Love in full bloom

Chapter 83 Do you want it?

She closed her eyes, she lifted her head and was tightening her fingers continuously.

A strand of squid like a electric shot runs through her body.

But she stood of all of this.

She was a really tough person and can be tolerant to much of the things.

But she doesn't know that this was just the start.

Qin Yichen raised the cup and take a sip at the drink and then he transferred it to her mouth.

She doesn't know what kind of alcohol it is but she felt so uncomfortable after taking it.

The inexplicable heat swept her whole body, and she felt that even she was soaked in the water, it
could not relieve the heat.

In the lower abdomen, a stream of heat is surging, and the body seems to be hollowed out. It feels
extremely empty and needs to be filled.

Her defense system was completely disintegrated, her mind was swollen, her consciousness was
blurred, and the whole person became an estrus animal, just wanting the most primitive communication
of human beings.

Qin Yichen has been watching her, watching her desperately fight against the drug, watching her fall a
little by a little, to see if all her thorns were pulled down, and can not launch an attack.

He bowed his head and put his thin lip near her ear and said. "Mo Qinyu, do you want it?"

Her consciousness has been blurred, only left a trace of it, but it seems to be still working.

She bit her lip, kept shaking her head, and tried to fight hard.

He sneered, his fingers slipped all the way down to her private part. Then she snorted, and the last
sense of conscious was destroyed.

"Do you want it?"

"...Yes." She can not really see things clearly and her face was blushing.

"Begging me." His voice was so toxic and there was threaten and was alluring her to enter the banned
place step by step, enter into that endless fall.

".....em...I am begging you please." She squirmed like a water snake, and the slender waist was as thin
as a willow.

"Go up yourself." He jerked over and let her go on top.

This time is her complete indulgence, crazy, wild, arrogant, no sensibility, only instinct.

The warm water of the bath is turbulent.

Qin Yichen’s satisfaction has risen to the extreme, and the pleasure is like a wind and waves.

When Mo Qinyu woke up, it was already the next day.

Her voice is dumb.

She does not know how she lost her voice.

Qin Yichen let her take a sip of that alcohol and she felt really uncomfortable and then she can not
remember anything.

But look at the body of the wolverine, apparently being violently abused by him.

Qin Yichen did not leave, just sitting on the sofa not far away, looking at her with a haze and evil eyes.

"Qin Yichen, what did you make me drink? I lost my voice."

The corner of his mouth squirmed a cold arc, then he stood up, and slowly walked over, looking at her
condescendingly. "You were screaming too loudly so you lost your voice."

what? She was shocked and couldn't believe it. "Why should I scream? Did I have a nightmare?"

His slender fingers touched her neck and rubbed it gently. "You slutty woman, you did me too excitedly,
so you lost your voice."

She passed through the fierce embarrassment, "Impossible." She didn't remember it at all.

"Do you want to appreciate your voice?" He pulled out his cell phone and played the recording.

"Do you want it?"


"Beg me."



The shy and embarrassment heat wave rushed from her neck to her cheek, rushed to her ear and
rushed to the scalp, making her look like a cooked shrimp.

It is not possible for her to make such slutty sound.

"Qin Yichen, what kind of alcohol did you give me?"

"You were too boring, you need me to teach you." He smiled just like an evil.

"You are shameless, perverted, beast!" She curled up and covered her head with a quilt.

He refused to allow her to escape, pulled down the quilt, pinched her chin, his eyes were like a sharp
blade, and wandered on her shameful face. "Mo Qinyu, no matter how many thorns you have, I also
have the way to deal with you." He squirmed out in a word.

The chills swept her whole body, and she snorted, and the stubbornness in her bones was quietly

The chills swept her whole, and she snorted and screamed, and the stubbornness in her bones was
quietly revealed.

He can torture her body and suppress her self-esteem, but he will never touch her soul, and her heart.
Because they are sealed, they will never open to the outside world.

After eating breakfast, she went to work, and by the way, she bought a box of throat lozenge at the
pharmacy to moisturize her throat a bit.

As soon as I entered the office, she saw people from the administrative department coming and
distributed new work clothes: pants.

The previous short skirts are not allowed to be worn again.

They said that it was the order of the president himself.

Mo Qinyu suddenly remembered that in his office, he saw her wore work clothes and cursed: "What is
wrong with this dress, so short!"

Jesus Christ, won't it be because of this so he asked to change the skirts to the pants?

At noon, she was preparing to go to the restaurant to eat, then her phone rang, and seeing the caller
ID, she was shocked because it turned out to be Ru Chen.

"Brother-in-law, do you have anything?"

"I just passed JVLear, may you came out have a meal with me, okay?" Ru Chen's low voice came from
her cell phone.

"What?" She is not dare to do this!

If Qin Yiman knows this, she would kill her!

Ru Chen sensored her confusion and asked:"Are you worrying about Qin Yiman?"

"......Yes."She answered slowly.

"Do not worry, she will not know. I want to tell you something." Ru Chen said.

She licked her lips and hesitated for a while, and she agreed at last.

She went to the restaurant room that Ru Chen has booked.

She was a little cramped. This is the first time she has had a separate meal with Ru Chen.

"Brother-in-law, what do you want to tell me?" she asked confusedly.

"First eat, I will tell you after we finished eating" He smiled.

When she saw Ru Chen ordering pineapple and pork, she smiled and asked: "Do you like pineapple
and pork?"

Ru Chen nodded. "Every time I go to a restaurant, I will order pineapple and pork. Unfortunately, I
haven't tasted a better one than her made"

"Why, so many good restaurants, can't you have a chef who can't make delicious pineapple and pork?"

He sighed and said:"I don't know the reason but it always feels that these are not right, these are not
the one I want."

She raised her eyes and looked at him. She suddenly remembered that A Cong had liked to eat the
pineapple and pork she made. He said that no matter how good the chef is, the pineapple and pork that
she made was the most delicious.

"What kind of the pineapple and pork was in your memory?"

"The taste in my memory. I feel that I should have eaten a delicious pineapple and pork, but after I lost
my memory, I never eaten again." His eyes fell into an unknown corner, and the voice of his seemed to
came from that unknown corner too, far away and depressed.

"Memory?" She stunned a little and asked:"Didn't you lose your memories? Why you still remember the
taste in your memory?"