Love in full bloom

chapter 84 Secretly meet brother-in-law

“My brain has lost its memory, but not my others parts of my body, you know that according to scientific
research, people’s memories are stored not only in the brain, but also in cells, for example, it can be
held in the viscera, the skin, or the taste buds.” he said slowly.

She blinked her eyes with curiosity:“so your taste buds stored memories of that taste, but you never
have the same taste again?”

“En, just like that.” Ru Chen nodded.

The waiter served the dishes.

She then said with a smile:“Mr Ru, try this sweet sour pork, is this the familiar taste in your memory?”

“Okay, I try.” Ru Chen had a piece and shook his head in disappointment:“no, seems I might never
taste the same sweet sour pork I had before.”

Mo Qinyu also had a piece, she then licked her lips and said:“yummy! Not bad, it’s the sweet and sour

“You also like sweet sour pork?” Ru Chen raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, and I can also do this, my friend used to...” she then pasued there.

Ru Chen added for her:“your friend is also into this?”

“En, she said the pork I made is the best.” Mo Qinyu smiled, showing out her two dimples.

“I wish I get to try the pork you made someday.” Ru Chen said with smiles.

“It’s easy, when you come to family Qin next time, I can make for you.” she smiled firstly, and then her
sight kind became a bit gloomy:“no, my big sister always doubt me, if I make sweet sour pork for you in

the kitchen, she will surely think I’m trying to seduce you, so I cannot take the risk.”

Ru Chen shook his hands:“I’ve thought it through, I might cancel the wedding, I cannot marry to a

Hearing this, Mo Qinyu’s heart had a shiver:“you two used to be on the good terms with each other,
right? Is it because of me that big sister turns to be like this?”

Ru Chen then replied:“when I woke up, the servant told me that it’s her who saved me, so I was
grateful for the things she had done for me, at first, I felt we two could try a relationship, but with time, I
found that I didn’t really like her temperament, now, she always gets crazy.”

“Big sister does love you, she’s just a little spoiled.” Mo Qinyu comforted him.

“I want a wife, not a gigant babe.” Ru Chen said with mockery.

Mo Qinyu felt that the words of gigant babe worked so well on Qin Yiman.

“If you want to get the divorce with her, I’m afraid she cannot take this.”

Ru Chen had a sip of tea and replied with indifferent sight:“that’s her business, all she know is to
scream everyday, she never think things in my shooes.”

Mo Qinyu took a sigh:“by the way, how’s the wound on your back now?”

“It’s allright, just small injuries, luckily you didn’t get hurt, or I wouldn’t forgive her.” Ru Chen said with
hatred tone.

“I really don’t want you two to break up because of me.” Mo Qinyu frowned there.

“Even if it’s not about your thing, we might probably fight for other things.” Ru Chen said.

When they were about to finish the meal, Ru Chen took out several paintings, he drawed them as the
scene in his dream.

Mo Qinyu took a look and felt so shocked:“you drawed these?”

He nodded:“I often had this dream these days, I dreamed a girl in blue skirt and also this old banyan
tree, I didn’t know what she looked like, everytime I got closer enough to see her, I woke up.”

Hearing this, Mo Qinyu felt more surprised, the scene was so familiar to her. It’s the wishing tree at
south lake, she and Cong used to be there to watch the sunset together, she would sit under the tree to
draw some paintings, and Cong would play the pipe besides her. Those times were so beautiful, and
their love for each other was so sincere and genuine. But sadly all of these vanished in a car crash. Her
happiness were like powders flowing away with wind, leaving no trace.

At the thought of this, there’s a teardrop falling down on her cheeks.

Ru Chen stared at her, her reaction told him that she knew this place, maybe she was the one in his

“I’ve seen you in this dress, and also I saw your painting of this tree, Qinyu, didn’t we know each other

Mo Qinyu nodded:“I didn’t know you before, you just look alike with my friend, if I did see you, I would
surely remember you, but I didn’t really see you before.”

He held his head, the confusion within made him feel a bit headache:“then why did I have this image in
my memory? From the first time I met you, I felt so familiar and felt like we had seen each other before
somewhere, later, I heard you playing pipe, and I was pretty sure that I heard this before, if we hadn’t
seen each other before, why wouldn’t I have such feeling?”

“I don’t know either.” Mo Qinyu now felt a bit gloomy, the person in front of her couldn’t be Cong, he
couldn’t be Cong.

Three years ago, Cong had incident in Jing city, at that time, he was at abroad, it’s thousands of miles
away. So Cong was already dead. They just happened to look alike...

For a time, the air of room went into quietness. She held her chin and meditated there for a long time,
suddenly, there’s a thought flashing out of her head.

“I think there’s another possibility, you might saw me at south lake, or maybe you happened to see me
drawing there or head me playing the pipe, but I really didn’t see you before or noticed you.” Mo Qinyu
paused there for seconds and added again:“I remember Ru Fang once said that dreams are reactions
of our subconscious mind, the human memory will firstly stay in the hippocampus, and then reach the
subconscious mind, sometimes memories that remain on the surface of the brain disappear, but the
subconscious mind is still stored and reflected in our dreams, that’s probably explained your reactions.”

Ru Chen then smiled:“it sounds reasonable, anyway, I did see you before.”

“En.” she nodded:“Xu Ruochen’s young sister is a psychologist, she said that people can regain their
memories by thypnotherapy, you want to try?”

He shook his head and took a sigh:“I’ve already tried, it’s no use, maybe I might never remember this.”

“But you can remember the girl and the tree, it means that your memory might be restored someday.”
Mo Qinyu comforted him.

He blinked his eyes and replied:“are you willing to help me?”

“What can I help you?” she dazed there.

“I also don’t know why, everytime when I see you, I suddenly feel that all of my memories are about to
regain, you seem to be the key for my memory.” Ru Chen said.

“Me?” she felt surprised.