Love in full bloom

Chapter 79: You Are Disgrace Because of Me

"It doesn't matter, as long as Qinyu is fine." Mo Mengshan seemed that she loved her sister.

"You are very good to your sister." Qin Yiman said deliberately.

"This is what I should do." Mo Mengshan smiled slightly, liked a white lotus flower.

Qin Yichen gave her a cold look, his eyes deep and sharp, " Take the trouble to do that." His tone was
very cold, it seemed that she played the show, and did not win the attention of him.

"Mengshan saved her younger sister, why did you describe her like that? Or do you hope that your
cheap pet will be hit by the ball?" Qin Yiman glanced at him angrily.

Mo Mengshan dropped her eyes and looked grievous and pitiful.

Mo Qinyu was moved by this, and came over and took her hand. "Sister, thank you for saving me."

Qin Yiman whispered: "Your sister is good to you, but I didn't see you being good to her. You took her
husband away, and refused to return."

Mo Qinyu ignored her and just said: "Let's go to the lounge and see if there is ice."

She seemed to have forgotten that her two knees were still bleeding.

Every time she moved, there was a sharp tingling, so that she can almost never walk.

When Qin Yichen walked to the rest area and turned around, she was still in a distant place, limping
hard, difficult, painful and moving forward.

"Stupid!" He sighed helplessly, ran over, and hugged her up.

In the public, under the eyes of the public, she was carried in his arms, she was shy.

"I'm fine, let me go, I can go by myself."

"Really?" He frowned and a glimmer of cunning light was flashed in his eyes.

"Yeah." She nodded, borne the pain and smiled at him.

His thin lips cut the cold arc of evil spirits. "Good, go back on your own later." After he finished, he put
her down.

She was terrified, seeing him go, she was instinctively reaching out and grabbing his hand. Her face
showed weakness. "I... I can't." The voice was low, liked begging.

"Speak one way and think another!" He sneered and carried her again.

To deal with such a hard woman, you have to be harder than her, not harder, only harder.

She buried her head in his arms and looked at him from the lashes. "In fact, I'm not that kind of
person." She muttered in a very low voice, as if she was self-speaking.

Qin Yichen stunned, bowed his head and glanced at her with a very weird expression. "Really?"

She wanted to refute him, but she was afraid of provoking him again. At that time, he must let her fall,
then throw her here and let her walk back on her own.

She cautiously replied: "I don't know, I was joking."

"Soooo stupid." Qin Yichen sneered, his mouth quietly raised a trace of the micro-arc.

In the VIP lounge.

Mo Mengshan had been looking at them through the glass window.

She also wanted to be a pet of Qin Yichen.

If she did not escape from marriage, the person who was lying in the arms of Qin Yichen must be her.

"Don't look at them, he is also like this for his own kittens and puppies. But whoever became his pet, he
will be overbearing to protect his pet, and will only be allowed to touch his pet by himself, and no one
else." Qin Yiman said.

She asked the waiter to bring ice to Mo Mengshan and ice for her.

After Qin Yichen came in, she was asked to take the iodophor and gauze, disinfect the Mo Qinyu, and
then wrap it up.

"Hurry up to recover, I hate the limping woman." He overbearing ordered.

Mo Qinyu confused, and she was speechless. "I want to hurry up to recover too, but this is not
something I can control."

She was not a character in the game, she can't restore her physical strength instantly.

His cold eyes passed over her face. "Go back, drink all the soup that promotes wound healing."

She took a deep breath and didn't dare to challenge him, especially in public. "Okay." She said.

Mo Mengshan looked at him. He looked at Mo Qinyu's eyes, he was overbearing, and his tone of
speech was very dictatorial. But behind this hegemony and dictatorship, it seemed to hide something
that cannot be discovered.

She didn't dare to think deeply.

"Sister, are you okay?" Mo Qinyu's voice came from the side and interrupted her thoughts.

"I will apply ice wrapped in a towel, it should be able to relieve the pain." She squeezed a smile.

"Mo Qinyu, I hope you can understand how to gratitude." Qin Yiman said slowly.

Mo Qinyu did not speak. If Mo Mengshan was willing to wait, when she had enough money send
Xiaofeng to go abroad for surgery. She was still willing to help her.

But before that, she didn't dare.

Even if she can care about her family, but aunt can't, she was a sordid merchant.

Qin Yiman looked at the watch. "Let's have lunch together at noon. I want to eat outside."

"No, go back and eat." Qin Yichen shrugged.

Mo Qinyu glanced at Mo Mengshan's body and used the tone of the pleading article: "Just eat it
outside, okay? The sister's arm is hurt, she lives alone, no one takes care of her."

Qin Yichen rubbed her head.

It turned out that the stupid woman was so easy to be bribed, she just helped her to block a ball, then
she was so grateful to her.

He still didn't know where the ball flew from, and it was too strange to be unbiased.

But he did not refuse, and he nodded slightly.

Drive all the way to Jincheng's most upscale Michelin three-star French restaurant.

The menus inside were all in French.

Mo Qinyu can't speak French, and she didn't understand any words.

She didn't understand, a French restaurant opened in China, but there was no damn Chinese in it. Was
this not for the Chinese to come in for dinner?

She was just asking if there was a Chinese menu, and she heard Qin Yiman: "Do you not understand
the menu? You must be the only one who don't understand the menu here. Chinese menu is weird,
when many things are translated into Chinese, we don't understand what it is."

This was the irony.

Mo Qinyu was going to say something, but she stopped.

It turned out that there was a Chinese menu, but it was just not taken over. Someone wanted to make
her disgrace.

Mo Mengshan snickered in her heart, this little bitch was so disgrace today. She did not let the waiter
take the Chinese menu to her, deliberately pretending to help her to solve problems. "It's okay, Qinyu, if
you can't understand it, just ask me."

She had learned a little French, which was a must for high society.

People liked Qin Yichen and Qin Yiman need to master several languages.

Qin Yichen ordered the meal with no expression, and then told the waiter to give Mo Qinyu exactly the
same, regardless of whether she loved or not.

Mo Qinyu’s hand rested under the table and clenched hard.

She suddenly felt that Qin Yichen seemed to be disgrace because of her.