Love in full bloom

Chapter 75 Giving a woman to Ru Chen

Qin Yichen was shocked, “I gave you a warning yesterday, not a lesson. You’d better distinguish it.”

Qin Yiman looked at him with anger: "Did you give a woman to Ru Chen?"

"It’s not my business." Qin Yichen snorted.

"Not you, who is that?" Qin Yiman was mad.

Mrs. Qin sighed. "Ru Chen was originally a playboy, and if he wants a woman, will he need someone
else to send to him? I think he is restoring his nature."

"Maybe he is also stimulated by her. She was too pampered." Qin smiled.

"Qin Yichen, you are so bad! One day your “cheap pet” will also be disloyalty to you. And I will see you
how to solve it." Qin Yiman scolded.

Mo Qinyu was listening outside, and she was so innocent.

Qin Yichen's gaze fell on her body through the door frame, and she ran away, lest she was accidentally

He sneered and turned to look at Qin Yiman. "You can go. I don't care about your business. You don't
want to bother my business. Otherwise, it is you who are unlucky."

Qin Yiman was afraid of him in her heart, because she had her mother to support her, she had the
courage to challenge him.

Mrs. Qin felt sad about her daughter, and she patted her shoulder and took her down the stairs.

She arranged for the driver to go to Ru Chen’s villa, and picked him up to have the meal, and then he
could not dodge.

Ru Chen didn't want to come, but he wanted to see someone, so he came over.

Mo Qinyu was originally in the living room, and when she saw him enter the door, and she stood up
and ran to the third floor, and did not even say hello to him.

She was very worried that her greetings would also make Qin Yiman misunderstand that she was
seducing Ru Chen.

She went directly to Qin Yichen’s study and knocked the door. "Qin Yichen, can I come in?"

Qin Yichen frowned. "Do I call you?"

"Red alert, I have to take refuge," she said cautiously.

Qin Yichen glimpsed a little, "Come in."

After she came in, she patted her chest, as if she had a sigh of relief.

"What are you trying to avoid?" Qin Yichen looked up and glanced at her.

Qin Yiman’s husband is in our home. I am not safe anywhere. As long as I meet her husband, your
sister will fantasize that I want to seduce him. I am only safe to be with you," she said.

Qin Yichen smiled, and it was good that she know how to avoid such thing.

"If I am not here?"

"Then I will go out." She grinned.

Qin Yichen stood up and seemed to be a little annoyed. "Why do you need to hide? Do you still need to
hide in your home?" After that, he grabbed her hand and went out. He wanted to see what tricks Qin
Yiman played.

Downstairs, Ru Chen felt sad, and irony. "Qin Yiman, your brother’s wife saw me like a mouse saw a
cat. Are you satisfied?"

"It is best to never see each other." Qin Yiman said with angry.

There was disgusting in Ru Chen’s eyes. "I thought about it. In order to avoid unnecessary
misunderstandings, I will bring a woman when I come over, so that I will not let the innocent people

He snapped his finger and the woman standing outside the door came in.

The woman was very beautiful.

She twisted with a graceful body, and she walked to the side of Ru Chen.

Qin Yiman was dumbfounded. "Ru Chen, how can you treat me like this and openly bring other women
into my house?"

On the stairs, Mo Qinyu was shocked, and Ru Chen was really smart.

She suddenly remembered that Xu Ruochen said yesterday that he would give Qin Yiman a lesson.
Today, there was a woman next to Ru Chen, and would this matter be related to him?

Mrs. Qin was a little dizzy, "Ru Chen, although Yiman is a little bit not good these days, you can't do
this. And you are not married, then you will bring a woman around you and let Yiman be

"When she was suspicious all day, did she think about me?"

Ru Chen was speechless, and saw Mo Qinyu who came down with Qin Yichen. His eyes were soft,
and a hint of tenderness passed quietly in his eyes.

Qin Yiman also saw Mo Qinyu, but an angry flame flashed from the bottom of her eyes. "Bitch, you are
really good at pretending, and you pretend to be so afraid that run away just now. And now you come
over again and laugh at me."

"I ask her to get down." Qin Yichen's eyes were very cold, and the tone was cold.

Qin Yiman still wanted to say something but Mrs. Qin secretly pinched her and then she closed her

"Ru Chen, Yiman was wrong before. I asked her to apologize to you. You should stop ignoring each

Ru Chen smiled and said. "Mrs. Qin, you don't misunderstand. She is not my lover. She is my assistant
Xiaoyi. The person who knows Yiman well is you. And you should know best that she can't change it.
Once she hates someone and she will defeat that person with all the ways. After that, Xiaoyi will follow
me and let Yiman get used to it. I usually have a lot of business party, and it is impossible to have no
woman around me. She always fantasizes about all kinds of rivals, and is always jealous without any
reason. And what Yiman did will ruin me. I can't ignore it, so please understand."

Mrs. Qin was a little speachless. She knew too much about that everyone called assistant and then
would be a mistress.

Qin Yiman wanted to scream, "If you don't fire her, I will kill her."

"You kill her, I will change one. The woman in the world is more, do you dare to die everyone?" Ru
Chen spread his hands, and said without emotions.

Qin Yiman was so angry. “Ru Chen, you are too much.”

"You are too much at first."

"Okay, well, you are all angry, very impulsive. We don't talk about this right now. You want to do it and
then you do it. As long as she is an assistant, and you mustn’t have different relationship." Mrs. Qin
came out to be a peacemaker.

She knew that Ru Chen deliberately stimulated her daughter. The last thing was really irritating him.
She could only appease him first.

At dinner, Mo Qinyu sat on the opposite side of Ru Chen, so Ru Chen could secretly looke at her
without anyone knowing it.

Because of Qin Yiman, he couldn't talk to her, which made him very depressed.

In these two days, although he did not see her, her figure always lingered in his mind.

When he thought, her figure was there. And he turned off the lights. In the dark night, the figure was
also there. He closed his eyes and went to sleep, and the figure was still there.

In the depths of his soul, in the subconscious, it seemed to be stirring a wave of tenderness, wanting to
hold it tightly, and let her belong to him only.

It was a pity that they were taboo love.

She was Qin Yichen’s wife, and he is Qin Yiman’s fiance.

Even if he did not marry Qin Yiman, she also had a husband.

"Qinyu, the previous thing, I apologize to you. I hope that you will not avoid me and treat me like before
in the future. I am your brother-in-law, just like your brother. As long as we are innocent, why care
about the gossip of others." He said slowly and clearly. And he also said to Qin Yiman.

Qin Yiman frowned. She felt that there was someone want to retaliate against her about sending Ru
Chen a woman. Wouldn’t it be Mo Qinyu, this Bitch, to retaliate against her?