Love in full bloom

Chapter 106 He just was venting his physiological needs.

“Please spoon soup, grandma.” She smiled.” I can still bring you soup these days. Shall I make the
stewed bamboo shoots and old duck soup for you tomorrow?”

“It’s good.” The old lady smiled and took a spoonful of soup. She looked up and saw her. “Can you tell
me the truth, Qinyu? Do you like Yichen?”

Mo Qinyu had been distracted.

Although it was a simple question, she didn’t know how to answer it.

How could she possibly like him?

She is not stupid!

For him, she’s as Inferior as a straw, as dirty as a bedbug.

For him, her only value is as his inflatable doll, that to vent his physiological needs.

Mo Mengshan is his type and his favorite person.

“I’m sorry, grandma.” She lowered her head, and the voice was so small that it almost melted into the

The old lady. Qin understood, a faint sign flow out of her mouth. "Yichen doesn't have this fate."

“No, grandma.” She shook her head, “He’s way out of my league. The woman he likes is honorable and
elegant. I’m just a tomboy and not good enough for him.”

The old lady Qin’s mouth twitched with incredulity.” Yichen ’shouldn’t be like this.” Her voice was so
small, and totally soliloquized.

Mo Qinyu heard it, but she didn’t say anything. She didn’t know what to say.

Everyone has his own taste, no matter what kind of woman he likes, it is understandable.

She returned home when the old lady finished the soup.

These two days, the atmosphere of celebrity circle was particularly lively.

News of the eviction of Mo Qinyu had been spread through the celebrity circle.

Qin Yinchen didn’t know yet.

He hadn’t been home for two days. He drove his yacht alone on the sea for relaxing.

He didn’t want to meet Mo Qinyu, because it made him agitated and distracted.

Just then Finn called, “Boss, Madam, no, your former wife handles the resignation procedures, may I
approve it?”

Qin Yichen shook violently, “Make it clear for me, what is a former wife?”

“You are divorced, former wife, of course.” Finn said.

The news was like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky for Qin Yichen.

Was he divorced?

“When did I get divorced? Why didn’t I know?”

Finn’s cough came as if he had choked with a rush, “All the people in the whole celebrity circle knew it,
madam had left the Qin’s house yesterday. You were the person about it, how could you not know?”

It was so ironic for him by this sentence.

He jumped up and rushed into the driving cab.

Once he entered the Qin’s house at the door, Mo Mengshan went to meet him. She was bored when
he was out these two days.

It was not easy to send Mo Qinyu away, finally they could enjoy the precious time only belongs him and

“Yichen, you’re back!Where have you been these two days? The baby and I missed you so much...”

He ran upstairs and ignored her mutter.

He looked directly at the table in the corner when he pushed open the door.

The table in an obscure corner which in the room was the only thing belonged to her.

She had nothing but an ugly piggy bank for change and a photo frame with a picture of her family.

Now the table was completely empty. There was nothing on it.

Aunt Mei came in, “Master, Miss Yiman told me to clean out the Madam’s cloakroom. Throw away all
the clothes she left behind so that Miss Mo can move in. I didn’t move. I think I have to ask you first
whether throw it or not.”

Seeing from Qin Yichen’s handsome face, aunt Mei could tell that he was furious, “Don’t touch

Mo Mengshan just stood outside; her frustration came like the ocean waves.

She thought: “Mo Qinyu is off! Why don’t you throw her things away? What an eyesore!”

Just then Mrs. Qin hurried upstairs because she heard that her son had come back. The divorce
agreement had to be signed by him.

“Yichen, this is the divorce agreement. Mo Qinyu has signed it. Now you should sign it to get the
divorce done.”

Qin Yichen’s eyes blazed, the veins rolled on his forehead. He grabbed the file and tore it into pieces
without looking, but with violence, fury and testiness.

With a wave of his hand, pieces of paper felt like snowflakes and spilled all over Mrs.Qin’s head and

She shuddered and jerked, “Yichen, what are you doing?”

“How dare you? How dare you manage my affairs?” His bushy eyebrows were almost twisted into a
straight line, and his ice-cold seemed to freeze all the air around into real ice.

A chill of horror suddenly swept over Mrs. Qin. This was the first time he became angry with her in the
whole life.

He looked so furious that as if he would burn everyone to the ground.

“I do it for you, I know you don’t like her!”

“Only I can decide whether she will stay or leave!” He said it firmly, word by word.

Mrs. Qin felt wronged. The position of her daughter-in-law could only be stood on by a woman who has
a birth as her.

She could not stand such a beneath stuff as Mo Qinyu to defile her son, to pollute her air.

It would make her remember her own failure and spoil her mood, she couldn’t hold her peace when she
saw such a person like Mo Qinyu.

She closed the door for fear that Mo Mengshan would hear the following words.

“Yichen, now is the best time to get rid of her. If you don’t like her, don’t keep her. She is so greedy. She
thought it’s too little when I gave her ten million yuan. And then she asked a lawyer and came to me for
twenty million yuan. If she knew about your grandfather’s will, she would come back with lion big

There was a shiver on the Qin Yichen’s shoulder, as if he had been hit with a bludgeon. Where after, a
subtle, sardonic and contemptuous expression appeared on his face.

Between him and money, she chose money again. A gold-digger who loves money, money is always
the only thing in her mind.

But why was it just twenty million yuan if she had gotten a lawyer?

Was she stupid, or was her lawyer unprofessional?

According to the division of marital property, all she could get far more than twenty million yuan!

“Mom, you are so naive. For you is not qualified to decide whether Mo Qinyu should stay or not. You
have violated the house rules of our home. How will you tell grandma and father?”

Mrs. Qin twitched with a rush because of his sharply pointing words.

But despite that, she had to do it for her own sake. She could not bear the atmosphere of poverty in the

“I’ll take the blame from them.”

While she was saying, the housekeeper came and said, “The old lady asked you to come over, Master,

Mrs.Qin’s calmness was broken in an instant.

She knew out of question what the old lady would tell them to do.

When they got the ward of recuperation, the old lady was sitting before the window, and reading a
medical book.

Mrs. Qin came in first while Qin Yinchen waited outside.

The old lady looked at her daughter-in-law and picked her eyebrows. Her voice was cold as a breeze
from the lake, “The 22nd family rule, now go out and recite it before you come in.”