Love in full bloom

Chapter 77: A Trap

"It doesn't matter, as long as he likes women too. I am a very open person, and I don't care about
sexual orientation." Mo Mengshan spread her hands and showed a calm expression.

Mo Qinyu sighed. It seemed that she only wanted to get the heart of Qin Yichen.

"Sister, you can do what you want to do, just do it, I can't stop it. Qin Yichen is a hard person, he has
no feeling, he treats everyone same, you just don't do the dangerous things and make yourself hurt.
That's enough."

She believed that falling in love with Qin Yichen must be a very miserable thing, that was like, taking
psychotropic drugs and a flying moth darting into the fire.

Mo Mengshan felt that she agreed, and secretly snickered, she was a stupid and simple-minded
woman. She wanted to fight with her? No way.

"Qinyu, the saying goes, rich water should not be let out of our own fields. We are cousins, a family,
all the benefits should be shared internally, how can we make others get this? We both joined forces to
let that bitch lose. Let her not wander around Qin Yichen longer."

Mo Qinyu shook his head. "No, sister, there are so many women in the world. You can let one of
them lose, and soon there will be others behind to come here. The mistress is endless."

No, was she really so generous?

Mo Mengshan whispered in her heart, it's must be that Qin Yichen disliked her, so she pretended to
be generous to keep her status.

"Qinyu, you are too pessimistic. You can't fight alone. Of course, we are united and we should fight
against foreign enemies together, then we will succeed." However, Mo Qinyu did not have such
confidence as her.

After all, the level of the two was different. She was graduated from a noble school. She grew up as
a rich man's wife and grew up in a better living environment.

And she grew in an ordinary worker's family, life was simple, poverty limited her imagination, so she
did not want to expect something that should not belong to her.

If it was not for saving Xiaowu, she had already left.

The position of the lady of the Qin family, anyone loves to be it, had no relationship with her, she did not
care about that at all.

Qin Yichen was the embodiment of Shura Devil. He was the reincarnation of Lucifer. She can't bear
it. After a long time, she will be tortured to death sooner or later.

"Sister, are you planning to stay in Jincheng?"

"Yeah, I originally planned to come to Jincheng for development. Jiangcheng was a third-tier city.
How can we compare with the first-tier cities like Jincheng? Of course, it is better to develop in

Mo Mengshan whispered in her heart and there's no way to drive her away.

The Qin family was her husband's family. Qin Yichen was her husband. She was just a substitute
and was still trying to stay here, daydreams!

Mo Qinyu compressed her lips. "Did aunt go back?"

Mo Mengshan nodded. "Yes." Mom went back to continue to fight with her second uncle, forcing
them to summon her back, otherwise she would never give up.

Mo Qinyu took a sip of a cocktail. "Well, I have to go back. I have a ban. I can't stay outside for too
long at night."

The big demon temper was so bad, if she went back late, he must punish her again.

Mo Mengshan’s eyes flashed a cold light, and opened her mouth. She smiled gently and friendly.
"You should take care of yourself, you are too thin."

When Mo Qinyu came home, he saw Qin Yichen sitting on the sofa in the living room, his expression
was fidgety.

"I came back in advance, there is no illegal regulation," she said quickly.

He snorted and turned to his room.

She followed behind him and was like a little animal silently.

"Is Mo Mengshan looking for you to negotiate?"

She took out a box of milk from the ice box, poured two cups, went into the room, and handed one to

"What do you think of my sister?" She did not answer his question and asked a question.

"She'd better than you, at least she's clean.” He sneered, as if he was deliberately hitting her.

A little fascinating color flew into her eyes. "Why don't you change?"

"You knelt me and asked for me, so I have to give you a chance." His perfect eyes were closed.

"Thank you so much, my Lord." She held a fist and replied.

He looked at her and used a condescending contemptuous eyesight. "There is only one chance. If
you don't know how to cherish it, then there is no second one."

"I must seize the opportunity." She said with a bit of ridiculous, mixed with a humble tone.

He stood up and walked over to the bed. "Today, you are on the top, showing it to me."

"...Yes." She complained in her heart.

One night, Qin Yichen was very dissatisfied.

This woman seemed to never learn how to please her husband. When she touched him, her body
would be tight and stiff, her movements were mechanical, and her voice was so fake.

But this also provoked Qin Yichen's desire to conquer her.

He hadn't tasted the thrill of conquest for a long time.

Everything for him was easy to get.

Only this woman, born with anti-bone, her heart never yielded to him.

The next day, Qin Yiman came here.

She invited him and Mo Qinyu to play golf.

When Mo Qinyu didn't have her leisure time and didn't play golf, she said, "Big sister, you can go with
Yichen, I don't play golf, so I won't go." If she went there, she would be the extra one.

Qin Yiman frowned. "Mo Qinyu, seriously?" Today she had to let her go.

"No, big sister, I have to go to work." She explained quickly.

Qin Yichen did not speak, pondering what Qin Yiman was doing.

Mrs. Qin thought that her daughter wanted to improve her relationship with Mo Qinyu. She said, “You
can ask for leave, it's our company, so it will have nothing to do with a day off.”

When she heard her say this, Mo Qinyu did not say much, and nodded.

Going to the golf course, Mo Qinyu saw a beautiful scenery on the green grass.

That was Mo Mengshan.

She knew that Qin Yiman will not really want to reconcile with her, but can only keep trapping her.

Qin Yichen immediately frowned. "Qin Yiman, have you forgotten my warning?"

"It doesn't matter to me, I don't know she will be here." Qin Yiman quickly waved her hands.

He whispered: "Do you think I will believe?"

"It's up to you." She grinned. "Mo Mengshan is not an outsider. She is the cousin of Qinyu, and she is
also your sister-in-law. We out to play together, what is wrong?"

Today's date was what Mo Mengshan thought of, she was responsible for the arrangement.

They wanted Qin Yichen to know that he can do that Mo Qinyu all can't. They were people of
different worlds. Only Mo Mengshan was in the same world as him.

Seeing them, Mo Mengshan came over and smiled. "Big sister, Yichen, Qinyu, what a coincidence,
you are here too."

"Don't pretend to be an accident, I don't have this fate with you." Qin Yichen said coldly and made
her very embarrassed.