Love in full bloom

Chapter 70 He openly brought a male companion.

Xu ruo chen saw her at a glance.

His eyes froze, and a strange restlessness came over him.

She is an interesting and unusual woman.

She also saw Xu Ruochen. Xu Ruofang stood next to him, and a very evil hybrid man stood next to

She chuckled to herself that he was now open about his sexuality.

It was said that Mr. Xu was not an ordinary person. She did not think he would dare to do anything.

"Mom, I’ll say hello to Mr. Xu and Miss. Xu. They are my friends."

"Go ahead." Si ma yu er nodded.

Everybody knows Xu Ruochen likes boys, so she has no scruple to him.

When she came, Xu Ruochen showed a charming smile, “You are very gorgeous.”

She smiled, and revealed a pair of charming dimples, " I only know you and Ruo fang here."

"It is enough to know us. Others are superfluous." Xu Ruochen smiled playfully.

He is always so funny and easy to communicate with.

Unlike Qin Yichen, she was with him and he always treated her like emperor to subjects, general to
soldiers, master to pet.

He was up there and was noble, but she was on her knees and cheap.

"Your husband hasn't come yet?" Xu ruofang said.

She shrugged, "we didn't come together."

"It is his loss that he does not carry you with him." Xu ruochen smiled.

While they were talking, Qin Yichen came in.

He was not alone, and there was the woman beside him.

That woman is hot and sexy and totally different from her.

Qin yiman smiled when he saw the woman. Her little brother had a woman. As she had expected, how
could he not have a woman after all these years?

Mo Qinyu is over!

Xu ruofang raised the gold wire frame glasses on nose, "Qin Yichen likes that kind of woman?"

"Maybe." She shrank back as if trying to hide herself in the shadows so that Qin Yichen would not see

Someone like her had better make a scene, or a transparent person, and reduced the sense of
presence to zero.

Xu ruofang put her arm around her shoulder, "if he likes that type, you will have a sense of crisis.
You're the opposite of that woman. It's impossible for him to like both of you."

A sad smile came over her face. She had been in crisis all her life, and she never got rid of it.

“It doesn't matter. He can't only have me. There's always someone else.”

"Qin yu, you can be generous. But in this case, showing up with another woman instead of you is a
blatant sign that you're out of favor. You've only been married him two weeks and then he abandoned

"I have never been in favor before, and how can I be out of favor?" She lowered her eyes, and her
long, thick lashes cast a sad shadow on her white face.

Qin yichen's action is equivalent to giving her an invisible slap in the face.

Now, she should be the joke of the party.

Should everyone be talking about her behind her back?

She fell out of favour as soon as she married.

In fact, Qin Yichen has never publicly acknowledged her status, he did not take her to any public

She had the honor of standing next to him at his last engagement party because it was a family event.

She was not his wife in his mind. It was the qin family who married her, not him.

Xu ruochen took a cocktail to her, "don't worry, you have me and fang fang. We promise to help you
defeat your rival and capture qin yichen."

She laughed as if he were talking about a great joke.

Mom said the same thing. They both overestimated her and underestimated qin yi chen.

Qin yichen would not fall in love with her, never.

She was the object of his most distaste and contempt. Number one on his blacklist, and no one can
surpass her.

Xu ruochen was surprised by her expression, "although I love to tell jokes, but this sentence is not."

"I know. I don't want to try to melt a piece of granite.” She grinned and tried to smile at him, trying to
look cool and unconcerned, but she didn't succeed.

"Little fool, he doesn't treasure you, and one day he'll regret it." There was a deep, cold light in his
tawny eyes. He would make qin yichen regret, he would let him taste the taste of loss.

On the other side of the dance, qin yichen has seen moqin rain. His expressionless face seemed to
cover a mask, only a pair of dark ice eyes particularly shining as if by something lit up.

The woman standing beside him called an an, she is very quiet, very clever, very docile, she did her
best to win the favor of qin yichen. As long as she could stay by his side, she was satisfied. She didn't
need status.

As they moved aside and sat down, the bright main light suddenly went out.

A few green laser lamp built a green tunnel, a woman in white flew out of the tunnel like a fairy.

She landed slowly at the piano and played a dream wedding.

Qin yiman began to spread rumors among the crowd. The woman playing the piano was qin yichen's
real fiancee. She only married him for her. They decided they would switch as soon as she came back,
but mo qinyu went back on his word.

Mo qinyu recognized mo mengshan at a glance, she knew she would not give up, "another one." She
sighed heavily.

"Who is this woman? Xu ruofang raised her eyebrows.

"My cousin, mo meng shan." "She whispered.

"That's her." Xu ruofang touched chin thoughtfully "she can sneak in and can openly perform, there
must be someone behind to help her.”

"You studied psychology. It's just not like us. Your logic is awesome." Mo qin yu smiled .

"Pang xiaofan didn't come today," Xu Ruofang said. "even if she did, she couldn't help her rival in love.
It must be your sister-in-law helping her."

"Ruofang, you can become a detective." Mo qinyu thumbs up, she also thought of qin yiman.

She was determined to get rid of her.

Xu ruofang took a sip of cocktail, "if abnormal jealousy causes her to treat you as a fantasy rival
against you, the reason is too simple. After all, she's not crazy, and I think there must be other

"Other reasons?" Moqinyu was stunned. She could think of no other reason. She had never offended
Qin Yiman.