Love in full bloom

Chapter 113 Exclusive Staple

At the moment when the tip of the dagger touched the pulse, a wind like force rolled up and grasped
her wrist. With a slight force of other side’s five fingers, the dagger fell from her fingers.

She turned around and saw the masked man. She was so frightened that she pushed him away with all
her strength. She wanted to pick up the dagger. But, he dragged her back and locked her in his iron

“Let go of me, you devil. I can’t kill you. I can kill myself. I can always kill myself.” she roared in a
hoarse voice as her previous fear turned into anger.

“It turns out that you have some potential as a martyr.” the man changed into a normal voice, which
was low and magnetic, which she was very familiar with.

She had a violent convulsion all over her body and stared at him with wide eyes for fear that she might
hear him wrong, “Who... Who are you?”

Qin Yichen took off his mask and revealed his evil, handsome face.

She almost spit blood out to death. With great shame, she headed for his chest, “You’re crazy!”

“It’s a punishment for you!” his thin lips curved a sneer.

“I won’t forgive you.” She felt wronged. He could always change his every pattern of torture. The upper
the level, the more cruel it would be.

He frowned. His eyes sharpened. “Which man were you with the night before yesterday? Did you come
to his home?”

She trembled. Her face turned a little white, almost like she felt guilty. The anger he suppressed in his
chest burst into flames in a moment, “Mo Qinyu, I really despise you.”

He suddenly lifted her up and brought her to the place where the chain was hanging, as if to tie her up
and torture her again.

She was frightened and cried out in fear, “The night before yesterday, I met my brother in law in the
supermarket and bought something together. I didn’t come to any home.”

“Ruchen?” he was shocked.

She nodded.

He was surprised at the moment. Then, he became angry.

Even Ruchen can find her before him!

“How did he find you?”

“He called me.” she mumbled.

“Your phone is always turned off!” he was depressed. Did this woman blacklisted him?

“He called before I turned it off.” she replied carefully. She tried not to annoy him again.

“Why did you turn it off?”

“I changed my number.”

“Why change your number?” he bombarded her with questions.

“I… I want to let go of the past and start again.” her voice rose slightly, “Now that we’re divorced, we’ll
be separated from each other. We won’t see each other again.”

She said it firmly and simply, without a trace of longing. His heart seemed to be hit by something heavy.
Then, with a little tremble he said, “I tore up the agreement.”

“Why?” she startled.

“You will have no right over assets after divorce.” he said mercilessly.

She jolted, her head buzzed, “Why? I’m not the one at fault!”

“You married a lowlife. That was your biggest fault!” the words he squeezed out of his teeth were full of
endless ridicule and satire.

Tears of humiliation poured out of her eyes. Everything in that room and his hateful face blurred after
the fog of tears. She tried to calm her emotions, but she was fed with anger. Her chest was burning to

“Qin Yichen, you bastard!” she wielded her fist and banged her hair on his shoulder like crazy. She was
going mad. Her heart full of resentment. She hated this man, “I have a lawyer. I want to sue you.”

“I’ll see which lawyer dares to take this case!” he allowed her to fight, but her little strength did nothing
but a scratch.

She was tired. She then sat on the ground and cried. Grievances, indignation, helplessness, pain, and
heavy burdens all turned into sad crying, surging uncontrollably like a flood.

Qin Yichen looked at her, expressionless, with a mask on his face, but his eyes were deep and
unpredictable, just like a bottomless pool.

“From now on, as long as you’re good enough to be a puppet, I will give you more than 100000 pocket
money every month.” he said slowly, as if they were doing negotiation.

She sobbed and stared at him. This was obviously not a divorce. She didn’t know what he wanted to

“Don’t you like Mo Mengshan? You even had a child with her. So, why don’t you marry her?”

“This is not puppet’s business.”

He understated his hidden thoughts.

Likes and desires were hard to be proportional to.

He had a good feeling but not a desire for Mo Mengshan. The beauty of that night had gone.

But, this woman, whom he despised and disgusted of, could also make him burst anytime and

At that moment, her stubborn face, provocative eyes, and unruly tone, made him want to overcome her
by conquest.

He picked her up and walked out.

She found out the room was outside.

“My hands and feet hurt!” she shouted a protest in disguise. She didn’t want to be loved by that man.
She never signed up for this relationship in the first place.

He took the medicine box and asked her to apply the medicine by herself.

When she’s done, he then cheated with her.

He bent his head and kissed her lips.

Her taste was different from Mo Mengshan.

Mo Mengshan, though clean, made him feel like a puppy licking himself.

But this woman in front of him, was a real woman.

She closed her eyes. Her heart and mind were full of the entanglement between him and Mo
Mengshan. Subconsciously, she pushed him away.