Love in full bloom

chapter 109 Try a relationship with me

“It’s so brilliant!” Ru Chen smiled with excitement, he never paid attention to Qin Yiman, because he
didn’t love her.

“But...” she turned her tones. “I can’t help you so long, after the divorce, I’ll go back to Jiang city.”

“Qinyu, stay, don’t go back to Jiang city, you’re a jewelry designer, it’s good for your development to
stay here.” he clenched her hands, her body then had a shiver all of a sudden, and then she pulled
back her hand. “I...still need to do something.” she lowered her head. There’s a touch of crimson on her

She would contact the doctor for Xiaowu, arranging him to be cured at abroad, she would also be there
to take care of him. Her parents didn’t know how to speak English, so they couldn’t help him.

Ruchen looked at her delicate face, his heart kind had a shiver like the plucked string. He never felt this
way before. It was actually ripples from love, since the moment when she entered into his dream, he
couldn’t stop loving her.

“Then I’ll also go to Jiang city, I can help you if you need anything there, besides, I also want to see the
old banyan of south lake.” he croaked.

God knew how excited he was when he heard the news of her and Qin Yichen got the divorce. It was
not called taking advantage of the danger of others, because Qin Yichen treated Qinyu badly, and he
even hooked up with Mo Mengshan, the man didn’t know how to cherish Qinyu at all. So the divorce
was actually a relief for her. If he were Qinyichen, he would surely love Qinyu and made her be the
happiest woman in this world.

Mo Qinyu looked at him, all of a sudden, his image overlapped with Cong’s. he not only looked like
Cong, but also sounded like him, everytime she would have an illusion that he was indeed Cong with a
different name.

“Have some coffee.” she poured him a cup of coffee as if she were trying to change the subject.

He took the coffee over and was about to drink, a white cat suddenly jumped over, then the coffee
splashed out and stained his shirt.

“Little snow, you’re again being naughty!” Mo Qinyu slightly knocked the cat on its head, the cat was
Xiaoli’s, and it’s so naughty and liked to make trouble with people.

“It’s okay, I’ll go to the bathroom.” Ruchen waved his hands and stood up, when he was about to go to
the bathroom, she stopped him. “coffee stains cannot be easily wiped clean, take it off, I’ll wash for you,
or it won’t come out.”

She took over the carpet and turned back, waiting him to take off the shirt.

Ruchen stared at her thin back, suddenly, he so wanted to hug her tightly from behind, how wonderful it
would be if Qinyu was his wife!

His Adam’s apple rolled, he then restrained himself and covered the carpet. “you can turn around now.”

She turned around and took over his shirt, her eyes drifted over him subconsciously. She knew clearly
what Cong’s body looked like, but it was her first time to see Ruchen’s body. They were about the same
height, all 186 centimeters, Shicong’s skin was very white, but Ruchen was bronzed with the color of
sun, he must always be doing some outdoor sports. They all had perfect body-shape, muscular, trim
and sexy, but Shicong was a bit thinner, and Ruchen was a bit bigger.

When her sight moved to his shoulder which covered no carpet, she suddenly stunned there. There
was a small scar. Qinyu felt so confused at this moment.

Shicong’s shoulder also had a small scar, it was cut by a dagger during the confrontation with a young
thug who had been flirting with her on the street. Why Ruchen’s shoulder also had a small scar?

“What’s wrong?” seeing the confusion on her face, Ruchen hurriedly asked.

“You...why your shoulder has a scar on?” she asked in a daze.

“I think I was scratched by a rock while climbling.” he shrugged and answered in a slight tone. He didn’t
quite remember, his mom told him so.

“Oh.” she tried to calm down.

Another coincidence?

How could they have so much in common?

“Is my ugly scar scaring you?” he pulled up the carpet and covered the scar subconsciously.

“No.” she shook her head. “my friend also had a scar on his shoulder, so...” she bit her lower lip and
stopped there.

Ruchen blinked his eyes. “I guess he was your ex-boyfriend, right? Everytime when you see me, you’ll
think of him?”

“I’m sorry...” she lowered her head, no one was willing to be taken as another person especially a
flamboyant man like him.

but Ruchen didn’t think this way. “sometimes, I feel like I’m not myself, I have been working on
paranormal science recently, it says that two people who look the same may have similar souls, and
many theories now favor the soul as a brainwave. When a person dies, his brain waves will wander,
and he will encounter someone who resonates with him. I’m thinking I must have collided with your ex-
boyfriend’s brain waves, maybe I’m both Ruchen and Shicong.” he slowly said.

Hearing this, Mo Qinyu kind dazed there. She did notice that there’s so many strange theories in
Ruchen’s head, as he said last time that memories not only was stored in the brain cell but also
reserved in body organs. In fact, she had never heard of that before. Xu Ruochen told her before that
Ruchen liked new and exciting things, maybe studying these strange theories was also one of his

“It would be great if you really were Shicong!” she smiled.

“Then just take me as him, I won’t mind at all.” Ruchen said with slight smiles. “I’ve thought it through,
the reason why I have his memories is not because I met you before, but because our soul has already
melted together, in some degree, I am indeed him!” there’s a sly gleam in his eyes. She was still distant
with him, by saying so, could they come closer?

He did have some advantages, because he had the same face as Shicong, as long as he could get her
heart, he wouldn’t mind Qinyu took him as others.

Mo Qinyu didn’t really understand Ruchen’s strange theories, but she so wished it to be true.

If people did have souls. If Shicong’s soul did melt with Ruchen’s. then Shicong still was alive in this

While she was still thinking, Ruchen walked over and instantly held her in the arms. “Qinyu, he’s still
here, he’ll never leave you!”

Hearing this, Qinyu’s mind kind became messy. “Cong, Cong...”

“Qinyu, it’s me, I’m back!” he lowered his body and kissed her on the lips.