Love in full bloom

Chapter Chapter111 Completely out of control

As soon as Qin Yichen got into the car, the phone rang again.It was Qin Yiman. He hung up grumpily,
but the phone rang constantly. “Qin Yiman,are you crazy?” He was almost growling, completely out of

“Qin Yichen,something has happened to Mo Mengshan.Come back quickly." Regardless of what he
was doing, Qin Yiman just urged him to go back.

He was surprised and started the engine.

In the house, Mo Mengshan lay in bed and eagerly waited for Qin Yichen to see her. She was fine.
There was nothing wrong with her.How could she call him back without pretending something was

She used powder coated on the face, turned out pale colorless appearance to let Qin Yichen love her.

As soon as Qin Yichen came to the door, Qin Yiman came to meet him. "Qin Yichen, where have you
been in these days, leaving Mo Mengshan alone at home, she accidentally fell when she took a shower
which frightened our family."

"Why not go to the hospital?” Qin Yichen frowned.

"We let the doctor see her, he said that we can observe for a while, if there is no bleeding, then she will
be fine.Mo Mengshan was scared and cried for a long time. You are not here and she has no one to
rely on.” Qin Yiman said. Helping Mo Mengshan was helping herself. Only when Mo Mengshan's
relationship with Qin Yichen was stable, then Mo Qinyu would completely fail and go back to Jiang city.

Mrs. Qin glanced at her daughter. "Oh, don’t make a fuss. She is not so delicate. The doctor has given
the antiabortifacient, and it will be fine if she takes it." What she wanted was Mo Mengshan's baby, not

her daughter-in-law. In her eyes, she was the same as Mo Qinyu and there was no difference between

Hearing footsteps from outside, Mo Mengshan’s tears flowed out when Qin Yichen came in. "You finally
came back, I am so afraid, I am afraid the child will have an accident.” She cried.

Qin Yichen was fretted. His mind was full of images which about Mo Qinyu had an affair, so how could
he have mood to comfort her? Moreover, he had never know how to be kind to women, nor did he
know how to love a woman. "OK, it's too late, take a rest." He lightly left a sentence and turned to go.

She hurriedly jumped up and grabbed his hands,"Qin Yichen, don't go, stay with me, okay?"

"I've got work to do." Qin Yichen deadpan said.

“Are you going to pick Mo Qinyu home?” Her mouth lightly twitched. Qin Yiman told her he might not be
able to divorce because Mo Qinyu would be coming back.

Qin Yichen frowned. A sharp light flashed through his eyes, "Don't you want Mo Qinyu to come back?"

"No, she is my sister, and it would be best if we were together. I’m just worried about she…she has an
affair.. she is an easy girl and is surrounded by men all the time.” She paused, then added, "perhaps it
is for money. She loves money very much. If you give her enough money, she doesn't care about

Qin Yichen’s haze eyes flashed a very shady cold light, his handsome face was horribly distorted in the
depths of anger. At other times he would definitely check the truth of this sentence, but now he did not
have this ability. Guo QinQin's words had made him on the verge of madness, losing his mind. She
would do anything for money!

Knowing that her words had worked, Mo Mengshan snickered, but there were tears on her face. “Qin
Yichen, I am the only one who truly loves you. I kept myself being pure and I have never touched
another man's hand." She got up, put her hand on his neck, and kissed him with red lips wildly and
boldly. She was better than Mo Qinyu, cleaner than Mo Qinyu and loved him more than Mo Qinyu. That
night she left an unforgettable impression on him, and he really hoped that the feeling could be
repeated and continued. However, it was backfired.

Just then, the door of the room was pushed open. Mrs Qin stood in the doorway, almost choked after
seeing the scene. “Mo Mengshan,what are you doing? You're pregnant, and you almost had a
miscarriage. How could you do such a thing?” Ignoring their embarrassment, she went in and grabbed
her son, “Now you have to restrain yourself, the first trimester of pregnancy is very dangerous and easy
to miscarry.”

“I know.” Qin Yichen hurriedly went out with embarrassment. Mo Mengshan was embarrassed and
disappointed. Not because Mrs Qin interrupted them, but because he did not respond to her. “I'm sorry,
Mrs. Qin. I don't know anything. I won't do it again.”

“It's late. Go to sleep.” Mrs. Qin said and then left. She had something to say to her son. Qin Yichen
didn’t want to stay at home, but he was stopped when he was going to go out.

“Your father will come back in advance. He will be home tomorrow. You must bring Mo Qinyu back, or
your father will be furious.”

“I’ll bring her back.” He gritted his teeth and took a breath, and there was darkness and cruelty under
his eyes.

Mo Mengshan was listening in the corner, she was almost going crazy. Damned Mo Qinyu,she tried her
best to sent her away, but now she was about going back. She wished Mo Qinyu could die so that no
one could threaten her or rob her of him…

Next morning, after getting up, Mo Qinyu was taking a walk in the yard. The doorbell rang and there
stood a Courier. She thought Xiaoli had bought it and opened the door. As she bent her head to sign, a
piece of white reached out from behind and covered her mouth and nose. Before she could react, she
struggled for a few moments and lost consciousness.