Love in full bloom

Chapter 82: Would Reconcile When Smashed

Mo Qinyu felt that however she did, she will be sneered at by her.

She deliberately took a bite of foie gras and drank a swig of wine with a provocative meaning.

Qin Yichen saw it, and there was a slight arc in the corner of his mouth.

Qin Yiman naturally did not know her meaning. She only felt that her sight was contaminated. "I told
you, don't drink while you are eating food, this is Romani Conti, it is a waste to be drank by you."

"Big sister, you can't describe my sister like this. In her eyes, no matter how expensive the wine is, they
are the same."

"Seeing her really affects my appetite." Qin Yiman snorted.

Mo Qinyu said secretly:" Same here."

She put down the knife and fork and wiped her mouth. "Sweetheart, I am full."

Qin Yichen slightly nodded and took her hand. The two stood up together.

"We haven't finished eating yet, can't you be polite?" Qin Yiman glanced at Mo Qinyu.

"You also know how to be polite?" Qin Yichen snorted and walked out with Mo Qinyu.

Qin Yiman was so angry that her face was pale.

As soon as they left, Mo Mengshan did not have any appetite.

"Big sister, why do I feel that Yichen always protects Mo Qinyu?"

"Don't worry, he won't like Mo Qinyu who is so ugly. Just because she is his dog, if some people say
that your dog is ugly, will you protect it?" Qin Yiman grinned.

"Correct." Mo Mengshan smiled.

Qin Yichen kept her, just because she was good at pretending pity, and when he was tired of this kind
of things, she could get out of their faces.

Entering the car, Mo Qinyu was keenly aware that Qin Yichen’s face was a bit gloomy.

There were a lot of discordant episodes in the restaurant, but she couldn't know that which thing made
him angry.

He did not say a word and that made her cramped, so she kept tightening her fists and licking her lips,
lest she would be unlucky once she went back.

When they entered the Qin family, Qin Yichen called the servant. "In the cloakroom of Mrs., throw away
all the second-hand goods."

Mo Qinyu shook violently. "Throw the clothes, what can I wear?"

"If you dare to wear other people's broken goods, I will throw you into the trash can. Anyway, you are
also a garbage." He screamed and threatened.

She sighed with chilly, "I will clean up myself."

She took out the clothes that Mo Mengshan gave her before and handed them to the maid. "What can I
wear in the future?"

She lowered her head and sighed, as if she were forced to go out naked.

Qin Yichen listened to this tone and knew that she did not intend to buy new clothes.

He really felt speechless, she was so cheap.

He borne his anger, called the designer, and designed clothes for her.

Using her name, after all, she was a part of his things.

After that, she put a waterproof band-aid on her knees and went into the bathroom and showered.

Soak in the jacuzzi, washed away the fatigue of the body, and the exhaustion of the soul.

Just as she closed her eyes and was about to fall asleep, a big hand came out of the water and
covered her chest.

She screamed and opened her eyes, and she touched the cold eyes of Qin Yichen.

In an instant, she felt that the warm water of a tank was getting cold.

"Asleep again?" His thin lips sneered a sneer.

She nodded and shook her head again.

"Are you going to drown again?" His slender fingers moved to the surface of the water, gently swiping
as if teasing the cylinder of warm water.

She swallowed. "How can people drown in the same place twice?"

She still remembered the first time they met, in this bathroom, in the bathtub.

She soaked in a bath and fell asleep, almost drowned, and she was lifted up by him.

In a way, he was still her savior.

After that, he thought that the bathroom was dirty and abandoned it.

It became her exclusive.

It’s been a long time that he came in for the first time.

She didn't know if his obsessively tidy had been alleviated, or his ability to resist pollution had

There was a mocking smile on his mouth. "Others won't, you can't."

She raised her arm and hugged her body. "Can you wait for me outside, let me wash myself first?"

He frowned and his eyes suddenly became paralyzed. He lifted his long legs and he stepped into the

She was surprised and thought that in this life, he would not step into this dirty bathtub which was used
by her.

"You thought that it's dirty and abandoned it, didn't you?" she asked in a very low voice.

He leaned slightly, and the handsome face almost sticked hers. "I will take it off tomorrow."

"No, this is my bathtub." She exclaimed.

He snorted and his expression suddenly became a little weird. "Mo Qinyu, tell me, do you really want to
marry that ghost?"

His dark eyes swayed with a haze of flames, it's a sign of his bad temper.

As long as she said a word wrong, she might not be able to leave the bathtub.

"I was still young at the time, really, I don't know what love is..." She was interrupted by his cold voice
before she finished. "Are you going to repeat the damn words what you said in the restaurant again?"

"No, I..." Her nerves were tightened. Was this called that get even with her?

He pinched her chin tip. "If you dare to say a lie, you will be punished!"

The chill of a strand of chilly emerged from the bottom of her feet and spread across the limbs.

Was this meant to drown her in the bathtub right now?

If she lie, she will die. If she tell the truth, will she not die?

She bit her lower lip. "I... I thought about it this way, but I was really young at that time. People will
inevitably be young and frivolous. There is always an impulse. If it is replaced now, I definitely don't do

"You mean that you used to have mind. Now you have heart at all, only money." His voice was mixed
with a kind of disgust.

"Then do you want me to like money, or do you want me to continue to like my ex-boyfriend?" She
suddenly asked, this was a provocation.

A muscle twitched on his face, as if he was accidentally tied by her thorns, it hurt a little!

"Stupid woman, do you like to challenge me?"

"No, this is the egg hitting the stone." Her head shook which was like a drum-shaped rattle.

"I think you are really brave, until all is over ambition never dies." He whispered and raised her two
white legs.

She panicked and worried that she would be slipped into the water and hurriedly grabbed the faucet.

"I surrender, okay?"

"It’s too late." His eyes flashed through the sullen suffocation, and he was criticized, so she had to be

Her fingers grabbing the faucet gradually tightened, as if a prisoner who was waiting to be executed.

His big hand was rubbing on her chest, as if it were two sponges for venting anger only.

Her head was raised and she tried to restrain the instinctive reaction that he caused.

He looked at her tauntingly, this time he kept the constant teasing of her, but he didn't do more.