Love in full bloom

Chapter 90 Let you feel the feeling of entering the hell

"Well, I will come in soon." Ru Chen sighed helplessly.

Looking at his car into the iron gate, Mo Qinyu stood up, and it seemed that she couldn’t stay here any
more. When little mother and father-in-law saw her and Ru Chen, they would absolutely ask her

And Qin Yiman and her mother thought that Mo Qinyu wanted to provoke them.

She slowly walked forward. When she reached the intersection, the phone rang. It was Xu Ruofang
who called and asked if she had time to go to the club for a while.

She did not know where to go so she agreed.

Xu Ruofang drove to pick her up. When she entered the club, her heartbeat suddenly increased. She
regretted coming in and regretted so much.

Because Qin Yichen was there too, and he was not alone, and his little mistress An An stayed with him.

He also saw her, and a cold light came straight from his eyes, as if it were a sharp blade, and wanted to
kill her.

She was so chilling that she was at loss.

He issued an order, and as long as he was there, she must stand by her side. Last time she did not do
it, and she was tied to the tree and abused by him, and she was afraid of it.

"It’s my fault. If I know that your husband and his mistress are there, I will go other places." Xu Ruofang
said sorry for her.

"It doesn't matter." She shook her head and even took two deep breaths, and took the courage to go to

She was a little bit uneasy, a little bit more embarrassing, and a bit cramped, as if there was so
dangerous in front of her and the man was from hell and he was an evil.

There were a lot of people around watching her, and they wanted to see the reaction from an
abandoning woman.

Qin Yichen was also staring at her. He hated her eyes, hated her expression, and even hated her
existence at the moment. He wanted to tear her off on the spot.

An An stood up in a timely manner and went to the bar.

She was a very intelligent woman, knowing when she should appear and when she should leave,
which was why she could stay with Qin Yichen for a long time.

Mo Qinyu had been staying with Qin Yichen for a long time, and she had always been hidden. Now she
could finally show up and went out with him in public.

This was an honor that Mo Qinyu who as his wife had never had before.

She was very satisfied and wanted to grasp this chance.

Mo Qinyu bite her lower lip and carefully cautiously said. "Yichen." She whispered low and her voice
was light like mosquito-stricken. Her eyes didn't look at him, but she stared at her toes.

She was too embarrassed.

Qin Yichen snorted coldly and it was like to respond her.

She rubbed her hands and felt that it was a torment.

"I don't bother you, and I will leave." She still stared at her toes, and she didn't know what he looked
like and she didn’t dare to watch. Even so, she could guess that he was angry.

He never gave her a happy look.

When she turned around, an anger erupted from the eyes of Qin Yichen, like a prelude before the
fierce explosion of the volcano.

Mo Qinyu did not return to Xu Ruofang, but went to the bathroom. She felt a burning pain in her
cheeks, like she was fanned by an invisible slap, or was scratched by Qin Yichen’s cold light.

She took the cold water and poured it on her face, so that she could calm herself down, and then
pretended smile, and went out.

As the wife of Qin Yichen, this was the thing she most needed to do.

After she came out, she pulled the corners of her mouth and pulled the stiff muscles, but the smile had
not yet formed, and she was interrupted by a tornado-like violent violence.

A strong arm stretched out from behind and pulled her to the corner of no one.

She was trembling with horror to saw his angry eyes.

"Qin...Qin Yichen!"

"Damn stupid woman, what are you doing here?" He was so angry and it seemed that he would lose
his temper at any time.

"Xu Ruofang asked me to come and play for a while, and chat. I don't know you are here. If I know, I
will not come, and I will not bother you." She said with tremor, and did not want to suffer innocent

His anger did not ease, but it was even more violent, and he was crazy. "Why didn't you report it in

As long as she went out at night, she must apply with him in advance to get his approval before going

Her face was pale, like white earth, and her lips were pale too. "I... forgot."

He sneered. "You have remembered the man who died for many years. How can my order be so easy
to forget?"

"I'm sorry, I won't be next time." She didn’t wait him finish speaking, and she quickly apologized,
actively admitted the mistake, and strived for leniency.

But Qin Yichen thought this was not enough. "Is it useful to apologize? This isn’t the first time you have
committed. And do you treat my order as shit, right?"

"No, I promise that I will obey your order next time." She shook her head hard, feeling powerless and

The haze of angry passed through his black eyes, and sneered. "The woman who loves to lie, there is
no word in her mouth can believe!"

He picked up her arm and dragged it, walking forward, like a fierce eagle clutching a weak chicken.

"Where are you going to take me?" She began to struggle and wanted to escape, but she could not

They got to the end of the gallery, and there was a small room.

He kicked the door and pushed her in.

It was dark, very narrow, just as big as an elevator. She didn't know what the room was used to.

There was a fan of ventilation on the wall, and the shimmering light on the outside could be transmitted
in, giving the little black room a slight brilliance.

But this light was not enough for Mo Qinyu, who had claustrophobia.

She widened her eyes in horror, and was bigger than a brass bell, as if looking for a source of light that
could be collected.

Her whole body was tense, and a strong fear surrounded her.

As the door was closed, the inside was darker, and only the faint light that floated in the air.

"Qin Yichen, what are you doing? Let me go, I don't want to stay here. I am afraid." The terrible
memory of childhood was like flood, and rushed out, shaking all her fear nerves.

Through the darkness, Qin Yiman could see her horrified look.

She really not lied, and she really had claustrophobia.

But he just wanted to make her afraid, and let her taste the feeling of entering hell.

"As long as you dare to go against me, you will be punished!" His voice was so cold, like Satan who
was drilled from the ground and was slashing the soul that was about to be destroyed.