Love in full bloom

Chapter 105 She left Qin's house

Mo meng shan wanted to scream for joy in the room. Mo qinyu finally go away, then she maybe
tomorrow or the day after tomorrow with him to the civil affairs bureau to register marriage.

She took two deep breaths to repress her excitement and pretended to be sad.

She would go out and see Mo Qinyu off.

Mo Qinyu was packing up.

When she came here, she had only one box with some clothes and daily necessities. It's the same
when she leave.

She didn't take any of the clothes that Qin Yichen had asked the designer to make for her, she just took
a few old clothes of her own.

Mo Mengshan went to the door. "Qinyu, don't blame me, ok? Neither do I. God played a joke on us. It
made you marry Yichen, but it made him fall in love with me, and it made me have children with him.
People say that fate is not to be violated, so we have to accept it."

"Stop acting," Mo Qinyu quipped. "laugh if you want. Congratulations on your success."

Mo Mengshan was stabbed once and a muscle in her face twitched violently. "Qinyu, we are just back
to our respective origins. Yichen is supposed to be my husband."

Mo Qinyu sneered, "your husband? Don't flatter yourself. Do you think I don't remember? When our
grandmother let us draw lots, I’m the one who caught it and I should marry Qin Yichen. Your mother
came to our house every day and made a scene to keep grandma and our family noise. My father
couldn't help giving it to you."

The corners of Mo Mengshan’s mouth were almost tilted to her ears. How could she not remember?
But she wouldn't admit it.

"Qinyu, you are simply importunate and deceitful, and since you are so heartless, I will not waste my
time with you. Don't come back after you leave. Yichen is my husband and the father of my child. I
hope you will stop pestering him."

"Bitches are invincible. It suits you." Mo qinyu screwed up the box and walked outside.

Qin Yichen was the sort of man she did not want. Mo Mengshan can have him if she wanted him.

As soon as she reached the downstairs, Qin Yiman went out laughing.

"Mo Qinyu, I said I would drive you out of Qin's house. It's too much for a bug like you to fight me."

"Qin Yiman, I also said I would let you suffer retribution, remember it." Mo Qinyu flashed a very cool
cold light.

Now that she was divorced, she had no need to worry about this domineering woman.

Qin Yiman said angrily, "Ru Chen will not like you who has divorced."

"And he won't like such a spoiled, willful woman as you." She gave a low snort. She did not want to talk
nonsense with her, and strode outside.

"Mo Qinyu, you are a cockroach, an ant, a dung beetle. Once you're gone, the air is fresh... "She
cursed behind. Mo Qinyu turned a deaf ear, Qin Yiman was the Qin family's biggest bug.

She dragged the box out of the Qin family's huge iron gate alone. She looked at the blue sky overhead
and took a deep breath.

She's free. She's finally out of this hell.

But she did not seem to be relaxed, so happy, she felt particularly heavy, like a piece of ice pressing on

Was there anything in this place or that man that she miss?

No, there isn't, and there can't be.

She denied it very firmly.

Leaving was her best option.

Xu Ruochen was waiting for her at the door.

"I have a secret villa in the suburbs. You live there first."

"Thank you. When the formalities are finished, I will return to Jiang city." She whispered.

He glanced at her in the rearview mirror. He tried to say something, but choked again, "can you drive?"

"Yes." She nodded. "I have a driver's license. I've delivered goods before."

"I'll leave this car to you."

Xu Ruochen's villa was in the outskirts of a quiet place, there were no neighbors. No wonder it's called
a secret villa.

There was a servant in the villa who usually took care of it.

"You can go to Xiao Li if you need anything. She's versatile." Xu Ruochen smiled.

"I'd be glad to have a place to live. Thank you, Xu Ruochen." She said gratefully.

Xu Ruochen shrugged his shoulders, his eyes were gentle as water, and his tone was like genial warm
breeze, "don't call my full name, I feel too strange. Call me Ruochen, will you?"

She pursed her lips.

But she missed the old Mr. Qin and Qin chu xia.

In the morning, she made a soup and sent it to old lady Qin. In the morning.

Qin Chuxia followed her father and mother out of town, not knowing when they would return.

She might not be able to say goodbye to Qin Chuxia.

She wanted to meet old lady Qin again before she left.

She thought old lady Qin did not know, but she did.

In the Qin family, there was nothing she did not know.

Whenever something important happened, someone would report it to her.

"Are you used to living out by yourself, Qinyu?"

The old lady's low words shook her violently.

"Grandma... "

"I did not think he could be trapped by such a woman!" The old lady sighed heavily.

Mo qin yu gave her the soup. A trace of sad and confused color acrossed from her eyes quietly,
"grandma, I will go back to Jiang city in a few days, I can't see you.”

"Qinyu.” The old lady took her hand, "I'll ask Yichen to take you back himself."

"No, grandma." She shook her head hurriedly. "I've signed the divorce papers. It's good. It's a relief to
him and me. There are a lot of people in this family who don't like me. My presence will only make
everyone unhappy. It's better to leave."

The old lady's eyes darkened as if they had been fogged. “What about Yichen?”

Mo qin yu lowered her eyes, and there was a sad, self-deprecating smile on her lips. "he must have
been the one who hated me the most, and perhaps I should never have married him at the beginning.
He... quite like Mo Mengshan, she knows everything. She knows the rules and the etiquette.”

The old lady shook her head and sighed. There was an indescribable disappointment in her eyes to her
grandson. "he will regret it."

Mo Qinyu didn't think so. Maybe Mo Mengshan was the kind of woman he wanted.

When she returned to Jiang city, they had nothing to do with each other.

Even if one day he took Mo Mengshan and their children back to Jiang city, she would stay away.

They'd better never see each other again in their lives.