Love in full bloom

Chapter 100 Never meet in our next life

Mo Qinyu also laughs. "So is my elder sister. You still love acting as before, and your acting skills are
getting better and better."

Mo Mengshan is crazy. It is like scolding her. Fortunately, she has prepared everything before, and she
leaves a good impression on Qin Yichen. Otherwise, her previous achievements will be abandoned.

"Well, after all, I'm your elder sister. I don't mind for your nonsense. As your elder sister, I always want
to love my younger sister. No matter how capricious my younger sister is, I can understand you." Her
mouth is widely open and her smile is exaggerated, as if she is not angry at all.

Mo Qinyu really admires her acting skills. If others don't know her well, they will be deceived.

"Sister, I know you can get everything you want from childhood to adulthood. You stick to it and don't
give up until you reach your goal. You ask my aunt to persuade me to marry instead of you. I don't
agree with her, but she came to persuade me every day. As your sister, I can give you anything you
want, except Qin Yichen. This man is mine."

She looks at her earnestly with a serious expression. Her words are very domineering.

After that, she puts her arm around Qin Yichen's neck.

Since Mo Mengshan begins to seduce Qin Yichen in front of her, she can't let her do whatever she

Qin Yichen seemed to already be cheated from his look. She thinks he is different from other men. It
seems that she is wrong.

Crows are all black, and men are single-celled cavernous animals that use their lower body to think
about problems. They can't resist temptation.

If she doesn't act any more, she'll have to pack up and get away from here.

Qin Yichen sneered in his heart. What she wanted was his money, not him. But he appreciates her
domineering manner.

This woman always let him find something interesting, no, accurately speaking, it should be something
dark. Because most of them are the dark and gloomy side.

But the dark side is also a distinctive, fresh feeling. It will not become boring so soon.

Mo Mengshan is so mad now, but she doesn't show it at all. She is still laughing. "Qin Yu, I don't care
what you do. I only believe that everything is written in your destiny and you don't have to persist in
acquiring something you don't possess. If something is yours, God will eventually give it back to you.
Even if some people struggle, it may be in vain.

"Sister, that's it." She turns around and gently kisses Qin Yichen's face. "If he chooses you, I will not
hesitate to leave. I can only wish you success in your mistress's position."

This is actually a counter-attack, but Qin Yichen sounds it was a little negative, his eyebrows
unconsciously wrinkle.

If it is money, she will certainly fight, but she has no fighting spirit for her husband and marriage. She
watches his money.

Mo Mengshan is angry and frightened while her face became pale.

She is not a mistress, Qin Yichen is hers.

This little bitch is the third party, but she never ashamed of it.

She wants to fight back, but when she sees Qin Yiman come in, she closes her mouth. She knows Qin
Yiman will help her.

She is her sharp sword.

Qin Yiman just finishes SPA and comes in from outside. When she hears Mo Qinyu's words, she
laughs. "Mistress? You are really shameless. Mengshan is his real wife, you don't have to distort the
facts cheekily."

Mo Qinyu narrows her eyes, and a cold light flashes through her eyes.

This is the second time she helps Mo Mengshan to seduce Qin Yichen. If she lets things go on, she will
do something worse.

"Qin Yiman, Do unto others as you would be done. You always fear that I would seduce Ru Chen, but
you are constantly bringing a mistress to destroy my marriage. Don't you think you're ridiculous?"

Qin Yiman's facial muscles twitches, "My sister is Mengshan, it is not you. You are a substitute. Now
you don't divorce Yichen, you're shameless."

Mo Qinyu sneers: "I am a substitute for marriage, yes, but it was the uncle's family beg me to marry for
Mengshan, not my willing. Mo Mengshan and Yichen have never met before and have no feelings at
all, so I am not mistress. We record it in the Civil Affairs Bureau. We are legal couples. She's the
mistress. You're helping the bad guys."

Qin Yiman is very angry. "Mengshan is better than you in appearance, figure and education. Yichen will
fall in love with Mengshan. And I'll help her until you get out of the Qin's family!"

Mo Qinyu bites her teeth and turns her head to look at Qin Yichen.

He is silent, like a audience.

She remembers that he would scold Qin Yiman in the past. His words are sharper than Qin Yiman, and
Qin Yiman would be beaten in serval few words.

But today he does not help her, as if he acquiesces in Qin Yiman's words.

She feels that his attitude towards Mo Mengshan has changed. He's interested in her.

Otherwise, he will not accept the orange from Mo Mengshan. Nor will he allow Mo Mengshan to sit on
his lap all the time.

Mo Mengshan is really good. She meets his requirements in all aspects. If they have more contacts, he
will fall in love with her.

For her, he will always be disgusted. He will never change his attitude towards her.

She can’t get a little favor from him in her life.

She seems to have eaten Coptis chinensis and she feels very bitter all over her body.

She swallows hard, trying to swallow the emotions she shouldn't have.

She does not love Qin Yichen. Why would she care about it?

Now all she has to do is to keep her position and keep it for a while.

"Qin Yiman, I, Mo Qinyu, am not a corward you can bully. Today I am here to swear that if you help
mistress break my marriage, you will suffer a lot. You and Ruchen will also end up as us!" Every word
of her is filled with threats.

For a long time, Mo Qinyu endured her threats silently. She never dares to fight Qin Yiman like this.
Why is she so bold today?

Qin Yiman's face turned dark suddenly, then she looked at Qin Yichen, "Do you hear what the woman

Qin Yichen gazes at Mo Qinyu. The hedgehog finally shows its own sharp thorns.