Love in full bloom

Chapter 103 Touch him

Qin Yichen just wanted to be alone. "You can ask Qin Yiman." Then he opened the door and went out.

Mo Qinyu covered her head with a quilt as if she were asleep.

But he knew she wasn't asleep.

She couldn't have fallen asleep. She was trying her best to figure out what to do next.

If she could, she would like to leave tomorrow, never to set foot here again, and never to see him

He was a neat freak so he thought she was dirty, but she was also a neat freak.

It is a choice to have more partners before marriage. But after marriage, it is an affair, betrayal!

It was the first time she had seen him for what he was, a womanizing playboy.

He could sleep with Mo Mengshan in such a few days after they met and got him pregnant. He was a

But how about the medical fee of Xiao Wu afther she left?

At this thought, she was surrounded by a profound sense of contradiction and powerlessness.

Qin Yichen hated it when she pretended to fall asleep. He had given her an injunction not to do so, but
she had never obeyed it.

He didn't want to talk to her today, so he went to bed alone.

The room was so dead still that they did not say a word all evening.

Silence filled the air like a dark cloud.

Either explode in silence, or die in silence. Her marriage to him was one of the latter.

Neither of them were asleep.

The night was so long, like a century.

Qin yi chen left early in the morning and returned in the evening.

Mo Mengshan planned to go to the concert. She asked Qin Yiman to buy four tickets except Mo Qinyu.

This was her isolated policy, she wanted Mo Qinyu to leave herself.

Qin family and Qin Yichen were no longer hers.

"I bought the tickets and we went to the concert together. Meng shan says children who listen to music
often will develop their brains. You must accompany her as his father." Qin Yiman was very active to
encourage him.

She had to grasp the chance to drive Mo Qinyu away.

Qin Yichen didn't want to go, he was upset and didn’t want to listen to music.

But Mrs. Qin wanted her son to go with her, and he had to agree.

"What about Mo Qinyu?" He asked.

"Leave her alone. She couldn’t understand a concert." Qin Yiman said.

Fearing that Mo Qinyu might break her plans, Mo Mengshan said, "my sister really doesn't like

Qin Yichen thought she did not like it, and he said nothing more.

Mo Qinyu actually stood at the top of the stairs and heard their words clearly.

When they left, the empty house became very quiet. She was alone in the drawing-room as if she were
the only one in the whole world.

"Gently I leave, as gently as I came, gently I wave goodbye to a marriage full of tragedy... "She quietly
read the poem that she had changed, and suddenly she began to laugh.

Now, all she needed was a divorce lawyer.

She couldn't leave without getting anything because she didn't have mistakes. Qin Yichen had no right
to let her leave without anything.

If she could only win a fortune, she could cure Xiao Wu.

She sent Xu Ruochen WeChat video, while Xu Ruochen was about to chat with her, too.

The news of Mo Mengshan’s pregnancy spread through the celebrity world overnight.

Mo Mengshan deliberately let Qin Yiman spread the news. She wanted everyone to know that she was
coming back.

"I had no idea Qin Yichen has such a bad taste." He sneered.

"He likes Mo Mengshan. I should quit. Can you help me find a divorce lawyer? I...... I don't want to go
out with no money."

She didn't know if she would embarrass him, but no one else could help her.

Xu Ruochen shook slightly. "do you really want a divorce?"

A sad smile trickled from her lips. "it's not that I want a divorce, it's that he will divorce me. Mo
Mengshan is pregnant, and he will marry her. Is it possible that their child could be a bastard?"

Xu Ruochen didn't say anything, but sighed. "if it's too late, you'll have to hire a lawyer.".

It was already ten o 'clock when that 'happy' family came back from the concert.

When she got out of the car, Mo Mengshan saw Mo Qinyu standing on the balcony.

She threw her arms around deliberately and rubbed them. "it's so cold."

She would let Qin Yichen take off his coat and put it on her, and then hit Mo Qinyu hard.

But he was unmoved. He was a man who did not know how to cherish affection, and he was so absent-
minded that he paid no attention to her.

Qin Yiman bumped into him, "Mengshan is cold. Take off your coat. She's pregnant and can't catch a

Then he took off his coat and threw it over her.

"Thank you." Meng Mengshan smiled and glanced out of the corner of her eye at the woman on the

Mo Qinyu’s face could not be seen clearly, but it must have been very dark.

If she was sensible, she'd better get out of this house.

Mo Qinyu’s cheeks were as pale as a sheet of paper.

She seemed to feel an invisible, gentle light coming from Qin Yichen and passing it all on to Mo

He had never given her a good look since she married him, and he would never have such tenderness.

She went in quietly and peeped from the top of the stairs.

"I had a wonderful time today. The concert was wonderful." Mo Mengshan smiled.

"Good." Qin Yichen shrugged his shoulders.

She took his hand and laid it on her flat belly, "touch our baby. I want you to touch him every day." She
deliberately raised her voice so that Mo Qinyu could hear her.

Mo Qinyu didn't want to hear it. The sound was too harsh.

The corners of Qin Yichen’s mouth lifted slightly. "it's late. Go to bed early."

"Well." Mo Mengshan took off his coat and gave it back to him.

He took it and handed it to the servant.

As the servant came upstairs into the cloakroom, Mo Qinyu followed the servant. "are you going to
throw it away?"

"No. The young master did not ask to throw it away." The servant shook his head and hung up the coat.