Love in full bloom

Chapter CHpter 104 Divorce

Mo Qinyu walked out silently as if she had suffered a great deal of damage, and she felt her knees
were trembling.

Sure enough, he treated those he liked and those he hated so different.

If she wore it, he would never take it and even wanted to throw it away.

When Qin Yichen came in, she was already under the covers as she had been yesterday.

Qin Yichen's eyes were burning. He wanted to lift her up and punish her for not sleeping all night, but
he couldn’t.

Another silent night and another sleepless night.

Mo Mengshan didn't sleep well either. She was afraid of taking a paternity test. She had to get rid of Mo
Qinyu before that.

Qin Yiman had told her that Mrs Qin would drink tea in the garden every morning.

So early in the morning she sat in the pavilion silently tears.

Seeing this, Mrs. Qin hurriedly asked, "what's the matter? Did Mo Qinyu bully you?"

"My sister has always been headstrong. I'm used to it. I was thinking about the baby. I don't have the
title, and he'll be born out of wedlock. I heard that illegitimate children would suffer in Qin family. They
can't even be included in the family tree. "She cried.

Mrs. Qin patted her shoulder and said, "don't cry. You don't need to worry. Yichen would not allow the
child to become illegitimate. Since she has no children, she would be quited."

That was what Mo Meng shan was waiting for. Her heart was filled with joy, but her face was full of
embarrassment. "but Qinyu is my sister after all, I don't want to hurt her. And she is a little crazy, I am
afraid she would make troubles."

She was hinting that Mrs. Qin should be tough with Mo Qinyu in case Yichen fell in love with her.

A cold light flashed in Mrs. Qin's eyes. After she came back, she asked her lawyer to draft a divorce

Mo Qinyu had not expected the divorce would come so soon. It seemed that Qin Yichen could not wait
to marry Mo Meng shan.

"Look at this agreement. If there is no problem, sign it."

She didn't look but put it aside. "My lawyer will check it for me."

"You have a lawyer?” Mrs. Qin was slightly surprised.

"I'm poor, but I can afford a divorce lawyer." She turned the corners of her mouth. She wanted to save
one last bit of dignity for herself.

Mrs Qin groaned in her heart. Generally speaking, hiring lawyers was for more profits.

It seemed that she was greedy and wanted more money.

"You can just make a price, you don't have to beat around the bush."

She squeezed a smile from her stiff face. "I am Qin Yichen's wife, not the mistress, and I don't have
any mistakes. We go through normal procedures."

In the morning, she had a talk with the lawyer Xu Ruochen invited.

She was not the party at fault. Qin Yichen could not get her out of the family, and they did not sign a
prenuptial agreement, so she could get her share of the property.

But as long as she had enough money to send Xiao Wu to the United States for treatment, that would
be enough.

Mrs Qin's mouth twitched, "do you think you can get more money in this way?"

"I just want my dignity." She finished word by word clearly and forcefully. Then she picked up the
agreement and went out.

Instead of going to her room, she went downstairs and asked Wang lawyer and Xu Ruochen out.

Women should know how to use the law to protect themselves!

"He was urgent to divorce." Xu Ruochen sneered.

She shrugged her shoulders. They had sex only a few days after they met. It was probably that they fell
in love at first sight.

"If he ever finds true love, I should wish him well."

"Well, I hope he'll never regret it. There's no such thing as regret." Xu Ruochen handed the divorce
agreement to the lawyer.

The lawyer looked at each item carefully. "nothing serious," he said. "according to this agreement, you
will get 10 million yuan after the divorce. Then nothing.”

She shuddered violently. They deserved to be the big capitalist.

They gave her 10 million yuan in compensation and she returned the dowry. She got nothing.

"No, I have to pay back the betrothal gift of ten million. I want twenty million or I won't sign it."

"No, No, No." Xu Ruochen shook his finger, "although you married less than a month, you can at least
divide two billion according to his asset appreciation rate."

"Two billion." Mo Qinyu’s eyes were getting bigger, "Qin Yichen is so good at making money."

"I'm as good as he is." Xu Ruochen smiled, "after you divorce, how about I marry you?"

His tone was like joking, but his expression was serious.

She gave a mournful smile.

She did not think the Xu family would be better than the Qin family. The rich was all equal, and she
would be discriminated against if she married him.

"I'll never marry into a rich family again. The rich family was like the ocean including various of dangers,
I'd better stand on the beach and watch the waves.”

"Once bitten, twice shy. If you marry me, I will make you the happiest woman in the world." His lips
were suddenly drawn back as if he were saying something very serious.

It was still a joke to her.

She sighed, "I'd better settle my divorce first."

He put his arm around her shoulder and said, "don't worry, lawyer wang will definitely help you get 200
million yuan, we won't let them go.”

"Twenty million is all I want. That's enough." She whispered.

When you choose money, you lose your dignity.

If it was not for Xiao Wu, she would not want any money, she just want to leave with her dignity.

But nothing can compare to a life. She would give up anything for Xiao Wu.

Xu Ruochen gently sighed, "I let wang lawyer go to Qin family with you."

Mrs. Qin did not think she would bring her lawyer, but she was relieved to hear that she only wanted 20

After Mrs. Qin reprinted the new agreement, Mo Qinyu signed it in person.

It was the best result. She got the money. Yichen got his freedom. He could be with the woman he