Love in full bloom

Chapter 86 Never come back

This was the idea of Mo Mengshan. Mo Qinyu was in Jin City, and Mo Mengshan was in Yang City, and
Mo Qinyu’s parents were pressured on both sides.

Mo Qinyu was very angry.

And when they talked about the ancestral house, she was so mean. And Mo Qinyu’s parents were
honest and didn’t want to argue with her, so they gave her the ancestral house.

And also, she was so unreasonable about the bride-price.

Now she wanted that her daughter could get back the position of Qi Yichen’s wife. She was really
insatiable and greedy!

There was a saying that a person couldn’t tolerate the same thing over three times and if a rabbit got
angry and it would bite people.

When Mo Qinyu hung up the phone, she walked into the room. "Qin Yichen, I want to go back to
Jiang City."

"What's wrong?" Qin Yichen raised his eyebrows.

"My aunt is in our house every day, and she ran to my parents' company to make trouble, so that my
parents couldn't go to work. My parents are honest, and don't like fighting, so they always endure. If I
don't go back, my parents will be bullied by them."

"Stupid girl, it was just the little thing and you will go home." He knocked her head.

"Have you heard of it? My aunt didn’t get education. She just knows crying and screaming. My
parents are afraid of this kind of person. They will compromise every times. If I do not go back, they

may be sick because of her screaming." She said with great urgency, and she wished that she could fly
home now.

"How can two people who are honest and give birth the child like you?" He smiled.

"Gene mutations." She spit out her tongue, did not talk to him and ran to pack the suitcase, and he
brutally taken over her suitcase. "Stay here, and I don’t allow you to go."

"Qin Yichen, this is not an ordinary thing. My aunt is a shrew, and my parents can’t deal with her.
Last time, because of the ancestral house, my dad was sick." Her eyes are red, and she was going to

"If you want to go, and then you will never come back." Qin Yichen's expression was very indifferent,
without a trace of sympathy.

Her internal organs had been twitching, and she would almost knelt down in front of him. "Please, it’s
so urgent. My parents are also your parents-in-law. You need to take care of them."

He wrapped his arms around his chest, and he didn’t care about it. He was lazy and said. "Go to

"Qin Yichen, you are a cold-blooded animal!" She angered, like an irritated calf, with her head madly
hit him.

He stretched out his arms and extended his five fingers. He covered her head with lightning speed.
And then he pushed her away, so she fell on the big bed.

She didn't move, and "Wow," she cried, like a child who couldn't eat sugar.

This was the first time she was so noisy!

"Do you want to be shrew?" His eyes flashed a taunting cold light.

Unexpectedly, the stupid woman would could play this trick. How complicated her character should

"I am a shrew, so what? They are my parents, my favorite person, not someone else." She sobbed
and wept.

He walked over without hesitation, looking down at her condescendingly, like looking down at a
hilarious bug in a cartoon.

"Are you not the most loved money?"

"Can money compare with parents? Family first, money second." She sat up, gnashing her teeth,
grief-stricken, and stared at him.

His eyes glanced and suddenly leaned down, the light shining on his tall body, casting a huge, deep
shadow, covering her whole body.

"Love?" He asked in a careless tone.

She grinned and re-ranked her ranks. "Family first, love second, money third."

He smiled, and maybe he was satisfactory to her answer.

Although this woman cheated a lot, her affection to family should not be fake.

"If your aunt come to make trouble tomorrow, I will allow you to go back." He said slowly and said
one word by one word.

Her dim eyes were immediately lit up, and wipe out all the tears.

When she took a lunch break the next day, she just wanted to call her father and asked if her aunt
come to bother them.

She didn't expect her father to call first, and the aunt was taken away by the police.

"Dad, do you call the police?"

"No, even though she is not good, she is also my brother’s wife. I won’t call the police." said her

"You should call the police early. If you are too kind and then you will be deceived and bullied by
others. And why is our family always being bullied by her?" Mo Qinyu was very relieved.

"Qinyu, ah, this is not the case. If we call the police to arrested her, and others will laugh at us," said
her father.

"You are kind to her, and is she kind to us? It is best to catch her in and go for a few days, and then
she won’t dare not make trouble." Mo Qinyu said indignantly.

"Now is not for a few days. Your uncle came to me, saying that she was a crime of provocation, and
she will be detained for three months." Mo Qinyu’s father said.

"No, let her shut down for so long? Will she suffer?" Mo Qinyu was shocked, and she did not
expected it would be so serious.

"This is not more serious. Your uncle came to me. I went to the police station to reconcile with him.
We want to release your aunt. But the police said that they have to do things according to the rules.
They can't let her go. Your aunt have to stay for three months." Said her father.

"She hurt you, and didn't you tell me?" Mo Qinyu was so worried about.

"It's not a big deal, it's about your happiness. We won't give in. Your mother has a little conflict with
your aunt, but your mother didn’t get injury." Mo Qinyu’s father said in an understatement.

"There should be her being detained," she said angrily.

"Your uncle has apologized to us," said her father.

"The policeman has to do things according to the rules. We had no way. It will be a lesson. She will
also converge in the future." Mo Qinyu said.

Parents were fine, and the aunt couldn't make trouble. She was relieved.

Returning to Qin Family in the evening, she saw Qin Yichen sitting on the sofa. Recently, he seemed
to have returned more times than before.

Would he be quarreling with his little mistress.

"Stupid woman, are you going back?" he asked in a careless tone.

She smiled: "It's still you are smart. And you prevent me from making an impulsive and irrational
thing. Fortunately, I didn't go back, or I wasted two train tickets."

Qin Yichen was speechless. She was really greedy.

She sat on the sofa and was about to talk. Qin Yiman came in and brought a person, Mo Mengshan.

Her eyes were red, like she just cried.

Mo Qinyu guessed she must be for her mother.

Qin Yichen’s eyes closed, and there was a very cold light in his eyes.

"Qin Yiman, Qin Family's rules are not allowed to bring outsiders to come in, or you are missing
family law.”