Love in full bloom

Chapter Chapter101 I am pregnant.

"It's very good." Qin Yichen said with no expression, and it seemed like that he was supporting Mo

Qin Yiman was so shocked.

Mo Mengshan saw it and quickly said: "Mo Qinyu, you misunderstood us. We are friends because we
have common interests and hobbies. It’s really not because of you."

"You always pretend that you are innocent, is it interesting?" Mo Qinyu whispered and turned her head
to Qin Yichen. "Dear, we should go back to the house. I will sing a song to you."

Qin Yichen stood up and went upstairs with her.

Mo Mengshan was a little angry. What she hated most was that Mo Qinyu could always see her
camouflage at a glance and peeled her off like an onion.

"Qinyu, no matter how you are naughty, it doesn't matter. In my heart, you will always be my sister. We
are deeply in love with each other." She screamed in the back. What she said was that she wanted to
let Qin Yichen hear. And then she could keep her gentle and kind image.

Mo Qinyu laughed. She really admired Mo Mengshan. In the world of pretend innocent, no one could
do it better than Mo Mengshan.

Back in the room, she took a red raisin from the fruit bowl of the coffee table and handed it to Qin
Yichen's mouth, trying to test him.

I didn’t expect Qin Yichen didn’t eat it. Qin Yichen frowned with disgusting. “Take it away.”

She shivered slightly, and it seemed like because the cold wind that came from the window, "Do you
think my hand is dirty?"

"Are you clean?" He sneered, slamming her hands and red raisin in her hand fell down. As if she were
too close, and then she would make him feel sick.

She bit her lower lip and a fascinating color emerged from her face.

He ate the orange of Mo Mengshan, indicating that Mo Mengshan was clean and pretty in his heart.
However, she was very dirty, was a second-hand goods.

"You have eaten my hand, have you forgotten it?" This was like a dissatisfaction.

He blinked a little, and a bit of cold light came straight out from his eyes. "When I want you, your
character is an inflatable doll. When I don't want you, you are a dirty woman."

Every word was like a bullet, hitting Mo Qinyu.

Her chest was painful, so she had to take a deep breath to prevent sudden death due to angina.

"Do you like Mo Mengshan?"

Qin Yichen was silent, and the light flashed in his eyes.

That night, the woman was really beautiful and made him unforgettable.

Most importantly, she was his first woman.

The room suddenly became very quiet.

Mo Qinyu's heart broke in this silence, and it was destroyed.

He did not speak, and then it meant that he admitted it.

It was several times that he saw Mo Mengshan, and then he had a good impression on her. Sure
enough, the woman trained by the nobility was in line with his taste and aesthetics.

And the hoiden like her could only kneel under his feet, like a weed, and let him tread.

"It's too late. I should sleep." She stood up and walked toward the bed.

This night, Qin Yichen did not touch her. Perhaps he was thinking about Mo Mengshan, so he felt that
she was uninteresting.

A few days later...

Mo Mengshan came to Qin Family, and it was Qin Yiman who brought her in.

She wanted to grasp the chance, and let Qin Yichen feel better to her, and then he would fall in love
with her.

Old Mrs. Qin saw her and looked very indifferent. "Why are you here?"

"I miss my sister. I bought some fruit and came to see my sister." Mo Mengshan smiled slightly.

Qin Yichen walked downstairs and Mo Qinyu followed.

Mo Qinyu felt that Mo Mengshan was special irony. It was obvious that she was going to flirt with Qin
Yichen, but she made a boring excuse.

Couldn’t she be franker?

"Sister, since I am an adult, you are the first time to buy fruit to see me. I am really touched." She did
not want to play with her again. She wanted expose all her disguise.

There was a cold light flashed in Mo Mengshan’s eyes. It was not easy to detect, but her face still had a
smile. “It’s your memory is not good. Don’t remember, I...”

But she didn't finish her words. Her face suddenly changed and she covered her mouth and vomited.

"Mo Mengshan, what's wrong with you? Did you eat bad food?" Qin Yiman handed the glass on the
coffee table to her.

She shook her head, didn't pick it up, and her fingers grasped her clothes. "I...I..." Her head hung very
low, and her chin almost stuck to her chest, and she didn’t say anything.

Qin Yiman smiled and said in a joking tone: "Are you pregnant?"

Mo Mengshan waited for someone to ask this question out.

She covered her face and cried, "Wow," "I just knew it. What should I do, what should we do? Yichen."

Qin Yichen was extremely horrified and even unbelievable.

Was she pregnant?

How was this possible?

Just once?

Mo Qinyu's heart suddenly tightened, and she rushed to the front of Mo Mengshan, grabbed her
shoulder. "What do you mean?Say it clear!"

"Qinyu, I don't know that I will be pregnant with Yichen’s children. I am sorry, sorry..." Mo Mengshan
was crying. She looked very pitiful, and with a few scared.

Qin Yiman made a brute force and pulled away Mo Qinyu. "You go away. Mo Mengshan is pregnant
now. Don't hurt her."

Mo Qinyu stumbled back a few steps, feeling someone hit her head. And she felt daze. It was like a
row of bombs which blew up in her head and she was so shocked.

Have they had sex?

Have they had sex long ago?

Even did they have the child?

No wonder in the hot spring pool, Mo Mengshan would be so bold!

No wonder she would sit on his lap without fear!

No wonder he would eat the orange she fed him!

It turned out that they had sex long ago!

She also thought that Qin Yichen was really merciless.

It took only a few days that Qin Yichen fell in love with her!


She suddenly felt so funny, and she wanted to laugh.

But she couldn't smile, because her chest was stuffed with strong bitterness, and she was so painful
that she was so uncomfortable that she had to bend down and hold her chest with her hand to prevent
herself from falling down.

After struggling for a long time, she asked, "Qin Yichen, when did you have sex with her?"

Qin Yichen did not look at her, but his face was a dark, elusive look.

He did not want to mention the things in hotel, and he didn’t need to tell her.

"None of your business."

The cold words hit her to a abyss.

She was just puppet, and she had not qualified to ask him.

Which woman he slept? Which woman was pregnant with his child? And it was not her business.