Love in full bloom

Chapter 82: Where is the fat man of 260 pounds?

She didn’t refute him, the man was too cold and indifferent, he must have a bad temper.

But what was the relationship between him and the Qin family?

It was too late now, if they made too much noise, that would be bad for her, and it would be worse if
they woke up the people downstairs.

She struggled to get up and ran out quickly, the she hid in her room.

She wouldn’t get out from the floor, it wasn’t his house!

Mrs Qin had only one children, he mustn’t be the second or third childe, maybe he was also a guest,
why did he ask her away? Thinking of these, she fell asleep.

The man went to another room to have a shower, his bathroom had been dirtied by that idiot.

After returning his room, he caught sight of an unknown thing on his bed covered with quilt.

Damn it! He cursed and rushed to the bed , then pulled the quilt off.

His movement was so violent that made the unknown thing roll out of the bed.

“Pain..” Mo Qinyu was woke up from the dreams, then rubbed her humming head. When she raised her
head, she looked into a pair of sharp and dark eyes directly.” What are you doing!”

“ Are you a deaf? I asked you to get out from the floor, didn’t you hear it?” the man was producing cold

air now, as if his hot breathe was frozen,too.

Mo Qinyu felt he would throw her straight out the window next second.

“Aunt Mei arranged me to live here, if I go downstairs, where should I live?”

“That’s your business.” the man was cold enough without any sign of pity.

Mo Qinyu got up and took heart of grace to against him,”This is not your room, don’t have the
qualification to ask me to leave!”

The man bent his body and squeezed his eyes lightly with dangerous darkness in his eyes,” This is MY
ROOM!” he said it out word by word, running over her back which made her shiver,” Your room? How?
Aunt Mei...”

She stopped, couldn’t it be that Aunt Mei made a mistake and arranged his room to me?

“Well, that’s it, I will leave and left the room for you.” she threw the quilt on the bed and picked up her
luggage to walk out.

“ Wait!” the deep voice came again,” take out everything you touched.”

“What do you mean?” she turned back, the man was focusing on the messy bed now.

“I just had a shower, i’m very clean and they are clean.” she pointed to the bed and explained.

“ Don’t say nonsense words, take them away and disappear right now.” the man was impatient now, as
if she disappear a second later, he would kick her out.

She pulled the bed sheet ,quilt and pillow with a little fury, and then wrapped them together and carried
them out.

There were many rooms in the floor, she walked to the next room and intended to sleep here. But later,
the man’s voice came again,”get out of this floor!”

Bastard! Tyrant!Demon!

She was furious and cursed in her heart. The man had an angel face, but his heart was like a snake,
he must be the reincarnation of Lucifer!

She went to the second floor secretly,just finding that the doors were all locked, except the sofa in the
hall, she seemed to have no other choices.

She was too tired now that she fell asleep as soon as she lay down.

The next morning, Aunt Mei woke her up.

“Miss Mo, why did you sleep here?”

“Aunt Mei, the room you arranged for me has been occupied.” she murmured and rolled her sleepy

“Oh, It’s childe, I didn’t know he would come back last night.”as she spoke, Aunt Mei saw a tall and

strong figure walking downstairs with dignified, graceful and proud steps, as if the emperor came.

Mo Qinyu peeped at him,” He is your childe? Isn’t you have only one childe?”

“Yes, we have only one childe, you haven’t seen before, so it’s normal that you don’t know each other.”

Aunt Mei turned to greet to the man. Mo Qinyu was so scared now that she fell down from the sofa, she
widened her eyes and they were even bigger than copper bells,”He...He is Qin Yichen?”

“Yes,”Aunt Mei nodded and then introduced Mo Qinyu to Qin Yichen.

When he knew that she was his future wife, his brows twisted into a line.

The idiot not only had something wrong in her brain, but also had no place to make him pleased from
her hair to toe.

Marring her would be a blot in his perfect life, the only blot!

Mo Qinyu hadn’t returned to herself from the surprise.

Shouldn’t he be fat , bald and have brandy nose...and ugly enough to shock the god?

How could he be so handsome, so perfect and... there was no defects from his hair to toe!

“You...lost weight? And had a cosmetic surgery?”

Qin Yichen didn’t want to reply her, even to give her a sneer. He walked to the dining hall directly. It was

normal for a people to talk nonsense who had wrong in brain.

“Miss Mo, please wash and clean up yourself, it’s not good if Mrs Qin goes downstairs.” Aunt Mei
reminded her.

“Okay.”Mo Qinyu nodded and went upstairs.

When she came back again, she has been pure and fresh.

However, her plain face and cheap attire were the most jarring scene in the villa.

Sitting in the dining room, Mo Qinyu peeped Qin Yichen through her eyelashes. She could sure that he
must lose weight and had a cosmetic surgery. The cosmetic doctor was so skillful that he could save
such an ugly man.

“You come to the civil affairs bureau with Qinyu this afternoon to get your marriage license.”Mrs Qin’s
voices came softly.

“No, I’m busy.” Qin Yichen threw out three words coldly.

Mrs Qin drank a mouthful of milk, then said slowly,” your grandma called me this morning , she has
asked someone to choose a good day , and it’s today , she said you must get marry today .”

Qin Yichen said reluctantly,”I see.”

After the breakfast, Mo Qinyu got a call from her mother. Qin family sent them the check, but her uncle
thought that the money should belong to them, because Mo Qinyu just married to Qin family in place of

her daughter.

They could give them 1 million as the remuneration.

Mo Qinyu was so angry now, she thought her uncle was thinking about her family , but now, he should
want to have the dowry alone!

“Mom, don’t give them the dowry, it’s ours, if they want it, just find out Mo Mengshan and let her marry
Qin Yichen!”

She felt it was really strange about Mo Mengshan’s disappearance. Before she got Qin Yichen’s
picture, she expected to marry to Qin family, and regarded herself as the female master of Qin family,
since she got the picture, her attitude changed completely, she cried and screamed not to marry Qin

After she disappeared, her aunt was not worried at all, and she didn’t call the police,either. On the
contrary, she always came to her home to persuade her to marry Qin Yichen.

Shouldn’t she find her daughter first?

Mo Qinyu didn’t know that Qin Yichen was standing in the doorway and heard all her words.

A sharp and cold light flashed in his eyes.