Love in full bloom

chapter 99 Sat directly on his lap

Mo Mengshan secretly looked at him with strange sight. Her words not only explained clean herself but
also stabbed Mo Qinyu hardly on the back. She then turned herself from passive into active.

Qin Yichen shook the glass in his hands and took a sip. The dim lights cast a deep shadow over his
handsome face, his look was more gloomy.

At this moment, Mo Qinyu walked downstairs, she changed a white skirt with lace. The dress made her
look so pure. Qin Yichen then took a cold glance at her, he still felt doubtful about Mo Mengshan’s
words. It’s not so strange for a woman who only loved money to do such things. Besides, she married
only for ten million. This woman used her perfect disguise to cover up all of her dirt and ugliness.

Seeing the gauze wrapping around Mo Mengshan’s arm, Mo Qinyu dazed there for a moment, she
then asked hurriedly:“sister, what happened to your arm?”

“Just a scratch by accident.” Mo Mengshan answered in a slight tone.

“Oh.” she raised her eyebrows, at first, she thought Mo Mengshan cut her wrist to show Qin Yichen her
love. She once heard from Xia that there was a woman doing this before in front of Qin Yichen, but Qin
Yichen only said:“so dirty!” he only left coldly with his nose covering up.

Servants brought some fruit here. Mo Mengshan then took up one orange and delivered it to Qin
Yichen:“Yichen, have an orange!”

Qin Yichen took over, though there’s no expression on his face, Mo Qinyu still noticed his subtle
gesture. If she was the one who gave him the orange, he wouldn’t take it over by saying it’s dirty. She’s
a dirty woman, so everything she touched was dirty especially food. But Mo Mengshan was more pure
than her, so he surely wouldn’t despise Mo Mengshan. At the thought of this, she turned away her sight
and had a piece of orange. The orange was not as sweet as she had thought, instead it’s a bit bitter,
she then swallowed the saliva silently there.

Mo Mengshan smiled secretly now, because Qin Yichen treated her much gentler than before. He used
to ignore her, but now, he looked at her with warm sight and even took over the orange she delivered.
So it’s a good start! She believed that they would become closer and closer, by that time, Mo Qinyu
would have to get out of here! At the thought of this, She ate elegantly there with one hand half
covering over her mouth, though she didn’t born into a wealthy family, her manners were just the same
as those of a rich daughter.

But by comparison, Mo Qinyu stuck an entire petal of orange into her mouth and ate inelegantly.

Qin Yichen surely noticed this, though they were cousins of the same surname, there’s a world of a
difference, one was gentle as water, another was wild as fire, one looked kind and harmless, another
seemed to be scheming and deep.

Mo Mengshan stood up:“I go back to my room now.” she intentionally walked towards Qin Yichen and
put her feet under the tea table, pretending to be stumbled, then staggering into Qin Yichen’s arms.

“I’m sorry, sorry...” she was blushed and kept saying sorry, but she didn’t want to stand up. She wanted
to feel the changes her sexy body bring to him. She actually had experience of seducing men.

During that time of escaping marriage, she hooked up with a rich man and was ready to be his wife, but
she never thought the plot would reverse so fast.

At this moment, she sat on Qin Yichen’s legs, her hips pressed against his body, twisting gently and
rubbing his sensitive spots. So she could feel instantly his reaction once he moved. But sadly she didn’t
feel a thing. How come he had no any reaction to her! Suddenly, she felt so disappointed. This was the
first time that the man had no reaction to her!

Qin Yichen didn’t move at this moment, he wanted to know if he would have reactions to her. But still
no, not even a tiny. His epinephrine was below zero, his hormone levels were dormant, and he had no
desires at all.

There’s a disease called psychological apathy. Qin Yichen was one of them. The thing happened at
hotel that night was because he was drugged, he had no choices. Though he had a little feeling to Mo
Mengshan after that night, but this feeling did not mean desires. She was just like the other women
around him, and he had no any interests in such women. It’s no challenges for him.

When he touched their body, he felt nothing as if he were facing a dog wagging it’s tail. How could he
has desires for them?

But as for Mo Qinyu, she’s different. When they met the first time, he also had no reaction to her naked
body, after that, she provoked him to the extreme again and again, since then, the word of ‘challenge’
appeared in his life dictionary for the first time. She was born with an iron bone which filled with thorns,
wildness, stubbornness, and also untaming sense. He actually didn’t pay much attention to her before.
And so did she, in her heart, she only loved the man that had already died. Everytime she only
surrendered to him on the surface, but in her heart, she never gave in. So he wanted to conquer her as
human beings wanted to climb a mountain which couldn’t mounted. Even his mysophobia was covered
by the desire of conquer.

At this moment, Mo Qinyu was watching them, she found that Mo Mengshan was more and more bold,
because she just ignored her existence. But even if Qin Yichen fell in love with Mo Mengshan, she was
still his wife for now. At the thought of this, Mo Qinyu walked forward and grabbed Mo Mengshan’s
arms, pulling her up directly.

“Cousin, this place is mine.” she then sat down immediately with a slight force.

She thought at first that Qin Yichen got hard, but while she sat on his legs, she found he had no
reactions. But after she sat down few seconds, she instantly felt his reactions.

Was this a delayed reaction?

She moved intentionally there. Qin Yichen then felt horny immediately. At this moment, he would have
quick reactions the minute when he saw her, he wanted to plunder her fiercely.

Mo Mengshan then said:“Qinyu, don’t misunderstood me, I just tripped up by accident.”

“Sister, you are so good at stumbling, just in the right place, I cannot do that.” Mo Qinyu said with a
sneer. She grew up with Mo Mengshan, she surely knew her so well. Mo Mengshan was good at

Hearing this, there’s sense of coldness in Mo Mengshan’s eyes, but she still replied with a smile:

“Um! You still had your little temper!” actually she was sneering at Mo Qinyu.