of your younger sister and rob her husband.It is a great tragedy of life for my sister-in-law Qinyu has
such a sister as you."Qin Chuxia spat out tongue at her.

Chuxia was firmly on Mo Qinyu's side,and she also was eloquent,which might be even better than Mo

Mo Mengshan seemed to have been slapped with an invisible slap,which made her cheek ache.

But she could still bear it.

This was one of her trumps.

Instead of being angry,she smiled with a friendly smile.She was very clear that she must not be angry
with Qin Chuxia because Chuxia was the pearl of her father-in-law's eye.

"Chuxia,there is a baby in my stomach.He is your future nephew.If I can not be with your elder
brother,the baby will not have a father.Don't you think a child without a father will be miserable?"

Qin Chuxia blinked.

She couldn't understand the complicated triangle love between adults.

She turned her head and looked at Qin Yichen,"Boss,why don't you put the baby in my sister-in-law's
stomach but put it in her sister's stomach?"

Qin Yichen choked fiercely,and his eyes drifted on Mo Qinyu's flat stomach unconsciously.

This kind of thing was out of his control.

He and Mo Mengshan had only made love once,and she just got pregnant.

He had also made love with Mo Qinyu so many times,but there was nothing happened.Would it be that
this woman had infertility?

"This kind of topic is not suitable for children."He slightly rubbed Chuxia's head.

Mo Qinyu was also embarrassed.She took the little girl's hand and said,"Chuxia,let me take you to work
on Lego blocks,ok?"

"Yes."Qin Chuxia grinned and went upstairs with her.

As soon as she left,Mo Mengshan took the opportunity to stand beside Qin Yichen and reached out to
hold his hand,"Jinyan,I'm a little afraid."She said in a very low voice.It came out of her mouth,and came
into his ears.

And Qin Yichen just let her hold him without saying anything just like acquiescing in her concubine's
status,"You just go back to the room first."He said in a low voice.

"That room is empty.I'm alone and afraid.Can you accompany me?"Mo Mengshan looked at him
pitifully,with tears in her eyes.

Qin Yichen nodded and took her out.

Qin Yuhan looked at his back and began to worry about his son's vision.

Originally Qin Yuhan had thought that by his son's ability,there was nothing he needed to worry
about,but he did not expect that Jinyan would make a mess.

He didn't want Jinyan to follow his footsteps.Not everyone would be like Sima Yuer who could forgive
him and accompany him wrongly.

Mo Qinyu looked soft and a little delicate but was tough and stubborn in heart.She couldn't stay here to
be quite accommodating and care for overall interests all the time .

If things kept going on like this,she would absolutely leave.

And once she was gone,she would never look back.

It would be so late for Jinyan to regret at that time.

There was a long corridor connecting the auxiliary building and the main building.

The corridor could be clearly seen from Qin Chuxia's game room.

Mo Qinyu saw Qin Yichen and Mo Mengshan through the window.

Mo Mengshan,holding Jinyan's arm and leaning her head on his shoulder,looked like she was
coquetting or seeking consolation.

In a word,they were greatly close and intimate.

She was like a paramour who came between them and was destroying their good marriage.

Qin Chuxia also saw that and pouted,"Sister in law,the eldest brother really likes your elder sister.She
must be a tease.Don't be defeated by her.Grab my eldest brother back quickly."

There was a sad smile showed on the face of Mo Qinyu.She didn't like to do such boring things.It was
not worth working hard for such a man who didn't love her.

Maybe she should talk to Mo Mengshan and let Mengshan persuade Jinyan to divorce her peacefully.

As long as he was willing to give her 20 million Yuan,she would disappear immediately and go to a
place that he could never find.

Qin Yichen took Mo Mengshan to his room,"A Zhu will take care of you here.If you need
anything,please call her."

He turned to leave,and was held by her from behind."Jinyan,don't go.Just stay with me,OK?"

Jinyan opened her hand,"I have to go back."

"But I'm afraid to be alone,and the baby in my stomach will be afraid too."With a quick blink,her tears

Qin Yichen didn't have any expression and just stroked her head,"A Zhu will accompany you."Then he
went out.

He was not a man who could be moved with few tears.

"Jinyan!"She went straight out,"Can you talk to the baby before you leave?You haven't come back for
many days.It misses you!"

The baby was her trump card.She must make good use of it.

Qin Yichen showed a trace of impatience.He was very tired of women who were so clingy,"You should
remember that enough is enough,understand?"

His tone was not heavy,but in Mo Mengshan's heart it sounded like a huge stone hitting her chest,and
she sobbed,"I'm sorry,maybe it's because of pregnancy,my mood is particularly unstable,and I've
become more and more sentimental."

Her attitude changed quickly and she was really good at coming up with excuses for herself.

The present situation was very unfavorable for her.She must find a way to turn it around and could not
let Mo Qinyu surpass her.