Love in full bloom

Chapter Chapter102 Mistress finally showed up.

Mo Qinyu felt frozen all over that she could not say a word.

After a long time, Mrs. Qin suddenly came back and was pleasantly surprised.

All she wanted was a baby. It doesn't matter who will be her daughter-in-law.

"Mengshan, you are pregnant, Yichen finally finish the task of his grandpa.”

She immediately ordered her servant to stew the soup and make sure that the baby was born safely.

Mo Meng shan smirked inwardly, an imperceptible smirk rose from the corners of her mouth, and she
looked at Mo Qinyu secretly and saw her frustration and despair.

A silly wench wanted to fight with her? Dreaming!

"Yichen!" She blinked her eyes, tears filling her eyelids. She took Qin Yichen's hand and put it on her
belly. "the baby is nearly a month old. Touch him.”

Qin Yichen's hand moved but did not touch her.

He couldn't feel anything neither his hand nor his heart.

Mo Qinyu stared at them, with her eyes bloodshot and her heart bleeding.

What a lovely picture, a family of three!

Now she was a complete nuisance!

Qin Yiman was extremely pleasant, "Yichen, you are really indifferent. I don't even know that you
already dated with Mengshan and even have a baby! That shameless dog can go away now!"

Mo Qinyu’s fist clenched in the pocket, her fingernails dug into the flesh, and the blood trickled out,
staining her whole pocket red.

But she felt no pain because her nerves were numb.

She should go away and walk out like a stray dog, then returned the home which was not belonged to
her to Mo Mengshan, including the man.

But her feet seemed to weigh so much that she could not lift them.

Mrs Qin told her servant to go to Mengshan's house to carry luggage, "From today on, you will live here
and raise the baby with peace of mind."

As for the other woman, it was time to deal with her.

Mo Mengshan was happy, "Thank you, aunt."

Of course, she had not forgotten Mo Qinyu. It wasn't enough. She wanted Mo Qinyu to suffer a lot and
experienced all kinds of disasters and despair.

She stroked her belly and came up to Mo Qinyu, "Qinyu, when I heard the news, I felt very surprised. I
never thought god would treat me so kindly and let me have his child. Anyway, I hope my relationship
with Yichen will not affect you. Shall we live in harmony from now on?"

This was a heavy sprinkling of salt on Mo Qinyu’s wound.

Even god was helping her and gave her such a good "gift"!

There were big drips of sweat appeared in Mo Qinyu’s forehead, and she felt black and dizzy that she
would have fallen if she had not caught the back of the sofa in time.

She clenched her teeth. She couldn't fall down, and if she did, she couldn't fall here!

"Congratulations, sister, you won."

Word by word, she popped out those from her mouth.

"Qinyu, aren't you happy? Are you mad at me? I didn't mean to, I..." Mo Mengshan sobbed and began
to cry again.

She knew it was four against one. Mrs. Qin, Qin Yiman and Qin Yichen were all on her side.

As long as she showed weakness and acted pitifully, they would help her.

There would be only one bad guy, it was Mo Qinyu.

Mrs Qin put her arm around her. "don't cry. You can't cry because you are pregnant.”

After saying that, she turned her head to Mo Qinyu, and her expression became extremely cold. "Mo
Qinyu, Mengshan is more important than you in this family now, and she has the successor of Qin
family in her belly. If you dare to make her unhappy, I will make you unhappy!"

Qin Yichen said nothing, then he also turned to Mo Qinyu.

She looked like a thin leaf, swaying in the wind, as if at any moment she would be carried away and
never fly back.

"Mo Qinyu, go upstairs." "He ordered in a low voice, as if worrying about she would burst out attacking
Mo Mengshan.

Mo Qinyu sneered. Mo Mengshan had become his sweetheart now, then should she get away from

"All right, I won't bother you." She jerked her head and headed upstairs…

Watching her back, Mo Mengshan laughed in her heart. She would soon be able to move into the Qin
family and become a real young lady.

The servant brought chicken soup.

Mrs Qin asked her to sit down and have it. "When a woman is pregnant, the first three months is the
most important period.”

"Yichen, you should spend more time with Mengshan in the future and take good care of her, so that
some people with deep scheming will not plot against her and her children." Qin yiman took the
opportunity to say.

Qin Yichen was deadpan and then said lightly, "Take a paternity test first."

Those words made Mo Mengshan shivered violently and her face turned pale, "Yichen, why do you
want to do paternity test? Don't you believe me? The baby in my belly is yours, I swear. I don't have
any other men except you. I have no boyfriends before and it was my first time that night.”

Qin Yiman patted her shoulder. "don't worry, Mengshan. Yichen doesn't suspect you. It is the rule of the
Qin family that all children should take a paternity test, no matter who gave birth to them. I've done it
with Yichen."

It was a deadly blow to Mo Mengshan, and it chilled her.

She tried to hold back all her fears, not showing any signs of them, but pretending to look relaxed and
smiled. "well, I'll do it, too."

Mrs. Qin ordered her servant to prepare room for Mo Mengshan, and arranged her in the next room of
Qin Yichen.

These days, Qin Yuhan and Sima Yue'er were not here. They had little time in the house for a year.

It was better to get Mo Qinyu out of the way before they came back.

Mo Mengshan looked at the room and felt her heart had reached to the heaven.

But she knew she hadn't won yet. She needed to catch Qin Yichen's heart hurriedly, and drove Mo
Qinyu away.

Qin Yichen came back after taking a walk outside.

Mo Mengshan kept her ear to the door and listened to the footsteps.

No sooner had he gone upstairs than she opened the door and came out.

"Yichen, I'm not used to sleeping alone in a strange place. Can you come and accompany me?" She
blinked her big eyes and looked pitiful.