Love in full bloom

Chapter 87 She was put in prison.

"They've all gone out to the opera today and Meng shan has something urgent to find Mo Qinyu, so
let's make an exception." Qin yi man pursed her mouth.

Moqinyu pretended not to know what she had and asked, "elder sister, do you have anything to do with

"Qin yu, can we talk alone?" "Mo meng shan whispered.

Moqinyu took her to the garden.

Mo meng shan found that the Qin's mansion was much bigger than she had imagined.

It would be much good if she can live here.

Short pleasure, long lament.

If she had married him, nothing would have happened. She would be the mistress of the place and
enjoyed every day.

"What's the matter with you, sister?" Moqinyu's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Qin yu, you should know my mama was shut up by police station,"Mo meng shan whispered.

Her heart was filled with hatred. If her eyes can be turned into sharp arrows, she must put a thousand
arrows through her heart and let her die without a place to bury herself.

Mo qin yu shrugged her shoulders and knew what she came for.

But what could she do?

"My dad called me before. Why don't you talk to your mother don't look troubles? You have seen
enough of Qin yi chen’s characters. Do you think I, or you, or our family have a right to decide it? If we
make trouble like this, it will make the Qin family angry.”

Mo meng shan admitted that she had indeed made a wrong plan.

Her mother had never lost the argument with the second uncle's family before, so she thought that she
could not lose this time, but she ignored Qin yichen was the decision maker.

She had to win Qin Yi chen‘s favor to drive Mo Qin yu away, and then regained her position.

"Did the Qin family know?"

"I don't know. I didn't say that." Moqinyu shook her head.

"Good. I know it's my mom's fault, and she's freaking out. She was too old to endure in prison. I
promise she won't do it again. Just forgive her." Mo Meng shan didn't want to grovel to her. She had
always been superior, and now they were in reverse.

Mo qin yu did not understand what she meant. "sister, you have to go to the police station. My father
and uncle have gone to the police station to reconcile, but the police department will not let anyone go.
I suppose you'll have to make some acquaintance."

A sinister look passed under Mo Meng shan's eyes.

She's pretty good at pretending to be innocent. Didn't she do this?

"Moqinyu, we are a family, we can't kill each other, you don't play silly. My father had already found
someone he knew, and he said that my mother's inability to come out was an instruction from their
superior, so my mother was sentenced to three months, otherwise she would have come out."

"Your mother must go to my father's work place to make trouble, so she offended my father's
leadership, so they called the police arrested your mother. You tell your father to ask the leader for

Mon meng shan wanted to kill Mo qin yu. She's really good at faking it. She's still talking to her about
something else when she's the one who did it.

If she said she was the Qin's daughter-in-law, nobody would refuse her.

"Qin yu, I regard you as close younger sister, can you stop joking with me? I know you did it." All she
could do was get her mom out.

Mo qinyu gasped. Mon meng shan thought she did it. It's none of her business.

"Sister, what makes you think I did it? What can I do?"

"You are not the wench you used to be, but the daughter-in-law of the Qin family. My mother can go to
jail with one phone call." Mo meng shan pursed her mouth.

"I don't know who I called. I am a civilian, even if I married the qin family, I am also a civilian. Who can I
call?" Mo qin yu was in disorder.

Mo meng shan was a little confused. Was Mo qin yu too good at pretending?

"Is it really not you?”

"I swear I meant to go back today, but Yi chen didn't let me go. He said if aunt still make troubles today,
I can go back." She held up her hand with great solemnity.

Mo meng shan stared at her to see if she was lying, but her face seemed to confess, "Did Qin Yi chen
know about this?"

"He knows. I had to ask him for leave, so I had to tell him." Mo qin yu nodded.

Mo meng shan shuddered violently. A chill accompanied by a strong sense of loss swept over her.

Was it made by Qin Yichen?

At least she was also his ex-fiancee. Didn't he even care about her feelings?

She thought, and an anger rose from her chest. Mo qin yu must have said a lot of bad things about her
in front of him and made him think badly of her.

Therefore, he would always be cold to her.

She swallowed the saliva, and ruthlessly swallowed the heart of anger, she still maintained a peaceful,
soft weak image.

"Qin Yi chen did it?"

Mo qin yu paused, then shook her hand. "It's impossible. He doesn't have time for us."

"Sister, ask for me, and if it is really him, ask for my mother's release. I promise she'll never make a
scene again." The river of resentment overwhelmed Mo meng shan.

Moqinyu thought, and then nodded, "I will ask him, but this thing should not be him."

When she returned to the hall and saw Qin Yichen, Mo Mengshan pretended to be sensible and
righteous. "my mother is quick-tempered, but in fact she is very kind. It's my fault that I didn't tell her
what's going on. We're all family. You marry in the same way as I do. When she comes out, I will
persuade her to bless you."

She laughed wildly. But when she got out of gate, all the smile turned into hatred.

She must take her place!

Mo qinyu sat beside Qin Yichen, but she could not believe that he had done it.

"That...... My aunt was arrested by the police station, do you know?"

He grunted and answered nothing.

She continued to test, "Three months is too long. Fifteen days is enough for her."

"Can this kind of person be changed in such a short time?" He threw out a remark carelessly.

Now she was pretty sure that he had done it.

She had no idea that he did "good things" without leaving name!

"I owe my cousin a favor for saving my life last time. This time I return her favor, you let aunt out. We
don't owe each other." She said in a deliberative tone.

"Although aunt disregarded affection, they shouldn't be like her. This time we taught her a lesson, I
guess she will behave herself in the future."

Qin yichen knocked her on the head, "Stupid, you really think she's trying to save you on the golf

"What do you mean?" she asked.