Love in full bloom

Chapter chapter107 I like her

Mrs. Qin smashed her hand and wanted to wiped the sweat on her palm. "A family member who want
to broke up and need a divorce, must first apply for a family meeting..."

The old lady looked at him seriously and said. "You still remember, I thought you forgot.”

Mrs. Qin licked her lips and cautiously said: "I did not handle this matter properly, but Mo Qinyu is
voluntary. I did not force her. She married you for money, I gave her then million,but she thought it was
not enough. So she asked a lawyer to argue with me, she get 20 million to go with joy."

The old lady sneered and looked at her. This was for her,not for Mo Qinyu. "Do you feel very proud? for
spending 20 million to send you daughter-in-law away? Do you still remember my husband’s will? Do
you think that you could solve it privately, so the will will not start? I tell you, as long as Yichen sign it,
the will will start immediately."

Mrs. Qin was shocked and her muscles on her face twitched vigorously. "How is it possible?"

The old lady put down the book in her hand, and the voice was not flustered and unhurried. " “The
lawyers are completely independent, they will strictly follow every will, even if I and Yuhan are not
capable to change it."

Mrs. Qin was sweating, fortunately her son tore the agreement, and he did not sign, or she had made a
big mistake.

"It's my negligence. If I knew this, I must let the lawyer write all the obstacles, just in case."

The old lady smiled and her eyes closed. "You are the first wife of my family to hold a divorce family
meeting. I stopped my son from being the first person to do it.But you encouraged your son to be the
first person, and you really are the most special daughter-in-law of this family."

This sentence was full of endless ridicule and irony, like an invisible slap,which actually hurt her.

"I do it for this family, for your grandson’s son, can't you let him be an illegitimate child when he is

The old lady whispered: "My grandson’s son? Are you sure that is true? What about the paternity test?"

"Yichen have admitted.Could there still be something wrong?" Mrs. Qin pouted.

"He is confused,are you confused,too? he and Mo Mengshan only met for a few days, what kind of
personality she is, what kind of person she had made friends before, what did she do,does he know
everything of her?"

The tone of the old lady had always been unhurried, but every word was so serious, which made Mrs.
Qin feel cold.

"You are right, I didn’t think about it. I thought I have a grandson and I was too happy. I should wait for
the paternity test, and then tell you and Yuhan to discuss it."

She quickly admitted her mistakes, as if she changed her mind. However, after she finished, she turned
her tone again. "In fact, if Yichen really loves Qinyu, I will definitely not do this. It was mainly because
that he does love her. And he love Mengshan..."

When she hadn't finished, she was interrupted by the old lady. "If we can leave our son's temper, you
have already left this family for twenty years."

The wound that had never healed was torn again. Mrs. Qin’s face was pale and her lips lost color.

She even took a few deep breaths to maintain her emotions, and then she slowly started: "Because I
know what would a woman feel if her husband doesn’t love her, I don't want to watch the child stay with
Yichen like this. She is young and has no children. She has no loss for her. She will definitely find a
husband who truly loves her."

This was the best excuse.

The old lady sighed. "In any case, let them solve it themselves. You should not make decisions for
them. we will not treat the law-abiding daughter-in-law. In the past, no matter what Yuhan thought, I let
him give you enough respect. I hope you can respect your daughter-in-law,too."

After that, she let Mrs. Qin go out, she wanted to talk to her grandson.

Qin Yichen walked in and sat beside her. "Grandma, I will handle this matter well, so don't worry."

But this won’t comfort her. In the morning, from the eyes of Mo Qinyu, she knew that she didn’t intend
to come back.

"What do you want to do?"

"I... will not divorce, you like her,so I will keep her." Qin Yichen held her hand.

It seemed that he didn’t want to do it, just like he was forced by her.

"You keep her because I like her,not you?"

Qin Yichen did not answer, that’s the answer.

The old lady took the tea and took a sip. She thought she knew her grandson, but she found that he
grew up and changed, no longer the person who she expected.

"Do you like Mengshan?"

Qin Yichen’s gaze fell on an unknown corner of the room.

The woman that night was the only one who moved his heart.

If it was her, then he loved her.

Seeing that he didn't talk, the old lady's mood was even heavier.

“Do you think she is better than Qinyu?"

There was a very sardonic feeling in his gaze.

Mo Qinyu liked money, and she only wanted money.

She had so many shortcoming,she was a liar, and always seduced others.

She had nothing good.

"Grandma, maybe she is not what you think."

"Then, what about Mo Mengshan, how much do you know about her? Do you dare to say that you fully
understand her, completely know what kind of woman she is?" the old lady asked.

"I can't, so I want to wait for the paternity and make a decision." Qin Yichen said in a low voice.

"If it is your child, what are you going to do?" The old lady seemed asked, she needed to know his
thoughts before making a decision.

Qin Yichen was silent, his expression was full of contradictions, and it seemed difficult to make a

The old lady looked at him for a moment and she got all his expressions.

"Do you want to divorce Qinyu and marry Mo Mengshan?"

"Sorry, Grandma, I haven't thought about it yet." His voice was low, it seemed that it was integrated into
the night.

The old lady shook her head and sighed.Her grandson was smart, wise, alert, and calm. He was a king
in the business,but a stupid in feelings.

He knew nothing about love,and knew nothing about how to love.

"You don't have to be embarrassed. Grandma will help you make this decision today, divorce!"