Love in full bloom

Chapter 94 Get into without any hesitation

Mo Qinyu knows that she is deliberately satirizing and belittling her

Qin Yiman is similar to Mrs. Qin, who is proud and always looks others down.

The only difference is that Qin Yiman exposes her nature, while her mother-in-law hides her nature

It should have something to do with her situation.

If she is like Qin Yiman, her husband has already divorced her.

For her father-in-law, Mrs. Qin is just a decoration who is not better than her.

She gets a piece of grapevine from Xia aunt, the servant of Sima Yuer.

In fact, Little mother isn’t a mistress, but the one is Mrs. Qin. Little mother and her father-in-law had a
misunderstanding and they were severed because of Mrs. Qin, and then the Little mother was framed
to lose the ability of bearing a baby, which convenient Mrs. Qin to become the wife of Mr. Qin.

If Grandma didn't try to stop her, her father-in-law would must divorce her.

Because of this, Qin Yichen was separated from her since he was a child, and he was sent to the
United States by his father.

Qin Yiman stamps her feet angrily, points to Mo Qinyu and scolds, "She is a bitch. She spoke ill of me
in front of Ruchen. Then Ruchen got angry with me. It's impossible for me to apologize to her. What the
hell she is? She should apologize to me."

Qin Yichen sneers, "You take yourself too seriously. What else can you do besides make-up, shopping
and parties? You are just an apple of Sodom. You have all the characteristics that man hate most.

However, you have none of the advantages that man like."

Qin Yiman's whole face became red, just like a pig liver. Fortunately, she is applying a face mask which
hides the most of her flushed face.

Daring not to resist Qin Yichen, Qin Yiman has to act girly to her mother. "Mom, Qin Yichen is so bad.
Can you discipline him?"

Mrs. Qin pats her on the shoulder and looks at Qin Yichen. "Don't always make fun of your sister. It's a
woman's duty to help her husband teach her son. Women shouldn't always play outside. Yiman is
graceful and beautiful. That's her greatest advantage."

"Your opinion is not the same as Ruchen's. Her value needs to be recognized by her husband, but not
you." Qin Yichen finishes, grabs Mo Qinyu's hand and goes upstairs.

In fact, Moqinyu does not agree with this statement. Women's value need not be recognized by men, it
is created by themselves. Of course, some women are more willing to get a man's approval.

Qin Yichen should be surrounded by women like this, so he has such a view.

When they enter the room, Qin Yichen throws a contemptuous look at her. "Where are your 'sharp
claws'? Why do you become a coward?"

She sighs, "I do things according to the situation, mom was watching, if she saw me hit her baby
daughter, she would be very angry."

Qin Yichen grabs her chin. "You are silly. You must remember that I'm the only person you should obey

She blinks and looks at him with big eyes. It seems that she doesn't understand him. "What do you

His fingers tighten slightly, but he doesn't pinch her face hard. "Don't pretend. You are not stupid."

She swallows heavily. She does not understand him, and she does not understand why he says so.

If she has a fight with Qin Yiman, will he support her?

"If I am correct, mom will think it's me break the relationship between you and Qin Yiman."

Qin Yiman's mother loves her unconditionally. If she really fights with Qin Yiman, Mrs. Qin will not let
her go.

In a rich family, fighting with mother-in-law will suffer a lot. It's no use having a husband to support you.

The husband is the son of his mother-in-law, and he can't fight against her.

If she wants to stay at home, she has to maintain superficial harmony with Mrs. Qin.

Qin Yichen's eyes show a bit of darkness. "You don't have to worry about anything with me. If you let
me see you act cowardly again, you will be miserable."

She trembles in the heart and feels a bit cold.

She will be punished if she doesn't fight with others. Does he want to kill her?

She's not a quarrel lover!

"It's hard to be your wife."

"Don't take yourself too seriously. You're in name only." He sneers.

"That's enough. Besides that, can I ask for anything else?" There is a miserable look on her beautiful

It's really hard to be a wife only in name, what's worse, she has to worry about being replaced every
day and has to please the big demon every moment to keep her position.

Qin Yichen fiercely pushes her against the wall, and closes to her. "You don't have the qualification to
desire others."

"I know that." Her expression is cold, but there is a little stubbornness in her eyes.

Her purpose of being at Qin Family is just to save medical expenses for Xiao Wu. For her, feelings,
marriage and husband are all useless, and they are out of reach.

She won't let herself get into trouble, nor will she do anything hopeless.

She only hopes that her soul and heart will be intact when she leaves.

In Qin Yichen's eyes, there is a flame waving. He seems to be enraged.

In short, both her answers and expressions make him very dissatisfied.

"Damn it, you always know that."

"Isn't that what you want?" Her voice is very low.

She notices that she provoked him somehow.

His bad temper, like a powder pack, is on the verge of breaking out.

"You can always read my mind!" He kisses her fiercely, just like a punishment.

His kisses are never gentle which are always full of aggression. He licks her lips and tounges wantonly.

She remains stiff and allows him to attack, however, it seems to make him more angry, and his teeth
snaps sharply between her lips. Although the strength is not heavy, she still can clearly feel the pain.

She is shocked and frightened and wants to push him away unconsciously. He grabs her struggling
hand and put it behind her, then the hot breath surrounded her again.

At this time, Jiang city, Mo Mengshan is actively helping her mother.

When she comes to a restaurant, she meets Moqinyu's classmate Xiaomei. "Aren't you Qinyu's sister
Mengshan? I haven't seen you for a long time. Do you know something interesting which happened in
Jiang city recently?"


"Every restaurant is looking for a girl who delivers takeout. The reward is 500,000 yuan." Xiao Mei says
with a sly smile, "I think I'm going to make a fortune."

Mo Mengshan is a curious person. She asks curiously, "Xiaomei, I treat you for a cup of milk tea. You
tell me what's going on..."