Love in full bloom

Chapter 81: Knelt Down And Asked For Love

"That was all from the past. At that time, I was still young and ignorant. I didn't know what true love
was. From the first sight of seeing Yichen, I realized what true love is."

She paused and her expression became extremely serious. "I know that he doesn't love me. In order
to make him pity me, every day I will hold his legs, said I am conquered by him, and ask him for love."

When she finished, she put down the tableware and stood up. She went to Qin Yichen and knelt
down and hugged his leg.

This bold movement made Qin Yichen shake, and an unspeakable look overflowed from his dark

"I have been conquered like this by you and been cut off all the retreats..."

She began to sing, and everyone in the restaurant's eyes moved over, horrified, excited, surprised...
Various expressions alternated on their faces, liked watching an idol drama.

Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman were also shocked, and they never thought that Mo Qinyu would do

Mo Qinyu sang with a deep affection, comparable to Na Ying.

She ignored all eyes which were looking at her, and put all her arguments, her self-esteem, her
bones, and her stubbornness locked in the box.

After singing, she said slowly, clearly and forcefully: "Yichen, I like you, I am willing to be your little
pet, be your kitten, puppy, bunny, be touched by you, be pitied by you. I will give you all my body, my
heart, and my soul without reservation. You can arbitrarily abuse, trample freely, I have no regrets. My
husband abused me thousands of times, I wait for my husband to be like first love... ..."

She was deeply affectionate and full of tears. After the talk, the guests in the whole restaurant were
moved, and some even cried.

The warm applause screamed.

It turned out that there was still true love in this world.

Mo Mengshan was so angry in her heart that the internal organs would be blown up.

This little bitch was so good at acting, it wa no wonder that Qin Yichen did not agree to change it. It
turned out that she was so shameless sing this every night.

Qin Yichen looked down at his feet, she was humble as an ant, she was also watching him.

Her eyes were so complicated that he can't read it, but he knew that she was acting.

There was no "true heart" in her complex emotions.

Her only true love was money.

While he felt ridiculous, he felt endless irony.

But there was no denying that she had the ability to influence his emotions, and that his anger can
be smashed on the soft cotton wall and can't be vented.

"Remember to sing it every day!" He touched her head and forked a piece of meat into her mouth
with a fork, liked a beastmaster who praised the obedient, hard-working monkey.

She nodded and smiled at him and returned to her seat.

Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman were still in the shock, and didn't react.

Mo Qinyu’s boldness and shamelessness had seriously exceeded their imagination.

"Jinyan, is your cheap pet crazy?" Qin Yiman said incredibly.

Qin Yichen’s anger was much smoother.

Although this woman was acting, it showed that she was in his complete control and had no intention
of making unnecessary struggles.

He took a sip of red wine and glanced at Qin Yiman. "This is called a boudoir appeal. If you can, it is
possible for you to marry others."

Qin Yiman was speechless, "I won't like this, I'm not so shameless."

"So you do not understand that, with your husband, it won't be too excessive." Qin Yichen said

Mo Qinyu added a sentence in a timely manner. "As long as my husband likes it, I can do
everything." She smiled happily.

At this moment, Mo Mengshan asked herself in her heart, can she do such a thing, and then she
answered with certainty, yes, she can!

As long as Qin Yichen liked it, she was willing to do anything, even if she can be a easy girl, as long
as he was willing to fuck her.

"Qinyu, you are really bold, just like you used to be at home, relying on an impulse, do everything. I
remember when I was young, you and a person fight for a dollar, You were hurt to be beaten and finally
grabbed the money."

Her every single word was with special meaning, this was to let Qin Yichen knew how bad she was,
she was like a street punk, but also special loved money, she married him was only for money.

Qin Yichen’s dark eyes flashed, and he did not expect that Mo Qinyu would really work hard for the

It seemed that her only honesty was in the attitude towards money.

Mo Qinyu faintly took a look at Mo Mengshan, she was feeling like that she was an onion, and she
was peeled off in pieces.

When did she become a big trumpet?

Qin Yiman snorted and cast a scornful look. "Mo Qinyu, our family has also relieved your family. You
will still be poor and fought with other for one dollar. Is life too extravagant and all the money was

Mo Qinyu shrugged. "You relieved my uncle's family, and it doesn't matter to my family."

Qin Yichen slowly tasted the red wine in his hand, and the twilight gradually deepened.

This stupid woman loved money, and it's fixed, but if she said that she was extravagance, no, from
marrying to now, he had not seen her spend a few dollars. On the contrary, she was also very frugal,
and the clothes were all old.

This kind of thing should be called tight, so tight ass, the tight Grandet.

Mo Mengshan heard that relief had been given to her family, lest he would leave a bad impression
on Qin Yichen. She said, "Qinyu, I have sent a lot of clothes to you last time, right? Last time I went to
the Qin family, the one you wore is I sent to you."

"That is what you don't want, so you would give them to me, it's not send." Mo Qinyu whispered very
quietly, the voice was very small, Mo Mengshan did not hear that, but Qin Yichen sat next to her, he
heard clearly.

A trace of light flashed through his eyes.

He originally thought that her clothes were bought in Ebay before. He didn't expect that them to be
used second-hand junks.

Was she damn wanting to make him disgrace?

This time, Mo Qinyu didn't notice his eyes, just burying her head in eating. After eating, she grabbed
the red wine at hand and took a big sip.

Qin Yiman quickly sighed. "Qinyu, although you don't have a little taste, how do you have basic
common sense?"

Mo Qinyu did not know what she had done wrong, was it that she was too rude when she was

"sister, what happened?"

Qin Yiman picked up the wine glass. "Red wine is not like this, you contained food, drank such a big
bite, do you think you are drinking a drink? It is really a waste." She sneaked a smile and gently
swayed the cup of the wine, then took a small sip, the action was extremely elegant.

Mo Qinyu followed and learned.

She ridiculed, "Blindly copying others and making yourself look foolish."