Love in full bloom

Chapter chapter73 shine on you and dark myself

He slammed the throttle and the car speeded up.

Silence was the only reaction.

Mo Qinyu felt extremely gloomy, and Qin Yichen’s face was more gloomy and more terrifying than the
sky before the typhoon came.

She didn't know what he was mad at?

She was pretty sure she had not said any wrong thing.

It must be that other people had angered him, maybe his lover?

He didn't take her out, so they may quarreled, and he was very fierce.

The sports car had been driving on the highway, faster and faster, which seemed to indicate that Qin
Yichen was more and more angry.

If they kept this, they would went to another city.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

He was silent, and when they came to the high-speed exit, he turned the steering wheel and drove to a
barren field.

There was no one there.

"What are we doing here?" She hugged her arm and couldn't help but trembled.

Was he going to throw her away?

It had happened before. The last time he threw her in a deserted beach villa, Xu Ruochen saved her,or
she would dead.

He was still silent, as if trying to digest a certain emotion.

Mo Qinyu’s heart jumped wildly in this dead silence,she couldn’t control it.

It was pressure, and she felt so sullen that she couldn’t breathe.

"Qin Yichen, what's wrong with you, I don’t do anything wrong, if you are angry, go and find the person
who makes you angry, don't take me as cannon fodder, OK?"

This sentence made his emotion out of control.

He pulled the door and rushed out and pulled her out of the seat.

Mo Qinyu wanted to cry, why was she always injured?

She was so innocent.

"What are you doing,you can’t treat me like quarreled with your lover,why injured me?"

She didn’t even finish her words, Qin Yichen slammed on the hood with a fist, then it was a concavity
on the car.

She trembled again.

He had such a habit,he would tried his best to ruin it.

If he ruined the car, then they couldn't go back, they had to sleep at such a place.

"Qin Yichen, don't be angry, don't ruin it. Isn't your car a limited edition? It's expensive."

But what she said made him more angry.

She only cared about the car,but what about his fist?

“Except for money, is there anything else in your heart?"

"Yes,work," she said seriously.

The blue veins on his forehead were rolling, he was filled by the crazy anger. He really wanted to break
her neck and bury her in the pile!

"have you ever cared about me?"

She was really confused, what was he mad at?

Just because she was annoying,then she should be his sandbags and tolerate his anger?

"How can you have a sense of existence?" She was nervous, and she said something wrong at
once,she hurriedly corrected. "No, I mean, how could you not have a sense of existence? You are my
master. You know, I was blocked when I was nervous, and I couldn’t speak, don’t scare me, please.”

A very embarrassing, extremely gloomy cold gaze came out directly from the eyes of Qin Yichen.
"Where did you go tonight, why not come to see your master?"

She took a deep breath, God,wouldn’t he be angry about it?


He took a woman which made her very embarrassed, everyone was laughing at her,said that she was
abandoned by him,but he wanted her to come to him?

Was he wanted to behave like her father-in-law? Was that she didn’t show her generosity in the past
which let him lose face?

"I am afraid to bother you,your lover would be unhappy, that’s why I didn’t. You know, women will be
jealous, most of them are like your sister.There were only very few people could be like your mother to
accept that serve a man with another woman.If I come to you, your lover would be annoyed,we should
fight or slandered each other and made you annoyed. so I retired,and let her accompany you."

She explained slowly and unhurriedly.

As long as she could avoid a disaster, as long as she could alleviate the anger of the Great Devil, she
did not care about violating her true minds or lying. In her heart, she had been defined as a liar.

He squeezed her chin, and the creepy gaze swept from her face as if he would kill her. "won't you be

"No!" she said without hesitation.

"Not at all?" His mouth was tight and it seemed that her answer didn't satisfy him.

"No, I am willing to be a light bulb, shine on you and dark myself." She wanted to smile, but her chin
was squeezed by him and she could not smile.

Qin Yichen’s chest was agitated, it showed his burning anger .

He even took two deep breaths and asked in a creepy voice: "What if you were robbed and all your
money was gone?"

She looked at him deeply and tried to figure out his intentions, but his eyes were too murderous, and
she dared not to look at him. She could only turned her head and said calmly: "Regain them."

"what if you can’t?" He squinted, like that he was about to kill someone.

"Tried my best!" She said, as soon as she finished, he hit the car again. "You only love money!"

Mo Qinyu knew that she said the wrong thing again, but what did he want to hear.

"We are talking about your lover, why are you talking about money?"

He whispered: "you would be desperate if your money was robbed, why are you so indifferent when
your husband was robbed by someone?"

She took a breath and she looked so humble.

She stared at him for a moment, and asked in a humble tone: "Are you mine?"

His mouth pumped, as if it had been stabbed. "You don’t deserve it."

"Of course I don't deserve it.I’m just a doll, a decoration. In your heart, I am never your wife. I could
gain nothing even I try my best,then why should I? Money is different, it is Part of my property,is mine.
As long as I try, I can take it back. Even if I can’t get it back, I can call the police for help. But if my
husband is robbed, will the police manage it? ”