Love in full bloom

Chapter 78: Be Trapped

Qin Yiman quickly eased the atmosphere. "When you come out to play, everyone should be happy.
Don't talk about those."

"Okay." Mo Mengshan nodded and tried to show the appearance of a great lady, to let Mo Qinyu worse
and win her from the temperament.

Mo Qinyu didn't know how to play it, so she whispered, "I will look at you here."

Qin Yichen’s big hand covered on her head, was like to comfort his pet, “Learn it.” He spit out two
words, this was the order!

She did not dare to defy, and she could only try her best to learn it.

Mo Mengshan wore a golf outfit with a light nude makeup that looked particularly refreshing.

Since Qin Yichen liked a fresh type, she played a little fresh role for him.

She was a versatile type and can play any type.

Mo Qinyu even didn't know how to held the pole, with a clumsy look.

She and Qin Yiman looked at her and snickered.

She waved the club and the white ball flew out with a wonderful parabola.

Her posture was elegant and beautiful, and Mo Qinyu can't compare with her at all.

"Wow." Qin Yiman praised. "Mengshan, you played really great. I always think that two people get
along with each other, they should have common interests and hobbies, otherwise they will be
annoying to each other, they mustn't have a long-term time."

Mo Qinyu did not speak. She and Qin Yichen were indeed living two worlds and they had no common

Qin Yichen also didn't want to pay attention to Qin Yiman, she was like this, liked to look for trouble.

He stretched his arms and pulled her into his arms and took her hand.

His handsome face hung down and sticked to her cheek. "I only taught it once and looked at my
movements carefully."

His voice was very light, just out of his mouth and into her ear.

She knew that he was very impatient. This time, if she hadn't learnt it well, she must be given up by

But she was not so smart.

If golf was so easy to learn, everyone can play it.

His hands-on demonstration of the action, the two people's body close together.

Mo Mengshan stared at them, her heart was vomiting blood, and her eyes were about to bleed.

At this moment, she really hoped that she didn't know how to play it, and she be taught by him so

Qin Yiman’s mouth twitched, and she made sure that Qin Yichen was only maintaining his reputation.

Mo Qinyu was his wife, and she knew nothing, it's not good for his reputation, so he would teach her.

Mo Qinyu didn't have time to pay attention to them. She listened very seriously at the side and studied
very seriously, lest the big devil be provoked and then they went back, he would punish her.

However, she still only remembered some basic actions.

After Qin Yichen finished teaching, she tried to serve.

For the first time, she didn't hit the ball.

For the second time, she threw the club out.

For the third time, she was too strong and almost flew herself out.

Qin Yiman laughed at the side, taunting, and took out the camera to record all her funny actions.
"Yichen, just give up, she can't learn it."

Mo Mengshan also wanted to laugh, but she borne, she wanted to hide the taunt in her heart.

"Qinyu, it’s okay, learn slowly, don’t worry. When you were young, you are like this. It’s slow for you to
learn something new, but you can learn hard, don’t be discouraged.”

On the surface, she was comforting Mo Qinyu, cheering her up, actually she wanted to tell Qin Yichen
that her brain was stupid, IQ was low, if you marry her, she would down the gene of your family.

Qin Yichen rubbed her head, "Stupid."

"I am very stupid, otherwise how am i a stupid woman." She laughed at herself.

After Qin Yiman finished laughing, she came over. "Yichen, let her practice slowly, let’s play a game."

She made a look at Mo Mengshan, Mo Mengshan knew what did she mean immediately, and quickly
said: "You can go play, I am here to teach Qinyu."

Qin Yiman took Qin Yichen away.

Mo Qinyu was working hard on the side to practice the swing.

She was afraid that Qin Yichen would be angry, and she was afraid that if she encounters such a scene
again, she will damage his and his family's reputation.

She did not notice the situation around her, but someone put all attention around.

Just as she was preparing for the swing again, there was a small white ball flying to the direction of Mo

"Be careful -" Qin Yiman screamed, but she was not reminding Mo Qinyu, but was reminding Mo
Mengshan to pay attention to the attack, but also to shift the attention of Qin Yichen, let him see the
other side.

Qin Yichen was far apart, and although he dropped his pole quickly and ran like a tornado, it was
impossible to protect his pet.

Mo Mengshan was right next to him, ready to act.

When she saw the ball flying over, she shouted and pushed Mo Qinyu away. The white ball slammed
on her arm.

In fact, Mo Qinyu saw the ball, she was completely avoidable, and she was so pushed, but fell heavily
on the ground.

Mo Qinyu deliberately made a lot of effort, that was, let her fall, to vent her hatred.

She screamed and pretended that she fell to the ground too.

Qin Yichen directly skipped her and ran to the side of Mo Qinyu and helped her up.

Her knees were worn out and the blood flowed out.

Qin Yichen’s heart was angry, and was some annoyed. He didn’t know if his anger was because she
was too stupid, or he did not arrive in time.

He knocked her head. "Stupid woman, is your defense worth zero?"

She was a little wronged. "No, I saw the ball, I was about to escape. As a result, the cousin rushed over
and pushed me away."

"Qinyu, I am afraid that you didn't see it, and would be hit by the ball." Mo Mengshan covered her arm,
frowned, and did not get up on the ground, with a look that she was very uncomfortable.

It’s really painful to be hit by the ball. This was a gunning test.

She knew Mo Qinyu very well. She was a woman who was grateful when she got any help and she
would remember that for all her life.

She saved her, she will certainly be grateful, and put all her warnings down.

Then she would get the good feelings of Qin Yichen.

"Sister, are you okay?" Although she fell, Mo Qinyu was very grateful to her, after all, she was trying to
save her.

She did not expect that she would save her.

It seemed that she and the aunt were still a little different.

At least, she cared about her family.

Qin Yichen did not pull Mo Mengshan. It was Mo Qinyu who resisted the pain and limped over and
pulled her up.

She was disappointed, and to be honest, she had never seen a man like Qin Yichen.

Qin Yiman described him as an iceberg that had not changed for many years, so that she should
prepare for the long-term war of resistance and cannot give up easily.

She did not believe it before.

Now she believed.

He was really high-class, cold, hard, and determinative.

It’s hard to melt him without hard work.

However, she can't melt his heart, and Mo Qinyu was the same.

Qin Yiman said that he only regarded Mo Qinyu as a pet dog, not a woman. She felt that she was not
wrong. They did be like this.

Qin Yiman came over and deliberately pulled Mo Mengshan's sleeves open and looked at it.

"God, it's been swollen."