Love in full bloom

Chapter chapter92 Do you want to bully me again

"Qin Yichen, you are a jerk, you had fun here."When he thought that Mo Qinyu sat alone at the gate,
when he thought of her pitiful little appearance, he was so angry which made him senseless.

Qin Yichen pulled him away and sorted out his collar. "Ru Chen, what are you crazy about?"

The blue veins on the forehead of Ru Chen was so obvious. "Your wife was driven out. I don’t know
where she is now. But you are having fun with those women. You and Qin Yiman are really brother and
sister, she is ruthless,you are heartless. What a pity for Mo Qinyu that she married you."

Qin Yichen trembled, he did not expect that the truth was that Mo Qinyu was driven out by his family!

"Who drove her out?"

"In addition to Qin Yiman, who else can do it?" Ru Chen said with anger.

At this time, a voice came from behind. "Qinyu is here, I drove by, and I saw her wandering on the side
of the road, so I take her back."

The person who was speaking was Xu Ruofang. She said this deliberately, which contacted to the
words said by Ru Chen.

Qin Yichen’s face pumped, as if his face had been stabbed by a small thorn.

That useless idiot was silent still, was she a dumb?

Ru Chen looked at Xu Ruofang anxiously. "Where is she?"

"She went to the bathroom, it has been quite a long time, and she has not come back." Xu Ruofang
looked at her watch.

Ru Chen turned and was about to go to the bathroom to find Mo Qinyu,but he was stopped by Qin
Yichen, "She’s my wife,you don’t need to worry about her."

"Do you treat her as your wife?" Ru Shen said.

"That's my business, you are not qualified to intervene." He walked out violently.

Mo Qinyu came out from the dark room and walked forward weakly along the wall. When she saw him,
it seemed that she was shocked, and she was so fearful.

His face was very gloomy, wasn't it enough? Did he want to bully her again?

She took a sigh and tried her best to turn around and ran away.

She was like a mouse who saw a cat and was like a rabbit who saw a wolf.

Qin Yichen was helpless,he could only chase her. "Mo Qinyu,stop."

She ran faster,

If she stopped,she was a fool.

There was a fire exit in front of her, she ran downstairs and wanted to escape.

Qin Yichen was chasing after her. "Mo Qinyu, you are not obedient!"

She had just learned the lesson,but she did it again. It seemed that one lesson was not enough!

"I didn't bother you!" She panted,she had been ran too fast. When there were only the last two steps
left, she fell.

Her body lost weight and she went forward. Her forehead hit the wall,and there was a bruise on her

She was dizzy, and she fell down. She fell on the ground and she could see nothing then.

"What the hell!"Qin Yichen cursed and held her head. “Mo Qinyu, look at me,are you dizzy?"

"yes," she said subconsciously.

"Do you feel disgusting,do you want to vomit?" He frowned.She had been stupid enough, would she
become an idiot.

"No, it just hurts." She snorted.

He was relieved, if she didn't want to vomit, indicating that it didn’t cause a concussion.

Mo Qinyu was dizzy for a while,then she suddenly woke up,she jumped up and tried to escape, but he
caught her. "Why do want to escape?"

“Will you take me back to the dark room again?" She was terrified and she looked at him.

"Do you miss there?" He snorted.

She shuddered and crossed her arms on her chest. "No,I don't want to be there forever."

He laughed. "Then you should be obedient.if i said stop but you still run,I will put you in there for a
whole day."

"Oh,Okay." She wanted to nod, but her forehead was hurt, and she couldn't help but pumped.

"You deserve it!" He was violent, and he did not know whether he was angry with her, or he was angry
with himself.

After taking her in, he asked the waiter to bring some ice for her.

Ru Chen came over quickly. "Qinyu, what happened to your forehead?"

"I accidentally hit it in the bathroom." She explained.

"It's no wonder that you haven't come out for so long, you sould go back and put an egg on your
forehead, it would help." Ru Chen said.

"Have a good rest at night. If you are dizzy and want to vomit, you must come to hospital." Ru Chen
was distressed and kept saying.

Qin Yichen gave him a faint look, his gaze was sharp and deep, " Ru Chen, why haven't I seen you so
concerned about Qin Yiman?"

Ru Chen’s mouth pumped and his gaze flashed slightly. He quickly said: “I like to care for the
disadvantaged groups, and I hate those people who bullied others.”

"you never change." Xu Ruofang smiled,she was helping him to coving his secrets.

As a psychologist, she could see through many things.

When he heard this,Qin Yichen did not think much more. In his opinion,Ru Shen would not be so
stupid, he won’t dare to seducing his wife.

Then they got into the car.

Mo Qinyu still had some scars, she observed his movements.

He took a bottle of cold water from the small freezer in the car and took a sip. He asked in a very low
tone: "Why are you coming out today?"

She stunned and didn't know what he wanted to know.

"Xu Ruofang called me and asked me to come out, so I’m out." She said very .

Qin Yichen frowned, and the cold cold gaze came through the darkness inside the car. “tell me the
truth,you have only one chance!”

She felt cold, and she knew that he didn't believe her. Did Ru Chen said something to him?

She looked down, and she was silent for a long while,then she said slowly: "our brother-in-law came, I
am afraid that my sister would misunderstand something, so I came out."

His eyes closed and opened again. “you went out yourself?or did Qin Yiman drive you out?”

He said slowly, as if he was just asking, but the voice was filled with a chilling atmosphere, it was like
quiet coast before the arrival of the huge waves,and the waves would come at any time.

She turned to the window and kept a farthest distance from him. "It’s... it's me..."

He didn’t say anything, but his expression made her very embarrassed, she subconsciously hugged
her body.

He saw a few bruises on her arm, and it seemed that it was hurt by nails.

He was stunned and then he frowned.

This was not "hurt" by him in the dark room. Those bruises were there before, but he did not notice it