Love in full bloom

Chapter 97 Without him, I will die

Mo Mengshan bite her teeth in secret, and a hate light flashed from the bottom of her eyes.

Obviously Qin Yichen should be her husband, and Mo Qinyu robbed her husband. Now she was just
taking her husband back.

But she did not show it, but pretended a soft and innocent look, "Qinyu, you misunderstood, not like
what you think." She did not explain more, nor did she let go of Qin Yichen, but put her head on his
back, and cried.

She hoped to get the feelings of Qin Yichen's pity and cherish, but Qin Yichen was an cold man.
There was no trace of cherish on his face.

He took off her hands, and got rid of her. She was unsteady and fell to the ground. She was so
disappointed and all her enthusiasm was gone.

Qin Yiman ran over and helped her to stand up. "Qin Yichen, Mengshan fell, why don't you help her

Qin Yichen simply did not want to pay attention to her, and went straight to Mo Qinyu, she was

"Stupid girl, where did you go? You are late for half an hour, how can I punish you?"

Mo Qinyu grinned, and this time she was not afraid, because it was not her fault, "You have to ask
what the eldest sister did, she lied to me. She said that she was stomach and let me go upstairs to take
medicine for her, and the she locked me in the room. I guess she certainly did something bad, so I just
flipped the window and climbed down the fire-fighting pipe on the second floor."

Qin Yichen was shocked. “You climbed down from the second floor?”

"Yeah." She nodded.

"Twisted the foot?" He frowned and saw that she was limping over.

"No, I missed the last pace, and the knees rubbed on the pipe, and there should be only a little
scratch, it doesn't matter much."

She said calmly, and Qin Yichen’s nerves were unconsciously twitching. If she fall directly from the
second floor, this stupid girl would die.

But now was not the time to talk about this, he had to find the culprit.

He rushed to Qin Yiman and screwed her up from the ground and dragged her to the hot spring. "Qin
Yiman, are you challenging my bottom line?"

Qin Yiman’s face was pale, and lest he was out of control for a moment, and drowned her inside.
“Listen to my explaination, Mo Mengshan said that there is a very important thing that she wants to say
to you alone. And I want to give her some time. So I would shut Mo Qinyu in that room."

Qin Yichen’s eyes flashed a sharp cold light, and he took Qin Yiman to the other side of the hot
spring pool, so that Mo Mengshan couldn’t hear their conversation. "What is she going to tell me?"

"I don't know. Didn’t she say it?" Qin Yiman was a little shocked.

"She just took off her clothes, and did not say anything." He deliberately said.

He wants to check if Qin Yiman and Mo Mengshan colluding together to fram on him.

Qin Yiman curled her lips. "Maybe you don’t give her time to say?" It was Mo Qinyu, the bitch, who
interrupted them.

Qin Yichen whispered: "You said to me."

Qin Yiman was shocked. "I don't know what she wants to say. It should be a confession of love. She
was originally your fiancee. It is normal to want to express her love to you."

"You really don't know at all?" Qin Yichen's cold eyes were like lightning, as if she lied, and then she
would be ashes.

She swallowed in horror. "I don't know. If I know that, I will definitely help her." She said with serious.

Qin Yichen stared at her for a moment, and noticed her every slight expression change.

She was a person who showed emotions and sorrows on her face. She would not hide her emotions.
Now she looked blank and did not seem to lie.

Qin Yichen let go of her. "You will dare to be an accomplice in the future. I will never let you go."

On the other side of the hot spring pool, Mo Mengshan wrapped her body with a bath towel. She
didn't feel that she had done something wrong, because everything belonged to Mo Yinyu should
belong to her.

"Mo Qinyu, I can see that Qin Yichen does not love you, and you do not love him. Marriage without
love is not happy. You should find a man who truly loves you, why should you waste time on a man who
does not love you?"

Mo Qinyu shrugged. "Sister, he doesn't love you either. Why do you still have to obsess?"

"But I love him. When I first saw him, I fell in love with him. Without him, I will die. Can you help me
and return him to me? We are sisters."

She showed a look of pleading and she cried and looked very pitiful.

She knew that if she treated Mo Qinyu kind and Mo Qinyu would be kind to her, so she pretended a
weak and pleading look.

Mo Qinyu sighed heavily in her heart. She also wanted to leave Qin Family and leave Qin Yichen.

But she could not.

"Sister, I said that you and I have no right to decide this matter. Only Qin Yichen has right. Why don't
you believe it?"

"Then I will pursue Qin Yichen, will you agree?" she asked.

She licked her lips and was silent for a while, said: "For half a year, I only need half a year. After half
a year, you can do whatever you want. If you can let Qin Yichen fall in love with you, and then I will take
the initiative to leave."

Mo Mengshan secretly sneered, in her opinion, this was just a plan to buy time.

If Mo Qinyu was pregnant, and she would give birth to the heir, and it must be a foregone conclusion.

She didn't even have a chance to turn over.

What she originally wanted to say, and she saw Qin Yichen and Qin Yiman came over, and then she
closed her mouth.

Qin Yichen thought about the injury on Mo Qinyu's knee. The last injury recovered, and she was
injured again. He also expected her to serve him well in the hot spring pool. If she could not get hot
springs, he would be disappointed.

"Put up your trouser. I want to see your injury." He almost forced, and pressed her to the stone
bench, and the two women next to him were ignored.

Her knees had a large piece of bruising, but she wore long pant, so she didn’t get hurt.

"I am not interested in hot springs. I will go back." He strode forward, and Mo Qinyu stood up
helplessly, followed him with limping.

Mo Mengshan stared at their backs and was so angry.

After returning to the room, Qin Yichen took an ice pack to her and she applied it on her knees. After
the wound stopped bleeding, she could go to the hot springs.

"Stupid woman, do you think you are a monkey?"

"I am afraid of you... you are in dangerous." She changed a way to explain and let Qin Yichen feel

"I won't be in danger, but if you fall down, you would die, or to be partially paralysis. I won't leave a
partially paralysis and crippled person around me." He said unceremoniously.