Love in full bloom

Chapter 98 Did you two have sex?

"I know that there is often news on the Internet. When a wife has an accident, she is abandoned by her
husband. The husband and wife will separate from when they are in trouble. Besides, we are not really
husband and wife, and we just have the titles of husband and wife." She said carefully. It seemed that
she never had any hope for him.

A blaze of light flashed from his black eyes. "It is good that you can understand that."

She shrugged her shoulders and said: "Do not worry, if I really fell down and I become paralysis, and I
will definitely take the initiative to divorce and get back to Jiang City."

Qin Yichen sneered: "You are paralysis and how can you get back to Jiang City?"

"Then I climbed back, ok?" She made a face and put on a tone of ridicule.

Qin Yichen had a weird smile. He admired the woman's self-deprecating ability. However, this skill had
no usefulness.

"Mo Qinyu, your defense value is zero, and you have no basic danger awareness."

"No, when I was at home, and I climbed like this. I still have a little experience." She grinned and
seemed to think that he was looking down on herself.

He smiled and she was a naughty girl. She could climb up the ladder and could do anything.

"Don't talk nonsense with me. I definitely do not allow you to do such thing in the future."

She must be alive well before her surplus value was used up.

Mo Qinyu licked her lips, and her black eyes looked at him, carefully asked: "Have I saved you or
disturb you and Mo Mengshan? Are you and Mo Mengshan in the hot spring pool... "She did not say

the rest words.

Mo Mengshan took off all her clothes. It may be before or after having sex, so she was not sure if they
had sex.

Qin Yichen raised her chin up, and his beautiful face almost stuck to her face. "Do you want it, or do
you not want it?"

"Of course I hope you don’t." She said without hesitation.

Seeing Mo Mengshan was so bold, and she almost was naked. It indicated that she had all prepared
and she would not give up until she reached her goal. She may climb to his bed at any time, and Mo
Qinyu had to guard against her.

Qin Yichen's charming thin lips slid across her lips, and the movements were extremely light, like
feathers, with a kind of teasing. "Then you have to have some actions."

She took a deep breath and his words were always so obscure.


Who was she going to deal with?

He, or Mo Mengshan?

He hoped that she would redouble her efforts to win his favor, or would he want her to drive out Mo
Mengshan like she drove away Pang Xiaofan?

Mo Qinyu was in her thoughts, and Qin Yichen’s cell phone rang, and it was A Yuan’s call.

Qin Yichen stood up and went out to answer the phone.

Someone provided some clues. A girl with a surname Mo had been a waiter at Jiawang Restaurant. On
the evening of May 12, she sent a takeaway to the Jen Hotel. It was her first day at work and she
resigned the next day.

Qin Yichen’s fingers were slightly tightened.

Was that woman really Mo Mengshan?

He went downstairs and saw Mo Mengshan coming toward him.

"Yichen, didn't Mo Qinyu quarrel with you because of the thing in hot spring pool?"

Qin Yichen did not answer her. He went to the bar and poured a glass of whiskey and added two
pieces of ice.

Mo Mengshan had become accustomed to his neglect. It was ok that he didn't like to talk. She could
say it.

"Yichen, let’s forget what happened that night, okay?"

Qin Yichen turned back and gave her a faint look. His eyes were cold and gloomy. "Those who want to
play tricks in front of me will die very badly."

Mo Mengshan bit her teeth, and a ruthless passed from her face. "I don't. If I have a lie, let my blood
flow and die."

She made a decision and grabbed the fruit knife on the coffee table and cut her arm.

She placed herself in a hopeless spot and she would survive and then she could not let Qin Yichen
have any doubts about herself.

She had studied nursing and knew simple medicine. When the knife was cut, she only made a small
cut, but it was enough to let the blood flow out, causing the illusion of deep wounds.

Qin Yichen was in silent with an indescribable look, "There is medicine box in the cupboard." He said

Mo Mengshan’s eyes lit up. She saw hope. He did not turn around and walked away. Instead, he let her
go to the medicine box, which meant that he believed in her.

She resisted the pain and went to the front of the cupboard. She took out the medicine box and
stopped bleeding with medicine.

This cut was useful.

"Yichen, what I just said is true. That night's affair is a secret between us. I will never tell others, even
Yiman and my parents. You don't say, okay? Especially for Mo Qinyu, don't let her know. Anyway, she
is my sister, even if she does something bad for me, I won't hurt her."

She showed a soft and kind look. She was very good at pretending herself, and she wrapped herself
like a magnificent white lotus flower, so impeccable.

There was a sharp light in Qin Yichen’s eyes. "What did Mo Qinyu do to you?"

She lowered her head, biting her lip and not speaking, pretending to be a hesitant and embarrassed
look. After a long while, she sighed. "The past things and let it pass. I don't want it to affect the feelings
between our sisters.”

After she said, Qin Yichen said, "Say!"

He would like to hear about what bad things Mo Qinyu did.

Mo Mengshan rubbed her hands and pretended hesitating. After waiting for a while, she slowly began
to say: "Actually, I did not think about escaping marriage. Someone sent me an express to defame you,
which led us to separate. My mother saw the express, and she was shocked. She wants me to be
happiness, so she did not let me marry you, and she said that if I want to marry you and ruin my
happiness. She will suicide at our wedding. I know her. She is resolute, and she must do what she said.
I can only promise her."

She paused and said: "I know until today that courier was actually forged by Mo Qinyu. The conditions
in her homes are not good. When she saw that our family is being taken care of by you, and it is
inevitable that she felt unbalanced. Mo Qinyu always complains that why I can marry you but she can’t.
Once, my mother unintentionally revealed to my uncle that you have given bride-price 10 million. Mo
Qinyu knew, and she was tempted, so she thought about the tricks."

Qin Yichen's index finger was unconsciously tapped on the arm of the sofa, and his expression became
extremely deep.

He knew this, and Mo Qinyu always kept his "pseudo-photograph" in her notebook.

"What else is there in the express?"

"There is your information, and all the information defame you, and it says that you have countless
quirks, but you also like men. You are a gay." Mo Mengshan said very quietly.

Qin Yichen frowned.

He always thought that this was a prank, and he didn’t care about it, and now it seemed that it may not
be as simple as he thought.