Love in full bloom

Chapter chapter71 Smacking her own face

When Mo Mengshan finished a song, she walked to the side of Qin Yichen by the lead of Qin Yiman.

She thought that her performance was perfect, and Qin Yichen would be attracted.

“Brother, this is Mengshan, she is your true fiancee,do you remember?" Qin Yiman said with a smile,
she believed that her brother would remember, Mo Mengshan was so good, she was better than Mo
Qinyu,how could he didn’t remember.

There was no expression on Qin Yichen’s perfect face, and there was no temperature. It seemed that
he did not even listen to Qin Yiman’s words, nor did he pay attention to Mo Mengshan.

Anan smiled,when he saw that the waiter came over,he took a glass of wine. "Hey, this wine is
especially good, do you want to taste it?"

Qin Yichen came over and took a sip, his lips was hooked. It was just a tiny arc that was barely
noticeable, but Anan was very satisfied.

Qin Yizhen was praising her,she was right.

He liked her, she knew how to serve him and she knew how to make him happy.

Mo Mengshan was completely ignored,she was like the air, embarrassed, lost and ugly.

Qin Yiman patted her shoulder in as a comforting manner.

She didn’t have good chance. Qin Yichen has just had other women, but these women couldn’t be his
formal wife. If they want to get rid of Mo Qinyu, they must "assisted" Mo Mengshan.

"Yichen, this amazing appearance is specially prepared for you, she is your true fiancee after all, you
have to say a little."

Anan smiled. "Miss Mo, you should perform a creative one, this is a performance that imitates a tourist
attraction. I have seen it for many times."

Mo Mengshan felt that she was slapped by her, and her face turned red. "I didn’t have enough time, so
I didn't think too much."

When she spoke, she always kept a soft,kind voice, in order to maintain her ladylike style.

Qin Yichen stared at her and gave a look at Anan. Anan picked up the wine on the table and handed it
to her.

In her opinion, this wine was actually the "reward" of Qin Yichen.

She immediately recovered her vitality. "Thank you." She smiled.

It seemed that he was not completely uninterested in her.

Qin Yiman took a sip of the cocktail and said: "I am telling you how terrible Mo Qinyu is, and all of her
clothes are actually taken from Mengshan's house.Her family is poor and chaotic, and there is no
money for her to buy high fashion, every time she see Mengshan buy new clothes, she grab, and
rubbed the better one."

"Sister, this is not the case." Mo Mengshan waved her hand and still maintained her whispered tone.
"Qinyu is my friend. Her family was poor. I should help her. Those clothes, she likes it. It’s okay to let
her take them away. We don’t have argue for that.”

She wanted to show her kind, noble and tolerant heart,and also showed that how bad, how shameless,
how selfish Mo Qinyu was.

"Mengshan, you are really kind. She used your kindness,and she bullied you because you have a kind
heart. I knew that she is a woman of misbehavior at the first glance." Qin Yiman tried her best to

slander her,she really wanted to ruin her.

Qin Yichen’s gaze turned dark. “If you mention Mo Qinyu again, get out!” Every word was full of deep

Qin Yiman and Mo Mengshan trembled.

Mo Mengshan eased the atmosphere quickly. "What is the fun place in City Jing? I want to go out with
my sister on the weekend. We are so intimate when I was young, she always asked me to play with

"I know that you are a good sister, but your sister is too thoughtful, you should be careful."While Qin
Yiman saying,she noticed Qin Yichen’s chilling gaze, she pretended to be stupid, she just picked up the
glass and drank the wine.

Mo Qinyu went to the bathroom.

The women inside were talking about her whispering.

"It turned out that she was just a alternate. It’s no wonder that she lost Qin’s favor."

"In my opinion,she never had that."

"Why not just divorce,it’s useless anyway."

"Who is willing to divorce Mr.Qin."


When they saw Mo Qinyu coming in, they stopped talking and went out, and all of them showed a
derisive expression.

Mo Qinyu twisted the faucet, she poured the cold water to her face.

Qin Yichen slapped on her left face, Qin Yiman and Mo Mengshan slapped on her right face, at that
time,the whole face was painful.

She looked at herself in the mirror,she was like a clown who made mistakes on the stage,and was
mocked and ridiculed by the audience.

After she came out, she sat in the distance, a corner farthest from Qin.

Sima Yuer and came over with Qin Chuxia. She kept sitting still, and she was worried.

"Hey, don't you say hello to Yichen?"

Mo Qinyu's gaze passed through the crowd, and through the light, it fell to the more lightful position.

"Mom, look, how busy they are, how happy they are, I will be superfluous if I come, the atmosphere will
become weird, and I may be savage by my eldest sister."

Sima Yier sighed and did not speak.

Mo Qinyu turned to look at her. "Did I disappoint you?"

Sima Yier grabbed her shoulder. "No, I am afraid of that you would be bullied. I have never thought that
it will be so lively tonight, so many people have come."

"It doesn't matter, Mom, I'm fine." She licked her lips.

Xiao Loli’s face showed her unhappiness, she pouted and said. “I’m going to meet boss.”

She ran to the front of Qin Yichen. "Boss, why don't you stay with your wife but stay with these

Qin Yichen pulled her and let her sat beside him. "What did she gave you, you like her so much."

"It’s not that I like her. Everyone likes her expect the eldest sister. She cooked well, and she was good
at bagpipes. It will make a good Ocarina... In short, she is good in every way. I like her, my father likes
her, my mother likes her, my grandmother likes her, brother Shen likes her, we all like her." Qin Chuxia
said it seriously.

When she heard the name of Ru Chen, Qin Yiman almost jumped up. "Ru Chen won’t like her,it was
her who was seducing him."

"It’s obvious that brother Shen likes her. Every smart person would like her. Only the bad guys and the
idiots won’t like her." Qin put her arms around her chest like a small adult.

Qin Yichen touched her head, Mo Qinyu, Mo Qinyu was really amazed, she could let this little girl
defended for her.

When his eyes looked toward the dark corners of the distance, he found that it was empty.

Mo Qinyu was gone!