Love in full bloom

Chapter 110 Find the next one

He kissed her so tenderly and carefully, just as A-Cong had kissed her before.

She closed her eyes and fell into his tenderness and her own memory.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared in her mind, like lightning, which cut through all the silence and
shattered all the dreams.

The shadow was not A-Cong, but Qin Yichen, cold and indifferent. She made a chill in the spirit, and
subconsciously pushed the man in front of her.

“I... I am going to wash your shirt.” She was a little shocked, a little dismayed, and wanted to escape in
a hurry.

“Qinyu.” Ru Chen reached out and held her hand, “Will you date with me? Shi Cong likes you, and I like
you, too.”

Her heart was pounding, and her head was in a mess. She couldn’t think of anything and couldn’t
respond to him. “The divorce procedure hasn’t been done yet. I can’t think of something else until it’s
done.” She took out her hand and ran to the bathroom.

Ru Chen’s face showed a charming smile. He recognized that she did not reject him, he was hopeful.

After washing the shirt, Mo Qinyu put it into the dryer to dry.

“You can wear it.” She tried to maintain her calmness, not letting the previous kiss affect her and
turning the atmosphere into awkwardness.

After he was dressed, she picked up the handbag on the sofa. “I am going to the supermarket.”

In the bathroom, Xu Ruochen called to tell her to stay in the villa recently, do not go out, and let her not
ask the reason.

She believed him without asking much. So she was going to the supermarket to buy some food and
daily necessities.

“I just want to go to the supermarket, too, let’s go together.”

Ru Chen actually had nothing to buy. He had hardly been to a supermarket. He just wanted to stay with
her for a while.

After that, he added, “don’t call me brother-in-law. You have divorced Qin Yichen. I will cancel the
engagement with Qin Yiman. I am not your brother-in-law. You can call me A-Chen, or call me. ...A-

She lowered her eyebrows and smiled: “Then I’ll call you A-Chen.”

How could she call him A-Cong, even if he could get through to the soul of A-Cong, he was still Ru

They went to Wal-Mart and didn’t expect to meet Guo Lulu.

“Qinyu, I called you, but your phone was turned off, which makes me think that you are going to lose

“How come? After getting back to Jiang City, I will contact you on WeChat.” She smiled slightly, and Xu
Ruochen told her not to give the new number to others, so she could not tell her.

Guo Lulu turned her eyes to Ru Chen. “Is this your boyfriend? God, he’s so handsome, no wonder
you’re leaving. It turned out to be finding a rich and getting married.”

Mo Qinyu was stunned. She was not going to married, she was divorced, and she was taken off by
President Qin.

But she couldn't explain it.

“We’ve bought almost everything, it’s time to pay the bill, and I will get in touch with you on the
WeChat.” She smiled and left with Ru Chen.

At the other end of Jin City, Qin Yichen drove alone and wandered aimlessly in the city.

Finn hadn’t heard from Mo Qinyu yet.

One day passed.

Where was the stupid woman?

His emotions were constantly escalating, from frustration, loss, depression to irritability, anxiety, and
melancholy to madness, testiness, and collapse...

There were countless ants gnawing and countless claws scratching in his heart.

He was so mad that he almost wanted to kill.

When he caught this woman, he would lock her up with a chain and shut her in the black house, so that
she would never want to see the sun again in her life!

It was already dark.

He didn’t want to go back to the Qin house, the room was empty so that he was upset, anxious, and he
couldn’t wait to blow up the nasty, lifeless room directly.

He also didn’t want to sleep. He couldn’t sleep, and didn’t have any sleepiness.

His emotions were too bad, on the verge of being mad that he was almost manic.

Just then, the phone rang, his eyes suddenly lit up, and immediately pressed the answer button.

“Did you find her?”

“Boss, I think of a person who may be contacted by the Madam,” Finn said.


“Guo Lulu, she has the best relationship with the Madam in the company. If the Madam has no place to
go, she might go to find her.”

Qin Yichen’s dark eyes flashed. “Where does Guo Lulu live?”

“504 room on the 12th floor in Tanranju...” Before Finn finished, Qin Yichen suddenly made a big turn
and slammed on the gas pedal. The sports car flew forward like lightning.

He arrived at the same time as Finn.

Seeing he was going up, Finn shook a little, “Boss, are you going up, too?”

“Don’t waste time talking nonsense to me.” Qin Yichen pressed the elevator, his patience had
collapsed, and there was no mood to wait in the car.

Guo Lulu did not expect that in the middle of the night, the big Boss would knock on her dreams and
thought that she was dreaming and quickly pinched herself.

“Don’t pinch, you are not dreaming, Mo Qinyu is not here?” Finn asked.

“No, she hasn’t been here. Doesn’t she quit her job?” Guo Lulu shook her head, confused, and the
boss actually came to find Mo Qinyu? What was their relationship?

“Damn!” Qin Yichen screamed with a violent curse, and he hated this strong sense of loss.

Guo Lulu scratched her head. “But I just saw her tonight.”

Qin Yichen and Finn shouted in unison: “Where?”

“Walmart in Fuxing Road, she was shopping inside, and her boyfriend was also next to her. Her
boyfriend is so handsome, when I went out, I saw them getting into a Lamborghini, the handsome guy
must be a rich. Mo Qinyu should resign to marry him.”

She said to herself, but did not notice that Qin Yichen’s face was covered with clouds and thunder.

“Pang”, he violently slammed on Guo Lulu’s door, the door was broken through a hole, Guo Lulu
screamed and squated down, covering his head shivering.

Did she say something wrong?

Boss was going to kill her?

Finn helped her up. “Don't say anyone about today’s business. Find someone to fix the door tomorrow,
and the company will reimburse it for you.”

In Qin Yichen’s body, every nerve and every cell burned with fierce fire.

This skittish woman, actually went to find the next one.

She was anxious to find another man before she got divorced.

For money?

Did she think that 20 million was too little, and wanted to get more from other men?

“Boss, maybe things are not what you think? You misunderstood!” Finn hurriedly calmed him. He was
worried that he was going to be involved in. This was the first time he saw Qin Yichen out of control.

Qin Yichen grabbed his collar and his voice was full of bloodthirsty killings. “Before dawn, you must find
the woman!”