Love in full bloom

Chapter 69 Is his sexual orientation fake?

Mo qin yu sighed, "elder sister, can't we get along peacefully?"

"No, unless you leave qin's house. It pains me to see you." Qin yi man said without hesitation. Mo qin
yu is a threat, a hidden danger to her, she would get rid of Mo qin yu at all costs so that she could lift
her crisis once and for all.

"She won't go, but you can." Qin yi chen said coldly.

Qin yiman was angry, "I am the daughter of qin family, I am also your elder sister, what makes you
send me away?”

Qin chu xia came, "The eldest brother will be the heir of the qin family, and the sister-in-law will take
charge of the family. If you offend both of them, how can you live in the qin family in the future?"

Qin yi man bit her teeth. "she can't be in charge of this family. Maybe your sister-in-law will be replaced
in a couple of days, and she's not the real one, she's just a substitute."

Qin chu xia pouted, "sister, you are bad. I'm sure you'll be replaced by my Ru Chen brother, but not my

Qin yiman wants to slap Qin chu xia, the little bitch also likes to fight her recently. But she dared not to
slap her, she is her father's favorite daughter, if she slapped her, her father will skin her.

"I'll kill her if anyone tries to rob him!" She left in a rage.

Si ma yu er came over and called mo qin yu into her cloakroom.

She took out a formal dress from the chest, "I had this dress prepared for you, and you will wear it to
the party with yi chen. You have to socialize in celebrity circles. You have to get out and about."

Mrs. Qin asked her to help qin yu to prevent Qin yi man to bully her. She wanted to do something
before, but she was afraid the big lady would not happy. But now that she had the old lady's
instructions, she did not have to worry.

Mo qinyu did not think she would prepare dress for herself, she was surprised and very touched, " Little
mom, thank you, but he probably won't take me to the party."

He didn't take her last time. He must have taken someone else. He only showed up when he saw that
she had humiliated him.

"Xiao xia and I will go, too, and if he doesn't take you, you'll come with us and look for him."

Sima Yu er patted her hand, her eyes were implicit and meaningful.

She lowered her eyes, she thought of the woman she had seen yesterday, she and Qin yichen should
have known each other for a long time. Qin yichen may often take her with him in public.

What was she going to do, declare her sovereignty, or join her in the service of a husband?

"Mom, if he has a partner, maybe it's not a good idea for me to go there?"

Sima yuer sighed, "qin yu, I know you spend a very short time with him, yichen is also a cold
personality, so he has been indifferent to you. You can't be too passive. You should be more active. As
long as you hold on to his heart, you won't be afraid of anyone taking advantage of it."

Her secretly smiled. How could she hold his heart? It was impossible for her to do what was within her
power. She was pushing the limits of the impossible.

But she didn't say it. She just nodded. "I'll do my best."

Qin yichen did not plan to take her to the party, he went upstairs to change a dress and left.

He must have been ashamed to take her out.

She guessed that he had gone to look for the woman of yesterday.

She is so understanding that she must be in his good graces.

But does he like men or women?

She's a little confused.

Is the photo fake? Is sexual orientation fake?

Was he trying to scare mo meng shan away?

After supper, si ma yu er took mo qin yu upstairs to get ready.

Her appearance and temperament were excellent, and any rouge or gouache was superfluous to her.

She just put on a little makeup.

When mo qinyu walked down the stairs, the whole hall seemed to be lit up.

"Wow, my sister-in-law is so beautiful." Qin chu xia clapped her hands.

Qin yuhan and si ma yu er looked at each other. He had a deep smile.

How could his choice of wife for his son be wrong?

Qin yiman's whole features twitched.

Mom's really nosy. Why did she get her dress?

She should have worn second-hand goods from taobao to make a fool of herself.

She picked up the coffee and went over, “she is pretty.”

She pretended to be looking at mo qin yu and threw out the coffee at random.

Mo qin yu was ready, and she quickly moved away, but a drop of coffee spilled on the skirt.

Sima yu er exclaimed, "yiman, how long will you make trouble out of nothing?"

"mama, my hand just shook, and I carelessly spread on her skirt." Qin yiman pretended to be

“Yi man didn't mean it. Take it off and let the servant wash it." Mrs. Qin hurried to help her daughter out.
She was afraid of Qin yi han’s anger.

"Why wash it? It doesn't look good on her. She should get another one that fits her." Qin yi man said.

She smiled, "it's all right, sister didn't mean to. I'll go up and wash it." She turned and went upstairs.

"Coffee is hard to wash off. Sister did it on purpose. She was afraid that her sister-in-law would steal
her thunder by going to the ball."

Qin chu xia ran to her father. "dad, sister's psychosis is getting worse. When I grow up and I'm prettier
and younger than her, she'll be so jealous to kill me."

Qin yi han shouted to the housekeeper to take away all the clothes and cosmetics she had bought.

"You can buy things with your own money." If you don't put your mind to these things, you won't get into

"Mama!" Qin yi man fell on Mrs. Qin's shoulder and cried. Taking away her new clothes means she has
to wear her old ones. It's no different than killing her.

Mrs. Qin stroked her head, and she did not dare to say anything. After all, it was Qin yi man’s fault.

When she came down the stairs, there were some more crystals in her dress. Unable to get the coffee
stain out, she sewed a few crystals on it to hide the blemish.

The position of the crystal embellished very well to make the dress more beautiful.

"Wow, sister-in-law is really cool, now the dress is more beautiful. Let's get out of sister's way before
she gets into trouble again."

She picked up the train of her little dress in one hand and took her hand in the other.

Si ma yu er specially took them to come in very late!

All eyes were on her when Mo qin yu came over.

She is like a lotus flower blooming in the blue lake, beautiful and fresh like the first touch of blue in the
sky in the early morning.

Mo qin yu is not eye-catching stunning, but pure, quiet, soft......

The corners of Qin yi man’s mouth were almost askew to her ears like a bee sting.

Qin yi man won't make her proud.