Love in full bloom

Chapter 91 She got serious abuse in the little dark house

"Turn on the light. Where is the light?" She groped around the wall, but there was nothing on the wall
and she couldn’t touch anything.

Her knees were shaking, her legs were soft, and drops of cold sweat dripped from her forehead.

She groped to the door and wanted to open the door. She was pulled away by Qin Yichen. "You mustn’t
go out today!"

"I want to go out. I don't want to be shut in dark house. I am most afraid of the dark." She was shaking
all over her body, shaking even the walls seemed to be shaking.

Her two rows of teeth were also trembling, and she bite her lips, and a stream of blood slipped from the
corners of her mouth.

"Hell is so dark, and you never expect to see the light!" His thin lips were attached to her ear, and his
breath was like a fire, like a wildfire rising from hell, to burn her to ashes.

She seemed to be helpless by his words, and she could no longer support herself and fell to the

Struggling, she wanted to stand up, but failed. She could only climb a few steps forward and climbed to
his feet.

"Please let me go out, beg you..." Her fearful, weak, and repeated pleadings. She was like a wounded
little animal dying.

He looked at her with a condescending and contemptuous. There was only disgust and cold in his

Grabbing her arm, he lifted her up and pressed her against the wall.

His big hands grabbed her two stiff and weak legs, forcibly opened and crossed his waist.

"This is just a prelude!" His mouth smirked with a sneer, and the smile exudes a strong bloody smell.

His slender fingers moved up, grabbed her violent chest and played with it, as if they were two toys for

Mo Qinyu couldn’t say anything because of extreme fear. She swallowed desperately and squeezed a
few words. “No...No...”

"You should say yes. Hooker should say this word!" He sneered, tearing off her skirt.

She shook her head weakly, and she was so weak because of the double fear.

He almost entered her body rudely, went on the rampage in her narrow vagina without a little pity.

She was about to suffocate, and she had to open her mouth to take breath.

Tears fell from her eyes, but she still kept her eyes wide, through the tears, trying to find light in a
narrow space, looking for hopes that could make her alive.

The ventilating fan kept turning, and a glimmer of light revealed it. She slowly lifted her stiff hands.

Because of his violent impact, her whole body was shaking, and her arms swayed up and down.

She struggled hard, as if she wanted to catch the glimmer of light, but it was so far away, imaginary,
and could not grasp.

After he finished sex, he turned her over and let her kneel on the cold floor and invade her from behind.

She couldn't see the light, and she couldn't see it all. It was dark in front of her eyes, and she couldn't
see her fingers.

Her arms were unable to support her body, and her upper body was almost on the floor, so her body
became an arch.

Qin Yichen's strong body kept pushing her behind her, hitting her, not giving her a chance to breath.

She felt that she was dying, died in this little dark house, and died under the tyrant.

She wanted to go out. Who would save her and who could save her?

She screamed desperately in her heart, but she couldn't say a word, because she needed to breath
with her mouth now, breathing hard, not letting herself suffocate and die.

She didn't know when the tyranny and abusive would stop, and she didn't know how he would let her

Time has passed for a long time, as if it was a century.

She was full of extreme fear, but her body rised and fell in the ultimate hiting.

Each of his actions would hit her sensitive point accurately, giving her the most original pleasure.

This was the body's instinct and was the result of adrenaline rush.

She couldn’t control herself.

She didn’t know whether she would die in fear or die in excitement.

In the dark, she seemed to see a figure drifting over.

Was it A Cong?

Was A Cong coming?

She heard that when people were dying, they would see their deceased relatives and they were
coming to pick him up.

Was she also going to die, so A Cong came to pick her up?

She really wanted to go with him, go to a carefree world, no longer need to be abused by the devil.

But she couldn't, and she still had to live, but also to save Xiao Wu.

“A Cong, I am sorry. You go, leave me alone. I can't go with you.”

She shook her head and shook her tears in her eyes, forcing herself to wake up.

Qin Yichen stared at her through the darkness.

A stubborn little hedgehog. She could really bear it, and didn’t say anything!

"Mo Qinyu, this is just the beginning. I said that I will let you taste the taste of the hell." He snorted and
released his desires.

This was really just the beginning. He still had many ways to torture her and let he surrender!

Even if she was stubborn and didn’t surrender, she would not be able to bear it.

Mo Qinyu was like a broken doll, and was thrown on the ground. Her body was covered with sweat,
and the whole person seemed to have only one ghost.

He stretched his hand and pressed the switch at the door, and the light on the ceiling lit up.

She was like a fish that lacked water, looking at the lights, breathing loudly, to calm the heartbeat that
was about to pause.

"Do you like this taste?" He came over and blocked the light, and his sturdy body cast a huge shadow.

She swallowed hard to moistened her dry throat, and then asked with great effort. "Can I leave?"

He violently grabbed her back of the head and forced her to look up at him. "In the future, you mustn’t
forget what I said!"

"I know." She showed a surrendering expression, but there was a wild untamed reluctance under her
lowered eyelashes.

Her body could give in to him, but her heart, her soul would never be.

He snorted and opened the door and went out.

She climbed up and curled up in the corner.

She still had no strength to stand up and needed time to calm down.

In the club, Ru Chen came in. He just came out from Qin Family. He didn't see Mo Qinyu, and she
didn't know where she went.

We sent WeChat to her and she didn't return.

He came over and wanted to drink a glass of wine.

Sitting in front of the bar, he saw Qin Yichen.

Seeing Qin Yichen coming in, sitting next to An An, a raging anger rushed into his eyes.

He stood up and rushed to Qin Yichen and then grabed his collar with anger.