Love in full bloom

Chapter 88 The first man in her life

"What do you mean?" she asked.

Qin yi chen did not answer immediately. He went to the bar,filled two glasses of wine, and handed one
to her.

She took it, glanced at it, and dared not to drink it.

She shuddered at the memory of the last drink in the bathroom.

She didn't want to be a slut anymore.

"You didn't put anything in there, did you?"

She blinked and stared at him with some trepidation.

His graceful corners of the mouth turned up a trace of evil sneer, slightly leaning over. His handsome
and unpiped face closed to her, there was only a short distance away from her, "you miss being a slut?"

"I'm not going to let you do that again," she said, as the heat rushed from her neck to her scalp, making
her look like a Washington apple.

"I have only aroused your nature and debunked your disguise." His critical glance cut her to the ground
like a sword, and his tone was full of the deepest sarcasm.

She's a slut. She'll never turn over.

She shrank into the corner of the sofa to hide herself.

Her mouth was like being fed into a piece of coptis. The extreme bitterness spread from the tip of her
tongue to the heart.

This topic never came to an end. It was impossible for a person with a strong sense of cleanliness to
accept a broken body, and he was a god-like figure, perfect, excellent and superior.

Only a pure, clean, perfect woman could marry him.

A dirty woman like her was a stain to him.

"Let's get down to business. What did you mean?"

It would be wise to change the subject at once.

Qin yi chen shook down his glass of wine, and all his expression vanished in a moment, leaving only
the icy cold of the northernmost iceberg.

"Don't you think it's unusual that a ball from somewhere just hit you?"

"Just coincidence." She shrugged with puzzle.

"Stupid." He flipped her forehead. A bit of sharp color flashed in his eyes. "there may be a conspiracy
behind all the coincidences."

She gasped. Was he too paranoid?

"If someone hates me and wants to hit me with a ball, I believe it. But she designed it to save me, and it
doesn't make sense. Cousin's arm was hit swollen, this is not the same as lifting a stone to hit her

He rubbed her head with a sneer. It's this woman's nature, she would be grateful for a little favor. The
trick worked best for her.

"Idiot, you'll be happy even you are hurt by others."

She smiled faintly. "Anyway, I believe my cousin really wants to save me. We are Cousins, we both
have Mo blood, there will always be family affection between us. How terrible it would be if all that
remained between relatives were calculation."

"If she didn't calculate you, you can marry me?" He grunted. She is so stupid.

She pursed her mouth and said nothing.

If it's not a coincidence, it must be Qin Yiman trying to hurt her.

Her cousin certainly did not know, she saved her completely out of instinct.

"Anyway, you let my aunt out. This time she must be too scared to make any more trouble."

"I have no time for them." With a look of indifference and coldness on his face, he got up and went
outside, apparently without any possibility of communication or consultation.

Mo Qinyu was depressed, she called her father again later and knew that her aunt had been taken into

She made troubles in Mo Qin yu’s father's work place and she made everybody cannot work normally,
and also scratched the leader that came to stop quarreling. Then making scenes in front of Mo Qinyu’s
family, she disturbed the neighbors and they couldn’t have a normal rest. She not only hit moqinyu's
mother, but also pushed down the neighbors.

To this kind of person that constituted personal injury, the police sentenced her three months of
detention was completely reasonable and legal, and not bent the law for personal gain.

So she couldn’t defend.

Mo qinyu sighed. In his heart, she was a bug with no right to speak.

So she couldn't help her aunt.

After talking to her father, she called Mo Meng shan, who was still waiting for an answer.

“Mengshan,I asked him, and he scolded me. He said he had no time for us. Now he's out looking for
his lover and he's probably not coming back tonight. I have said he didn’t do that. I cannot even
compare with a lover in his heart, how could he care about my family?"

She said this to dispel Mo Mengshan’s suspicions.

If she told Mo Mengshan that it Qin Yichen did that, and Qian Yichen would not help her, Mo Mengshan
would never believe her. Maybe she would feel that Mo Qinyu could not forgive her aunt, and that she
intended to lock her up.

Mo mengshan was judging the truth of her words. If Mo Qinyu did not put herself so miserable, she
would not believe.

But now she preferred to believe it was true.

It showed that Qin Yichen didn't care about her at all. He treated her like a pet, and when he got tired of
her, he would throw her in the trash.

Qin yichen went out and never came back then.

Moqin yu knew he went looking for his lover, perhaps more than one lover.

If Master Qin wanted a woman, he only needed to hook his finger.

She was enjoying herself in his absence. She occupied the large room by herself, and even breathed
more easily.

Xu ruochen sent WeChat to her. When he learned that Qin Yichen was away, he opened video.

He seemed to have just had a bath, and was wearing a blue pajama, with the collar wide open and the
chest muscles of his character showing.

Almost subconsciously, she thought of the night at the hotel.

It is a horrible nightmare to her originally, she felt painful every time she thought of it, but after she
knew that it was Xu ruochen, the shadow in her heart seemed to disappear quietly.

And the kind of distance that she felt to him also faded away.

After all, he was the first man in her life.

A woman like her, who is conservative and traditional, had more or less special feelings for her first
man, especially if he was a man she didn't dislike or even like.

He knew this well, so he designed the play in the villa to let the truth out, so that she had no scruples
about him.

"Your husband doesn't go home at night, it is not a good phenomenon." His handsome face wore a
mocking smile.

"I'm pretty free on my own." She smiled.

"Fool, you are too passive." Xu ruochen sighed.

Her thick long eyelashes flickered as if to think of something, she made a face at him, "well, don't talk
about my things, you know Ruchen found a woman? It has nothing to do with you, right?"