Love in full bloom

Chapter 85 Meet in secret

It should be the most familiar people.

They were not familiar with each other. Even if he happened to see her in Jiang City, it only be called

"Mo Qinyu, I know that you are a little surprised, and I am the same. The dream in Nanhu is after
seeing you. Three years, my dream has always been a blank, never dreamed about the past. I don't
know why it is so coincidence. Everything you makes me feel so familiar. Maybe God has arranged for
me, and let you reopen my memory." His tone was a bit of pleading, and she knew that she should not
refuse, but...

"If the older sister knows, I am afraid that she will be overwhelming and angry."

"Don't let her know, and we meet in secret, okay?" Ru Chen said.

She sighed in her heart.

The secret meeting was discovered, wasn’t it worse?

They would be considered that they have affairs. And they would never explain it clearly.

"Brother, if you have anything need me to help and just call me," she said quietly.

Ru Chen smiled bitterly. "I understand. You wait until I handle the matter of Qin Yiman first."

Mo Qinyu glanced at him and knew what he wanted to do. "Give another chance to the older sister. If
she is willing to change, you will forgive her, will you?"

Ru Chen was silent.

He didn't love Qin Yiman. After seeing Mo Qinyu, he was more sure that he didn't love Qin Yiman.

“Would it be terrible to marry someone you don’t love?”

This words seemed to touch her, and her shoulders trembled. "If he loves you, it will be better, but if
he will not love you. It is really terrible."

Her reaction was completely seen by Ru Chen. "Do you love Qin Yichen?"

There was a smile on her face, and the smile seemed like nothing, but it was more like a helpless

"We just know each other a little, and feelings need to be cultivated for a long time."

"I know that he is not good to you. He has other women outside, and he openly brought her out."
There was a trace of anger in Ru Chen's eyes. If her husband was him, he would cherish her and care
for her, and didn’t let her hurt.

Her mouth seemed to contain a piece of coptis, and the ultimate bitterness spread from the tip of the
tongue to the internal organs.

This incident seemed to be known to the entire celebrity circle.

She fell out of favor, no, it should be that Qin Yichen never liked her, and she never had the favor.

"The men in the celebrity circle are going to have other women outside. I am used to it, just fine."

"I won't." Ru Chen said firmly, "I only need one wife, and I will company her the lifetime."

Her eyes were filled with tears.

In the past, A Cong also told her that he just wanted her and he would company her for the rest of
his life.

Perhaps she was destined to be a misfortune in marriage.

Those who loved her would be taken away by God.

She could only marry a man who hated her, despised her, mocked her, dislikeed her, and wanted to
torture her to death.

Ru Chen saw her look, and he knew he was right.

Qin Yichen was an iceberg. He simply didn't know how to cherish her. How can he be good to her?

"If he is not good to you, leave him."

He reached out and touched her cheek, gently wiped her tears from her cheeks, and a strong sense
of familiarity swept her, giving her an illusion, as if the person in front her was A Cong.

However, she soon returned to reality, taking a step back like stuck by a needle.

Ru Chen quickly rolled his hand back, and a little inexplicable loss passed through his eyes. "I'm
sorry, I am just..."

"It doesn't matter." She interrupted him, knowing that he just wanted to wipe her tears.

"I should leave, brother-in-law." She did not dare to stay too long, although he was not A Cong, he
was too much like A Cong, and she was afraid that she would not control herself.


The designer sent a batch of clothes that were specially made for her.

Qin Yichen ordered her to try it one by one.

What most she couldn't stand was that he let her take off her clothes and wore these clothes directly
in front of him.

In front of him, she seemed to be not only a pet, but also a dress-up Barbie.

"Master Qin, I am finished, and are you satisfied?"

"You are ordinary, and wear everything is the same." He sneered, and gave her a bad review!

She knew that he liked sexy, hot women with giant breast, like his little lover.

Honestly, since he had a woman, and he could simply abandoned her and let her make a thorough
vase. It was only for decoration, or a thorough light bulb, to illuminate them, to darken herself.

She really didn't understand why he had to vent his physical needs on her body. Wasn't that hot girl
heat not satisfy him?

The most perverted thing was that he actually gave her medicine and made her become a chippie.
What he did was too much.

"Qin Yichen, I am not the type you like, right?"

"Crap." He said coldly.

She grinned, it was indeed nonsense, and why she knew the result but she still asked. She was the
type he hated, not more disgusting, only the most disgusting.

"Then my sister, Mo Mengshan, do you like her?" she couldn't help but ask.

"What do you think?" He asked, and his eyes were shining in the darkness.

She indulged in silence, "Should be, you like the giant breasts, and she is D-cup." Mo Mengshan
spent a lot of money to get her breasts, and she used massage method, snd her big breasts were so
naturally, and not silicone fake.

Qin Yichen coughed, and his arm stretched out and knocked her head. "You really know my

"Yeah, I guessed it." Her heart had an inexplicable sad, and she felt that she was really wrong.

If he got married with Mo Mengshan, and Mo Mengshan would get along well with Qin Yiman, and
there would be no disputes at home.

She had a high taste, and he could take her out casually, not afraid of other despised him. Unlike
her, no matter where she was, she would make mistakes when she did anything. So he would rather
bring his lover out and not take her.

Qin Yichen frowned. “Do you want me to change her back?”

"No." She shook her head quickly. "I just ask, and let me always be careful, and always remember
the sense of crisis."

"Women, are you not for money?" He sneered sarcastically.

She smiled bitterly. "You won't freeze my money anymore?"

"It depends on you." His gaze was a glimpse, and the coldness was horrible. She took a breath. "I
will try my best."

Qin Yichen snorted, and he believed that she could do anything and dared to do anything for money.

In the evening, Mo Qinyu’s father called.

These days, the aunt came to their home every day and forced them to go to Jin City to bring her
back, otherwise she would not let them live better.