Love in full bloom

chapter 96 The towel fell off

“It’s a plum blossom, I got it last year, it’s my favorite flower.” she said in a slow clear tone, there’s a
subtle smile on her face.

At first, she thought Qin Yichen would like to say something, but he only uttered few words in a cold
way:“fuck off!”

Hearing this, she felt so disappointed.

She wouldn’t leave, this was her last chance, she couldn’t miss it!

“Yichen!” she turned back with a sad look. “you and Qinyu have misunderstood me, I’m not going to
switch it back, I’m not clean anymore, I don’t deserve you! I never thought I would lose my viginity by
delivering a takeaway at Jen.” she paused there intentionally with tears rolling down.

There’s no any expression on Qin Yichen’s face, he seemed to wear an ice mask, all of his emotions
were frozen up, his eyes were gloomy as if it were ancient Well which couldn't see to the end.

“Come here.” he asked.

She then walked over with a shy look.

“Turn around.” he said so seriously.

She then turned around, knowing he wanted to see clear the tattoo on her back.

Qin Yichen stared at this tattoo for two minutes, the water in the spring pool seemed to stand still with
time and silence.

Mo Mengshan felt so anxious at this moment, she kept moving her head to squint at his reaction.

“When did you deliver the takeaway?”

“Half month ago, I remember that day was 12th of May.” she said firmly.

Qin Yichen blinked his eyes. “which room?”

“1202.” she was sobbing bitterly there while answering his questions.

“You know this so well!” he cold humed a voice.

She suddenly turned around, pretending to be so surprised. “Yichen, what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, the person couldn’t be you.” Qin Yichen took a cold look at her, his eyes were as sharp as an
eagle’s as if he could see through her at only one sight.

Mo Mengshan bit her lips, her brain was spinning so fast, she had to pull out the key point behind, or
Qin Yichen would cover it easily. Then her plan would be in vain.

“Yichen, were you the man that night? No wonder I feel so familiar the minute when I see your face and
hear your voice! The god is really joking with me, the man that night was you!” she intentinally widened
her eyes with an amazed look. At the next second, she then bursted into a big crying. “I thought I had
lost my virginity and was no longer complete, now I finally know I accidently gave myself to you that

There’s still no any expression on Qin Yichen’s face, he then said to her with sharp sight:“Mo
Mengshan, no one can play games with me.”

“I didn’t, actually, I didn’t go to abroad, I’ve always been in Jiang city, after running out of the money
mom gave to me, I then thought to make money by delivering takeaway, that day, my colleague
remembered the wrong room address, so I accidently walked into your room. I still remember tat the
guest ordered the fried rice with mushroom and diced chicken, and also lotus root chop soup.” she said

Qin Yichen’s cold look glimmered in the setting sun, he only looked at her without saying a word.

She took the opportunity to pull the towel, it slipped down smoothly, her beautiful body then completely
exposed to his eyes.

“I’m sorry.” she pretended to be flustered and embarrassed, but she didn’t pick up the towel right away,
instead she only tried to cover her sensitive spots. To be honest, she covered nothing.

Qin Yichen sneered there, looking at this woman’s naked body, he somehow had no any reaction as if
all of his hormones went into hibernation.

But as for Mo Qinyu, though she was no longer clean, she still could stir up his adrenalines so easily.
Everytime when he saw her, he felt instantly a surge of blood and hormones, the plunder desire for her
would go up endlessly. At that moment, he so wanted to have her thoroughly. Seems it was her only
remaining value, or he would’ve kicked her out of galaxy instead of keeping her by his side.

He covered a towel on his body and stepped out of the spring pool.

Mo Mengshan never thought his reactions would be so cold.

Hadn’t he been looking for her all over the place? He even offered a reward of half a million dollars for
information on her whereabouts. Now she’s here in front of him, why didn’t he feel thrilled and hug her
tightly? Why could he leave in such a cold way? She’s the one who would be his wife and destiny!

“Yichen...” she ran out hurriedly without picking up the towel. it’s a private villa, so he’s the only man

She held him from behind. “Yichen, our destiny hasn’t broken yet, the god only wants to test us, or he
wouldn’t let me give my virginity to you, I’m not like Qinyu who can give her heart and body to so many
men, I’m a very reserved girl who will always be loyal to my man. Besides my loving man, no men in

this world can win my heart and body, even if he doesn’t like me, I’ll still keep my body for him forever!”
she said in a very affectionate way. And also she stabbed Mo Qinyu so hardly on the back.

Her words actually stabbed into Qin Yichen’s heart in some way too. Mo Qinyu was indeed a woman of
this kind, she’s not only dirty in the body but also in the heart. What he had married was just a broken
shell. But this shell could stir up his desires, even himself felt strange and a bit ironic. The woman
behind him now attached her body tightly to Qin Yichen, her sensitive spots rubbed against his back,
but he still remained quiet there.

The woman in the hotel that day made him feel so pleased, but the one standing behind him now
couldn’t give him this feeling.

At this moment, Mo Qinyu limped over. Seeing this, she stunned there and felt a thunder suddenly
splitting down to her head. She knew Qin Yiman was up to something, but Mo Qinyu never thought she
would play this trick!

Mo Mengshan was the only competitor for this puppet position, if she successfuly got the attention from
Qin Yichen, she would be done! So she couldn’t let that happen. She could give Qin Yichen back to Mo
Mengshan, but definately not now.

Before collecting all the medical fee Xiao Wu needed, she had to hold still her position.

“Cousin, you seduce my husband with your naked body, is it really appropriate?”