Love in full bloom

Chapter 80: You like this kind of flattery

Their life experiences, values, and outlook on life were all different,totally different.

Although they shared the same sky, stepped on the same land, and breathed the same air, they were
living in two worlds.

She was not his most suitable wife,Mo Mengshan was.

She knew everything. Her uncle and aunt took great pains to train her, and they spent so much money
on her.

They won’t let their hard-working in vain,they would try their best to regain it for Mo Mengshan.

Qin Yiman took the hand of Mo Meng shan, and she smiled. "Mengshan, if you are my sister-in-law, we
can go shopping together, do SPA together, play golf together... unlike some people, stuffy, Silly,
nothing will happen."

"Yiman, my sister is quiet. She likes to watch online dramas at home, play free games, or play vibrato.
In fact, this is also very good, no need to spend money." She smiled slightly, it seemed that she was
explaining for Mo Qinyu, but it fact,she wanted them know that Mo Qinyu was a ordinary person who
had low taste.

Qin Yichen’s face turned dark, he looked at Qin Yiman and said impolitely. “have you find that no one
would like the woman who has a good relationship with you?”

He was also scolding Mo Mengshan.

Mo Mengshan stopped smiling, as if she was hit by someone, her shoulders shook violently, and turned
to look at Qin Yiman.

Qin Yiman was angry. “Qin Yichen, I am already engaged, I am going to get married soon.”

"I don't think it would be fluent." Qin Yichen showed a cold smile.

He got the key point. Since she had repeatedly provoked him,he didn’t have to be polite to her.

Qin Yiman was mad, "Qin Yichen,that’s enough!"

“Then you should be obedient.”Qin Yichen whispered.

Qin Yiman was so mad that her hair was about burning.

Mo Mengshan was so good. But what he wanted was a bitch. What was he thinking about?

She looked at Mo Qinyu. She was bad in everything.Why did her let her stay with him as his pet,and
treated her well?

"You men, what do you think she is better than me?"

"She’s my wife, no one could comment her." Qin Yichen said directly.

Mo Mengshan patted Qin Yiman’s hand. "sister, how can Qinyu compare with you? You are a gentle
lady from a rich family, and you are the most beautiful lady in City Jin. When I saw you for the first time,
I was shocked. I didn’t expect that there would be such a beautiful and perfect person in the world. It’s
like a fairy in the moon palace. Your skin is good, your eyes are big, just Like the brightest stars in the
sky, your nose is beautiful Greek nose, and your lips were pink, like the rose petals. I have never seen
someone as beautiful as you. How can she compare with you? However, she must have no such
courage. She is an ordinary person,who is not good at make up, just because she doesn’t make up, so
they thought it is natural."

Mo Mengshan was flatting and also laughing at Mo Qinyu,She made a sharp contrast, a rich gentle
lady, a poor and ugly girl.

Qin Yiman felt very comfortable, very happy, and she smiled.

Qin Yichen gave her a look. "You like this kind of flattery."

Qin Yiman was in a bad mood, and her face rose red: "I am for your good sake, Mo Qinyu is a
bitch,she may had so many affairs with other men."

Mo Mengshan said weirdly. "sister, my sister is not a changeable person. She loves her former
boyfriend, and they were so sweet,it seemed that they are one person."

She deliberately paused and quietly glanced at Qin Yichen.

Although Qi Yichen was still indifferent, but he was gritting his teeth.

One person?!

The word was like a bullet which hit him.

She did be that with that man, unlike when she was with him, she was like a dead fish from beginning
to end, and she wouldn’t scream even when she passed out.

Mo Qinyu was nervous, she had been silently watching the quarrel between Qin Yichen and Qin
Yiman, she didn’t interrupt them, she was not qualified to do it, she just secretly observed the look of
Qin Yichen.

He had an ice-faced face, he had no expression, and he rarely showed it. Judging his expression
required careful observation of his eyes.

This was the experience she had learned through countless observations.

However, if he was irritated, things changed.

But it seemed that he could only be irritated by her.

It seemed that when he was with her, he would be angry easily, as if he was holding a gunpowder
bucket at any time.

Was she with a sullen face? Or Did he hate her?

Mo Mengshan’s words irritated him.

He was especially jealous of her past, when the woman didn’t not finish, his eyes had become very

She had to hurry to extinguish the fire, or she would die.

"Sister, that's all in the past, don't mention it."

Mo Mengshan laughed in her heart, she would not let her go, she would say.

No man will allow his wife to have other men in her heart, especially Qin Yichen, who was like a king.

"Qinyu, this is related to your reputation. How can you let sister misunderstand you? You are obviously
a very good person. You love A Cong. When he died, you swear at his grave that only love him in your
life, and you will never love others anymore. You wanted to marry him, if uncle didn’t stop you, you are
his wife now."

Qin Yichen’s chest was filled with anger and quickly spread to the limbs, burning every nerve and every

How much she loved the man, she still wanted to marry him,who had already dead?

She gave nothing to him,nothing.

What about him?

A Waste recycling station?

Qin Yiman laughed and said, "it turns out that you pet had already married before she married you."

Mo Qinyu secretly complained in her heart. They were killing her.

The male dignity of the devil was absolutely not allowed to be challenged. She had fully seen it that

She couldn't let "terror" happen again.