Love in full bloom

Chapter chapter93 Bullied my wife?I will kill you!

"What about the injury on your arm?" He said faintly, as if he was asking casually.

she put her arms behind her subconsciously, as if she wanted to hide them.

Qin Yichen stretched out and hooked her slender waist. "Are you an ostrich? Do you really thought if
you hide it,then I won’t see it?"

"" She trembled slightly, only feeling a strong sense of oppression, which made her breathless.

Qin Yichen’s face became very gloomy, as if he was moved by the cold night. “Tell me, how do you
make it?”

"I... I accidentally hit it." She said in a low tone, then she looked down,her eyes were cover by her
eyelashes, she was afraid that he would know her secrets.

Qin Yichen took a deep breath, then he pinched her chin. "If you dare to lie again, I will pull out all your

His tone was violent and full of threats, and she stunned. "If I tell the truth, will I be told that I’m saying

"No,but if you don’t say it,you will be guilty." He whispered, his face was dark.

There was a chill that spread from her back, and she couldn't help but trembled, and the voice came to
her. "It's your sister..." She stopped, she did not mention too many details.

He let her go and she quickly returned to her original position.

After arriving at the house, she went in first.

When Qin Yiman saw her, she rushed down the stairs.

She had been losing her temper at home.

When Ru Shen came over, he asked her to apologize to her, otherwise he would conceal their
marriage contract in public.

This woman must said something to him,that’s why he behaved like that.

She was going to kill this cunt.

"Bitch,get out of this house,why did you sat at the gate,were you there for getting his sympathy? I really
want to know who would be sympathy now!" She raised her hand and wanted to hit her.

Dad and Little mother had taken Lin Chuxia out to watch the children's play, so she could do whatever
she wanted.

Mo Qinyu pushed her away, but she ran to her again, and rushed to fight,she had no idea that Qi
Yichen had stood at the gate.

A bloodthirsty feeling spread from him.

Mo Qinyu was telling her truth,it was her who drove her out.

He stepped forward and pulled Mo Qinyu behind him. Then he slapped on Qin Yiman’s face.

Qin Yiman was dizzy, and he fell to the ground. She was totally stunned.

Mrs. Qin ran over, she just stood in the hall.

She didn’t stopped her daughter because her daughter was in a bad mood,she behaved so indifferent.

She was so sad in front of Ru Shen.

The it was caused by Mo Qinyu.

But when she saw Qin Yichen, she knew that something was wrong and wanted to stop it, but it was
too late.

"Yichen, how can you slapped Yiman, she is your sister." She quickly helped her daughter to stand up,
looking at her red face, she was distressed.

How could her son be such rude,it was hurt.

"Mom, I am going to be killed by Qin Yichen."Qin Yiman screamed and ran upstairs.

She didn’t care about fighting anymore, she had to put some ices on her cheek,or her face would be

Qin Yichen’s eyes as cold as ice, he said. “I never beat a woman, but if someone really want it,I won’t
show any mercy.”

She was his private property, only he could hurt her!

Mo Qinyu had been hiding behind him. His tall and sturdy body was like a mountain, blocking all
dangers from the outside.

This was a surprising discovery. Qin Yichen could her a sense of security.

But he should be the most dangerous person!

Thinking of that, she suddenly felt funny and ironic.

She quickly hit her head slightly,she was afraid that someone would see her smile,they may thought
that she was laughing at Qin Yiman.

Mrs. Qin sighed. "Yiman is in a bad mood today, she was hurt. You should be considerate."

"I am in a worse mood now. Should I kill her?" Qin Yichen was speechless about his mother’s words.

Mrs. Qin squinted at the woman behind him.

Perhaps she was a curse. Before she came,Yichen and Yiman were very good. Since she came,their
relationship became really bad.

And Ru Shen wanted Yiman to apologize to her.

Yiman was her daughter,a noble gentle lady, why should she apologize to her?

"Come on, you are her brother, how can you be provoked by an outsider?"

"Who is an outsider?"Qin Yichen looked at his mom.

Mrs. Qin did not answer, this question did not need to answer at all, could there be another person
except for the woman who behind him?

But she won’t say it directly,she was thoughtful enough, Otherwise, she won’t won the battle between
Sima Yuer.

Mo Qinyu also knew that Mrs. Qin was talking about her. She had never treated her as her daughter-in-

Qin Yichen’s gaze got colder,darker,and deeper.

He pulled the woman behind him and put a big hand on the top of her head, as if he had mastered
behind his five fingers.

"Except for you, my father and my grandmother, this woman is my closest person, because she is
completely owned by me, from the hair to the tip of the toes,so, no one can hit her!"

Mo Qinyu was stunned, The devil was invincible. She had been completely included in his private
property, just like the relationship between slaves and their owners.

Mrs.Qin’s lips pumped, and for a moment, she was speechless.

Qin Yiman came down from the upstairs with the mask, there were fires in her eyes: "Even if she is
your pet, she is also an outsider, I am your sister. But you beat me for her.What do you want to do?"

Qin Yichen sneered, and said slowly: " she is direct relative in law, you are a sideline. In this family, she
is my legal wife, she will give birth to a baby for me, and you are someone else's wife, you will give
birth to a baby for others. Should that be the same?"

Qin Yiman’s face was pale,she was speechless just as Mrs.Qin.

Qin Yichen had this ability,he was mean and his words was so straightforward, he could made them

In Mo Qinyu’s heart,she was touched by his words.

The so-called brotherhood was only deep before marriage, after marriage, they had their own families,
the relationship became complicated, they would conflicting for possession, and finally,they would
became strangers.

Her uncle’s family was a typical one.he counted on his honest younger brother. He took all their
benefits. But he never care about his brother.

Mrs. Qin went to the side of her daughter. "Okay, Yiman, you should be careful to Yishen’s things."

She deliberately added a tone to the word "things".