Love in full bloom

chapter 89 Mo Qinyu was given the bum's rush

Xu Ruochen did not answer her positively, but smiled. "My relationship with Ruchen is not bad."

He admired.

Mo Qinyu was quite surprised. "Mr.Xu, your ability is beyond my imagination."

"I have always been able to do anything for my bros, I would." Xu Ruochen smiled charmingly, his eyes
were pretty.

Mo Qinyu also laughed. the person she most wanted to believe was him in city Jin.

"I know that you are very good to me, but I don't want to bother you. If Qin Yiman kows it,she would
make troubles to you."

Xu Ruochen sneered: "I am not afraid of her,she is a vase."

Mo Qinyu sighed in her heart.

Qin Yiman was not only a vase, she was very thoughtful. She had formed an alliance with Mo
Mengshan, and they well hurt her together. She didn’t know how many farce would be directed.

"I really hope that she can stop, I hope she could put all her energy on my brother-in-law, and stop
thinking of me as a fantasy enemy and making me trouble."

"whatever it comes,face it, I’m here with you, don't worry about anything." Xu Ruochen's low voice is
full of comforting power, making her feel that she was not alone in the fight, there was another person
who could let her trust, let her rely on.

when Qin Yiman came back at next morning, she burst into tears in front of Mrs. Qin.

Ru Chen didn’t want to marry her anymore.He wanted to conceal it.

Mrs. Qin was shocked and she knew that Ru Chen had brought a women back,that was a fuse.

Ru Chen had lost his patience.

Qin Yuhan had a dinner outside. She had to solve this problem before he knew it, otherwise the
marriage would be concealed.

She sent someone to pick up Ru Chen and asked him to have dinner here.

When Mo Qinyu went back and went to the door, she was stopped by Qin Yiman. "You are a
shameless little bitch, it is your fault, get out of this house. I am not allowed you to come in.”

Mo Qinyu had no idea about what she had done, and caused her to be furious. It seemed that she
would feel bad if she didn’t quarrel with her.

"I just came back, it seems that I didn't offend you, Missy?"

"It’s all because you,you seduced Ru Chen when you meet, and made him quarrel with me. You also
said something in front of dad, let him freeze my pocket money, take my clothes away, I can't dress
myself. Now Ru Chen dislikes me, he wants to conceal the marriage.” Qin Yiman said, and she hit her.

She used a brute force to push her away. "Qin Yiman,listen, people's patience is limited, you are too

Qin Yiman gritted her teeth, and she really wanted to take a knife and ruined Mo Qinyu’s face,then she
could never seduce men. But she did not dare,she still remembered Qin Yichen’s warning.

If he got mad, he would not let her go, the last time he burned her feet, it was possible for him to pour
sulfuric acid next time.

What she could do was to rush up, hit her, beat her, "I like bully you, it’s your fault,you stayed in my
house, and the woman who should marry Qin Yichen is Mo Mengshan, It’s not you. You’re so poor,you
could only bring shame to us. Listen, I can’t even eat if I see you every day.”

Mo Qinyu pushed her away again. "Qin Yiman,if you are going crazy again, I will fight back."

"You dare!" Qin Yiman snorted, in her eyes, she was just a insect.she could bullied her in any way.

Mo Qinyu’s face was full of anger.

It was unbearable!

"Qin Yiman, I endure you, but it doesn’t mean that I am afraid of you!"

She clenched her fists, and as long as Qin Yiman dared to hit her, she would hurt her too.

Mrs.Qin saw that Mo Qinyu was out of anger, even a rabbit would bite someone when it was angry.

She came over and stopped them, she was afraid that her daughter would be hurt.

"Well, Qinyu, Yiman is not in a good mood, so she is very emotional,now. You should go out first and
take a walk. Come back later."

That was the best way. When her daughter saw her, she was out of control. Ru Chen would be
unhappy when he saw it. If he felt that her character was not good and there was no way to talk about
the marriage contract.

Mo Qinyu took a deep breath and said nothing. She turned and walked outside.

She didn't know where she could go.

There was no place for her to live in city Jin.

In the eyes of Mrs. Qin,Qin Yichen and Qin Yiman, she was a beggar, living by their charity.

The setting sun blew the last glory, and she walked outside toward the setting sun, like a homeless
stray dog.

It was so quiet, as if there was herself in the whole world.

There was a bench which was outside the iron gate, she sat down and waited there. It’s bothersome
to go outside,anyway,she had no where to go. It was better to sad here.

When Ru Shen’s car came over, he saw the thin figure at one glance.

He quickly stopped the car and went out.

"Qinyu, what are you doing here, why not go in?"

Mo Qinyu didn't think that she would be seen by him. She was nervous. "I... I am here...waiting for Qin
Yichen, he has not returned yet."

He stunned, "Are you quarreling?"

"No." She shook her head.

"Then why are you waiting here, why not wait at home?" He frowned and he felt that she didn't tell the

She hooked her lips and wanted to show a relaxed smile, but the smile disappeared before it formed,
as if it had been blown away by the night wind.

This subtle expression was seen by him, and his felt sad for her. “Qinyu, it’s dark, don’t sit alone, go in
with me, whatever happen, I will help you solve it."

"I'm fine, brother-in-law, you should go in, Mrs. Qin and sister are waiting for you inside, don't care
about me." She looked down, and her long eyelashes made sad shadows on her white skin.

She was so thin, hidden in the shadows, it seemed that a strong wind could take her away.

Ru Chen felt painful. He had an urge to take her into her arms, he wanted to take care of her, give her
warmth, and prevent her from being so alone.

But he couldn’t.

She was Qin Yichen’s wife.

"I won't go in. I didn't want to go in. I was upset when I saw that arrogant lady, it was awkward."

"No, you have to go in, or I will leave." she looked stubborn and she stood up and walked out. She
didn't want to have even a little contact with him.