Love in full bloom

Chapter chapter114 'crime'

There were a feeling of coldness in his eyes. "You know that the resistance is invalid, why do you do
this every time."

"Because I want you to know, I am not voluntarily, I am forced by you." She looked at him bravely.

"Good, I appreciate your courage." His desire of conquer was fired by her.

He grabbed her wrist and lifted it over her head,then he kissed her.

She had become a "stiff dead fish" as before, and whenever she failed the fight, she resisted him in this
silent, disguised way!

But he was still excited.

She was more pretty than Mo Mengshan.

Mo Mengshan had an ordinary beauty. Just like Qin Yiman, it was not special,it had no characteristics.

But her beauty was different, as if she was not a product of humanity.

And because of her nature,it was easy for her to find another.

Just like his grandma said,if she divorced him this month, and she could marry another rich in one

"Mo Qinyu, cherish your value, don't expect to have another life."

Her fingers clenched the sheets,she tried to resist by giving him no response.


When they returned to the manor,it was already evening.

When they stepped into the iron gate, she felt like she was back to the cage.

Qin Yuhan had returned.

The first thing Qin Yuhan had done was let Mo Mengshan move out,she had to move to another yard.

The yard which was for the guests to live,his behavior proved that he treated Mo Mengshan like a

She was mad,she wanted to cry, but it was useless to be weak and tearful.

Qin Yuhan hated this kind of woman most.

" if you forget the rules of this family, then don’t be the female leader anymore."

He said to Mrs. Qin,which made Mrs. Qin chilling, she confessed quickly,she would not let her position
be taken away by Sima Yuer.

"This is my fault. I have already admit it to Mom. I will definitely pay attention to it in the future and
never make the same mistake again.

Qin Yiman grinned, obviously,her mom was frightened. If she didn't speak, no one would speak for Mo

"Dad, Mengshan is pregnant,she has your grandson.even if you don’t like her,you should loved the kid
in her belly. How can you let her move out?Otherwise,Yichen has to come to the other yard to take care
of her, it is not convenient. ”

"If ‘Mo’ is not her surname, I had already drove her out,she could not even live in the other yard." Qin
Yuhan snorted, he only believed in the paternity test,no one could cheated him.

"Yi Man, you should not concentrate on his affairs, put your mind on your own marriage." Sima Yuer

Qin Yiman took a glance at her. "I didn't.Yichen is in love with Mengshan. Although Mengshan was not
a noble lady,she is elegant. She had no difference with those noble ladies. Unlike some rough girls who
behaved rudely, she would only bring Yichen shame."

Qin Yuhan was mad by her words, "Mei,Yiman will also moved to the other yard, without my
permission, she will not be allowed to enter here in evening!"

Qin Yiman was shocked,she said. "Why should I move to there?"

But Qin Yuhan ignored her and called her bodyguard Mei. "I have already found a job for Yiman. From
tomorrow, she must arrived at company before 9:00am every day. If she can't get up, that’s your fault."

Qin Yiman was more shocked, she rushed to her mother and cried, "Mom, I don’t want to work,I don't
want to get up early."

But Mrs. Qin was not dared to defended for her,she could only patted on her back, "It’s good for
you,otherwise,you always think of something weird."

When Qin Yichen and Mo Qinyu walked in, the whole living room was quiet.

In the eyes of Mo Mengshan, there was a flame of hatred. She really hoped that her gaze could
become a sharp arrow, then she could kill Mo Qinyu,then she could not hurt her anymore.

"Father, mother, Little mother." Mo Qinyu whispered, and she bowed her head.

"Oh,you come back."Qin Yuhan said kindly.

Qin Chuxia ran downstairs,she cried and hugged her. "Hey, my sister-in-law, you come back. They said
that my brother has driven you away. I thought I would never see you again.I hate my brother, he is the
bad guy, I won’t talk to him anymore."

Qin Yichen took a deep breath,he was innocent! This ‘crime’ was too much. "I didn’t, look,she’s here."

"I will be at home every day, so that you have no chance to drive her away." Qin Chuxia glared at him
with anger.

Mo Qinyu squatted down, she took out of napkin, and she gently wiped the tears on the girl's cheek.

She was the sunshine in this family,which was shining on her, warming her, giving her the courage to

"Don't cry, Chuxia, I will play Plasticine with you,I won't go."

"Then I will be relieved." Qin Chuxia laughed. She’s a kid,it was easy for her to calm down and became
happy again.

Mo Mengli swallowed her saliva, she tried her best to pressed the anger and hatred in her heart, She
walked to Mo Qinyu was a worried look.

"Qinyu, I am relieved to see you coming back. You are childish since childhood, you always have a bad
temper. I have been worried about you for a few days, I am afraid that you may do something wrong

It seemed that she was worried about her,but she was not.