Love in full bloom

Chapter 74 Husband and money, which is more important

Every nerve on Qin Yichen’s handsome face was twisting.

Her words were like a cork, blocking all the anger in his body and ran rampant.

Damn logic!

Damn glib woman!

He lowered his body and pressed her under him.

There was only on method to vent his anger.

Nearly at the same moment, she tightened all over, just as a string being stretched to the limit.

This time, she didn’t struggle but said cowardly, “Don’t tear off my dress.” She liked this dress very

His thin lips were lifted and he showed a grim smile, then he grabbed her dress and pulled violently.
Suddenly, the dress was tore off.

She screamed, “This is a dress from little mom.”

“So what?” He pinched her head and his lips nearly pressed on hers. The hot breath sprayed on her
face which was about to burn her skin.

“I will ruin what you like!” He said these words one by one ferociously.

Her wild nature, her anger and her recalcitrance were all motivated.

She began to fight against and punched on his shoulders with her fists while kicking his legs, “Bastard!”

But these were nothing for him and couldn’t prevent the action from him.

His eyes were red with rage. Then he suddenly threw her on to a tree.

She climbed up and tried to escape, but then was pulled back again. He tore off a cloth of her dress
and then tied her on the tree.

“Wild cat, even if you show your claw, you can’t do anything!”

He grabbed her dress hemline and bagan to tear it into pieces.

Her teeth was shaking because of extreme shame and fear which made her lips were broken by the
teeth. The blood dropped down and finally fell on the white dress.

He didn’t pity her at all, still keeping indifferent.

The sound of tearing clothes continued in the quiet and dark night.

He deliberately tore it piece by piece until her dress hang with cloth all over.

Tears flowed on her face, just like flood roaring without any hinder. But she didn’t beg him, and chose to
close her eyes.

Because she knew that it was useless to beg him when he was crazy.

He wouldn’t let her go!

Qin Yichen’s anger inside was full and all over, which burned him violently and made him lost
consciousness and reason. He couldn’t control himself.

Under the fair dress, there was a dirty, ugly, heartless body, which was the only thing he could get and

What was the most irony, it could raise his desires and made him addict into her body!

He felt frustrated that he never had before. He was powerful and can conquer everything he want.

Every woman would beg him and please him, except her!

When he entered into her, he grasped her head, “Mo Qinyu, open your eyes!”

She ignored his words as usual and became stiff all over. She closed her senses, her thought and her
emotion at this moment.

He put forth to pull her hair to force her open eyes.

“Mo Qinyu, listen, if I am in the same space with you in the future, you must stand beside me.”

She glanced at him in dark. His shadow was shaking violently and excitedly. His strong figure had
overwhelmed her.

Now she was the prey in his trap, he could do everything to her.

Every hit was like a violent storm, making her can’t breathe.

“Okay, just follow your words.” She changed into the coward tone again and her wild nature

Fighting against the demon would only bring her much more torment.

After he released himself one time, he untied her and carried her like a beast, then threw her into the
car to continue…

The next day, she was stopped by Pang Xiaofan as long as she arrived at company. She gloated, “I
heard that the party last night was fantastic. You have lost Qin Yichen’s favour and he had a new

“So what? does it havey relationship with you?” Mo Qinyu sneered.

“Mo Qinyu, there is no more time for you to relax. you are only a substitute. Your cousin Mo Mengshan
has come back and you will get away from here!” Pang Xiaofan laughed loud to express her joy.

unfortunately, her joy was broken up by Mo Qinyu after mataining only for several seconds.

“If I get away, Mo Mengshan would be his wife, and it’s still not your turn. You calculated hard and
finally help others get Qin Yichen, what are you glad for?”

The words hit the point. Pang Xiaofan lost all her confidence just like a ball was punctured.

She suddenly felt she hurt herself after making so many efforts.

Mo Qinyu was her rival in love, so was Mo Mengshan.

So she had two rivals in love now.

She thought they would be dog-eat-dog and she got the benifts. Out of her expectation, Mo Qinyu was
so weak that she failed immediately.

“Do you want to give up and don’t struggle any more?” She wanted to stimulate Mo Qinyu and let her
continue to fight with Mo Mengshan.

“It’s up to Qin Yichen. It’s useless for me to stuggle.” Mo Qinyu shruggd.

“Although you are just a substitute, you have marriage license with Yichen, and you are protected by
law. Mo Mengshan is just a mistress, what are you afraid of?” Pang Xiaofan asked.

“I can’t win her because of Qin Yiman.” Mo Qinyu said with a coward tone.

Pang Xiaofan was shocked. Mo Mengsahn was really a bitch, she could attach herself to Qin Yiman so

Mo Qinyu was obviously weaker than them and she would fail sooner. it was bad in situation for her.

“I can help you for you are so pity.”

“No, thanks. I have decided to accept the results.” Mo Qinyu shrugged and entered into her office.

“Don’t cry if you are drove away!” Pang Xiaofan hummed. She was so ingrate!

Luckily, she had one last idea, if it was necessary, she would put it out.

After working off, as soon as she returned to Qin Family, she saw Qin Yiman rushed to the third floor

Today, Qin Yichen was at home.

She pushed the study door open and scolded, “Qin Yichen, you heartless bastard! Why do you treat
me like this!”

“You are insane!” Qin Yichen hummed lowly.

Heaing her voice, Mrs Qin came here hurriedly, “Yiman, what are you doing here?”

“Mom!” Qin Yiman rushed into Mrs Qin’s arms and began to cry, “Qin Yichen sent a woman to Ruchen.
They became close once they met!”