Love in full bloom

Chapter 95 Hot spring together

Qin Yiman became particularly kind today, inviting Qin Yichen and Mo Qinyu to go to the hot springs,
saying that she wanted to change the relationship between her and Mo Qinyu.

Qin Yichen decided to give her a chance.

When he went to the hot spring villa, he saw Mo Mengshan, which made him frown unconsciously. Did
Qin Yiman play tricks with him again?

"Qin Yiman, there is only one chance for you."

"We are relatives, so come out to play together. We are already good friends because we have a lot of
common topics, not like someone. I don’t like her." Qin Yiman pouted.

Mo Qinyu whispered in her heart and she knew that this woman would never be kind to her.

Mo Mengshan came over and called Qin Yichen with soft voice: “Yichen.”

Qin Yichen had no expression, and ignored her.

She bit her lower lip. She believed that he would not ignore her like this very soon.

"Sister, didn’t you go back to Jiang City? Why do you come back so soon?" Mo Qinyu asked.

Qin Yiman rolled her eyes at Mo Qinyu, replied: "About her mother's affairs, I have already found my
second uncle to help her, and of course she came back."

There was a cold light flashing in Qin Yichen's eyes. "Don't pay attention to people who are not
important." He said, grabbed her hand and walked inside.

"My cousin will not give up you, and your elder sister is now her shield. You have to be mentally
prepared." Mo Qinyu cautiously reminded him.

He sneered. "It should be that you have to be mentally prepared."

The words stuck into her weak spot.

Indeed, he could change his wife, but she would be abandoned.

She lowered her head and a little melancholy appeared on her face.

Qin Yichen did not notice that and her silence made him annoy and he hated her being indifferent and

Even the dog knew to protect his territory, but this stupid woman would not do anything.

"You'd better fight aggressively, or you can get away now."

"I know." Her voice was as light as a mosquito, and it was obviously weak.

She had no money, no power, no support, so how to fight?

It seemed that she was the one be hit!

He knocked her head with his index finger. "I don’t think you have any sense of crisis."

"I have it. I feel a sense of crisis every day, I always dream of being driven out by you." She said with a
bit of frustration.

He turned and pressed her at the door of the room. His two arms were on the wall, forming a restrained
posture, like interrogating her.

"How come I didn't see you have any actions to avoid that?"

She shrank and spit out her tongue. "I am now defencing."

"Oh?" He frowned and sneered. "Why do I feel that your defense value is zero?"

"How come?" She clenched her two small fists. "I am waiting for the best chance. You can have
mistresses but I don’t allow them to be your wife."

Qin Yichen knew her meaning, then his face became dark, "What you want to defend is not your
husband, but the title of my wife?"

Right! She replied without hesitation in her heart.

But when she saw that he was unhappy, she held back the words.

"You said that it is Qin Family married me, but not you, so I have only a title, no husband."

Qin Yichen felt that his anger hit on the cotton. It was like stuffing a bone in his throat, neither could he
swallow nor spit it out.

"You have to be useful although you are just a puppet." He snorted and walked into the room,
slamming the door and shutting her out.

She sighed and hid in the room next door, daring not to disturb the devil.

Lying on the sofa, she played with her mobile phone, and then slept until she was woken up by the call
of WeChat of the devil.

He summoned her to the hot spring pool to serve.

When she went downstairs, she was stopped by Qin Yiman.

"Where are you going?" She questioned her.

She deliberately wanted to stop Mo Qinyu, not letting Mo Qinyu disturb Mo Mengshan and Qin Yichen.

"Qin Yichen asks me to go him," she said faintly.

"There is something I need your help." Qin Yiman said.

"Then I will help you after coming back." She went straight out. Qin Yichen's temper was not good. He
only gave her five minutes. She had to run fast and then she wouldn’t be late. If she went late, he
would be furious.

Qin Yiman was shrewd, and she grabbed Mo Qinyu’s arm in one hand and covered her own stomach
with one hand. “Hey, my stomach hurts, I just want you to go upstairs to take the box medicine for me.
Can't you help me with that?"

Mo Qinyu was helpless, "What medicine?"

"Bacillus Licheniformis Capsules, and it is just in the drawer of my room." Qin Yiman had an evil smile
on her face.

Mo Qinyu quickly ran upstairs and entered her room. When she was about to open the drawer, she
heard the sound "Boom" and the door was closed.

"Damn!" She scolded and realized that she was framed by Qin Yiman, when she wanted to open the
door, she found that the door had already been locked by Qin Yiman.

"Qin Yiman, what are you doing? let me go!" She patted the door hard.

"Bitch, stay inside." Qin Yiman sneered twice and went away.

The inferior bitch dared to fight with her? Then she would punish her.

Hot spring pool.

Staring at the watch on his wrist, Qin Yichen was impatient.

What was the stupid woman doing? She even dared to exceed his time limit, and he would teach her

Mo Mengshan quietly came around from the bamboo forest. She only wrapped a bath towel on her
body, so that Qin Yichen could see her beautiful body easily.

Far away, she saw the man soaked in the hot spring pool. His perfect face, sexy skin and firm muscles
made her desire, and she couldn't wait to rush into the water and give herself to him.

Qin Yichen closed his eyes and heard the footsteps. He thought it was Mo Qinyu, and he said: "Ten
minutes late, you come over and be punished."

Mo Mengshan knew that he had taken the wrong person, but when she saw that he did not open his
eyes, she walked silently into the pool.

A faint perfume smell came over, he gave a slight glimpse and immediately opened his eyes.

Mo Qinyu did not wear makeup, nor did she apply perfume. Her body had the freshest girl fragrance,
not the artificial perfume.

Mo Mengshan only felt a cold light on her body, which made her tremble.

"Yichen." She whispered, before she finsihed that, Qin Yichen interrupted her. "Get out right now!"

She was shocked and shivered, but did not move.

She was waiting for Qin Yichen to notice the sign on her back.

So obviously, he could see it.

When Qin Yichen’s disgusted gaze swept her and finally fell on her tattoo, a indescribable light passed
quietly through his eyes.

"What is it on your back?"